This Stall At The Grandstand Serves Halal Burger Ramly, Korean Corndogs And Other Carnival Food


Nia Sarah •  Jun 23, 2021

Though we may not be able to have bazaars this year or travel to Korea to get a bite out of the delicious Korean corndog, we can definitely still have yummy carnival food here! MangoBossKu over at The Grandstand is where you can head to next if you're missing the taste of carnival food. Even if there's no occasion to celebrate, the events hall by Paradiso by HAO which houses a halal mart with various F&B options makes you feel like the festive season never ends. So if you're looking for somewhere different to dine in with your family or a loved one, here's where to go! ?

Credit: Mangobossku Last Warning on Facebook

For the ones who crave the classics, their Ramly Burger is sold at $4 per serving and you can choose to have either chicken or beef. For those dining in as a family, you can get 3 burgers for $10. If you're up for special variations, their Ramly Burger Special ($5) includes chicken cheese and beef cheese and you can get an order of 3 burgers for $13. Double patties are also available at $6 if you're feeling extra hungry ?

Credit: Muhd Shah on Facebook

Called the 'Famous Korean Cheese Stick', the stall's own version of the yummy street snack comes in flavours like Moza Hotdog ($4.50), Moza Cheese ($5), and Moza Choco Crunch ($5). Here's where you can get that stringy pull of cheese in your own halal Korean corndog of different creative variations, and yes, including a cheese and chocolate one. You can get the Moza Cheetos ($6) if you're a spice lover as they'll add Cheetos and spicy powder onto the corndog! They even have potato corndog variations on their menu which get you fries in the corndog itself, so you can get the best of both worlds in one snack. ?

Credit: Muhd Shah on Facebook

For those with a sweet tooth, get their Thai Banana pancake ($5) for that soft, pillowy goodness covered in a sweet caramel sauce with chocolate on top, and slurp down your meal with their iconic MangoFloat (from $5)!

Even if you decide to come here for casual dining, it always feels like a carnival at Paradiso by HAO especially with these yummy treats ? Let your friends and loved ones know!


Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 200 Turf Club Road #02-06 The Grandstand Singapore 287994

Opening hours: Tues-Thurs 1PM-9PM, Fri-Sun 12PM-11PM