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7 Budget Tips To Conquer Hong Kong Disneyland and Ngong Ping 360


Nasreen Nasir •  May 25, 2018


Hong Kong is home to many beautiful attractions, but which one should you visit first? If you ask us, no trip to the metropolitan city is complete without a visit to its two best attractions – Ngong Ping 360 and Disneyland. From the many travellers that we’ve met, one of the questions they often have about these two places is, “Is it affordable?” Credit: giphy Believe it or not, there are ways to explore them without having to burn a hole in your pocket and we’re here to help you! From transportation to beating the crazy queues and getting affordable souvenirs, here’s 7 tips that will guarantee you a trip of a lifetime! [inlinewidget id=48912]
1. Book your tickets at a discounted price and redeem instantly
If you want to experience Hong Kong’s unique culture, you can definitely count on Ngong Ping Village!
Credit: Ngong Ping 360 Enjoy exclusive promotions by booking your tickets on Changi Recommends! For stunning views of the island, why not splurge a little on the glass-bottomed crystal cabin? ?
Credit: Ngong Ping 360 The ride up to the top of the island will only take you around 25 minutes and the magnificent view around will blow you away as you witness the beauty of the natural landscapes.
Credit: Ngong Ping 360 Once you disembark at the cable station, explore the quaint village and climb the stairs to reach Hong Kong’s most iconic landmark - Tian Tan Buddha (informally known as The Big Buddha), one of the largest seated bronze Buddha statues in the world!
Credit: @np360hk on Instagram Continue your adventure by choosing your favourite gifts for friends at souvenir shops and visiting major attractions* at the village like the Motion 360, a 5D adventure ride or the action-packed Stage 360 that will definitely thrill your soul! *Note: The tickets for Ngong Ping’s major attractions are not included in the Changi Recommends’ package, thus you may need to spend a little extra for the entertainment zones.
2. Munch on fully halal-certified food at Ngong Ping Village with a HKD$120 meal coupon
Feeling hungry after a day of fun? Don’t worry about the availability of halal restaurants around Ngong Ping because there’s one fully halal-certified Ebeneezer’s Restaurant right beside the cable car station!
Credit: Ngong Ping 360
The best part is that you can save on your meal with a *HKD$120 meal coupon when you purchase your Ngong Ping 360 tickets on Changi Recommends! *Applicable if you only purchase the Round Trip Crystal Cabin ticket or 360 Tai Pass Crystal Cabin Car. There’s limited quantity, so do purchase in advance!
3. Go on a boat tour and get a glimpse of the fishermen’s lives at Tai O Village
When in Ngong Ping, take a trip to Tai O Village, an old fishing village just miles away from Ngong Ping Village. Did you know that this village is one of the few remaining places that still retains Hong Kong’s traditional way of life?
Credit: Ngong Ping 360
For a complete experience at Tai O, get your ticket on Changi Recommends and go on an exclusive boat tour around the village. Explore the narrow streets while you gaze upon the historic stilted village. It’s no wonder that this place is often called the ‘Venice of the Orient’! It’s definitely the place to be if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong city-life and immerse yourself in the tranquil and unique settings of Tai O Village.
Credit: Ngong Ping 360
Don’t forget to visit the fish markets where you’ll see a wide range of fresh produce, dried seafood and traditional Chinese snacks available at each stall. Disclaimer: As the stalls at Tai O are not halal-certified, we recommend checking with the vendors if any non-halal ingredients (alcohol, gelatine, etc) are used! [inlinewidget id=50312]
4. Save on Disneyland tickets and celebrate Summer with your Disney family
Hong Kong Disneyland on Facebook Thinking of the best time to go to Disneyland? While you might be tempted to go during winter (because of the weather ?), let us tell you a little secret – Summer is actually the best season to be there! From 21 June to 30 September, the park will ring in summer with exciting NEW attractions you won’t find elsewhere.
Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland
Be one of the first to experience Hong Kong Disneyland’s Disney-Pixar themed Water Play Street Party, happening along Main Street, U.S.A. This water-filled attraction is the perfect way to beat the heat! And the best part is: you’ll be joined by Disney-Pixar childhood favourites such as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible from ‘The Incredibles’ and other Toy Story characters. It’s truly every Disney fans’ dream come true. #HHWT Tip: While you’re at Main Street, look out for the delightful spread of summer-themed snacks and goodies! We highly advise that you check with the stores for gelatine and alcohol-free snacks.
Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland
Other brand-new attractions emerging as part of Hong Kong Disneyland’s multi-year expansion include Moana: A Homecoming Celebration. Revel in the lively spirits of summer at this 20-minute live show in Adventureland’s newest exotic outdoor venue!
Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland But that’s not all! As the day comes to an end, the fun goes on. Witness the breath-taking all-new We Love Mickey! Projection Show, a surprise celebration of Mickey Mouse’s major milestones as an endearing character in the hearts of many. Your night ends off spectacularly with an enchanting light show accompanied by vibrant colours, immersive music and an appearance by Mickey Mouse that you definitely don’t want to miss.
Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland Refuel in between all that fun by trying the summer-themed food and beverages across the whole resort! There are plenty of halal eateries to choose from, believe it or not, amongst which are Explorer’s Club Restaurant and Tahitian Terrace. ?
#HHWT tip: Halal-certified food is available upon request at the Disney hotel restaurants as well!
  1. Chef Mickey and Studio Lounge at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel
  2. Walt’s Cafe and room service at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
You can also download the FREEHong Kong Disneyland app! Aside from keeping track of the waiting times for various attractions, you can also find out which attractions/places are closed, parade timings, virtual map of the park and more. #HHWT Tip: Check out their different data plans for various countries here! Plus, Changi Recommends offers 24-hour technical support so you don’t have to worry! [inlinewidget id=48914]
5. Bring home affordable Disneyland souvenirs!
Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland
Upon visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, it’s almost mandatory that you bring home a memento of your magical time there! Head over to Karibuni Marketplace in Adventureland, where you’ll find more interactive games and exclusive souvenirs to choose from! Don’t forget to bring your camera – your favourite Disney characters might just be roaming around too ?
Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland Besides the Karibuni Marketplace, so be sure to stop by the other souvenir shops across the Park! A wide range of summer merchandise awaits. ? #HHWT Tip: If you log-in with your email to access the free Wi-Fi in the park, you’ll get to enjoy 10% off merchandise! Don’t forget to check your email for the coupon!
6. Save on roaming costs with a pocket WiFi
Wi-Fi spots are widely available across the city, especially in major locations, including Disneyland and Ngong Ping. However, it can be pretty sketchy sometimes due to the high quota of people using it at the same time and limited to certain spots.
Credit: @changirecommends on Instagram
Save yourself the trouble by getting a pocket WiFI and stay connected throughout your trip! If you book on Changi Recommends, you can arrange for an easy and convenient pick up at Changi Airport before you leave for your flight.
7. Getting There – Save On Transportation
As both attractions are located on Lantau Island, getting around is pretty easy with Hong Kong’s convenient MTR.
Credit: Ngong Ping 360 For Ngong Ping, you can disembark at Tung Chung station on the Tung Chung Line and the cable car station is located right next to Citygate, the largest shopping outlet in Hong Kong. Although there is an option to hike up to the peak of Ngong Ping, we highly recommend that you take the cable car instead as it’s convenient, comfortable and saves a lot of time!
Credit: JeremyThompson on Flickr For Disneyland, it has its own dedicated MTR line designed with a Disney theme. Look out for the Mickey-shaped handrails! Depart from any station and disembark at Sunny Bay on the pink line and you’ll reach Disneyland Resort station in just 4 minutes. If you’re planning to take a bus to Disneyland, there are two chartered bus lines that run daily to and from locations around Hong Kong - Long Win Bus and Citybus, though we must warn you that it may cost you a little bit more, so we recommend taking the MTR.
Credit: Alan Levine on Flickr#HHWT Tip: If you’re staying in Hong Kong for several days and using public transportation to get around, we recommend getting the easy-to-use Octopus card! The fares are sometimes between 5% and 10% cheaper than ordinary tickets, so it’s definitely worth it. [inlinewidget id=48917] So there you have it - money-saving tips to conquer Hong Kong’s best attractions! With these 7 tips, we definitely think that your visit will be a breeze. Don’t wait any longer, time to book your tickets now! This article is brought to you by Changi Recommends.