Break Your Fast At IKEA's Halal Buffet (Shopping Hours Extended Till Midnight!)


Fatehah •  Jun 09, 2017

IKEA is the go-to place for Singaporeans to do their shopping, and even more so when Hari Raya is just around the corner. Save time and trouble of finding somewhere else for iftar during your IKEA shopping venture as you can conveniently break your fast at IKEA Tampines' Buffet Istimewa!

Credit: @princesha89 on Instagram

You definitely cannot say no to the free flow renowned Swedish meatballs ?

Credit: @amirahwakiono on Instagram

For up to 3 hours, eat your fill at this buffet! It's limited to 200 seatings only so come early to secure your spot.

Credit: IKEA

And if you've been at a dilemma of whether to terawih or to head to IKEA for some Hari Raya shopping, you'd be delighted to know that both the Alexandra and Tampines outlets will be open till midnight every Friday and Saturday till 17 June! Now, you can head to IKEA after terawih ?

Hungry after all that shopping? Then you have to savour IKEA Tampines' awesome supper deals!

Credit: IKEA

There's no need to worry about missing your prayers as IKEA has prepared separate prayer rooms for males and females at Level 4 of IKEA Tampines!

With so much going on, it's definitely time to head to IKEA this Ramadan ?