NEW: Buy Brahim's Halal-Certified Ready-To-Eat Meals At MUJI Outlets In Japan


Faruq Senin •  Jun 11, 2020

As much as we enjoy savouring halal food in Tokyo, Osaka and other destinations in Japan, there are times where we'd miss the delicious food back home ? There are also times when we're travelling on a budget and prefer to whip up our own meals. If this sounds like you, here's some good news! You can now find halal-certified Brahim's products at MUJI outlets in Japan ?

Credit: MUJI on Facebook

According to Brahim's Facebook post, they have launched 3 of their products at more than 400 MUJI outlets in Japan since 21 May 2020. You can also expect it to be available nationwide pretty soon.

Credit: Jalan-jalan Harga Gila on Facebook

The 3 products are - Malaysian Chicken Curry, Chicken Masak Lemak and Beef Rendang. They are also being sold at an affordable price of JPY490 (RM19.50/SGD6.40/Rp. 65k). If you're missing a taste of home or if you're a Malaysian staying in Japan, you can easily get these from a MUJI store. Better still, get a few of these, get some instant rice from convenience stores and share it with your travel buddies ?

Credit: Jalan-jalan Harga Gila on Facebook

The best part is that these items are halal-certified by JAKIM! Here's hoping that they will add more halal products ?

This is surely great news for those of you who like to bring packs of food from home when you travel overseas! What's more, you don't have to risk going over the limit for your baggage allowance ? TAG your travel buddies and SHARE this piece of good news with your travel buddies so you guys can savour a taste of home during your future trip to Japan!

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