This Is SG's First Authentic Turkish Food Eatery In A Hawker Centre


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 10, 2021

Travelling to Turkey might seem like a mere dream right now, but the home of everyone's favourite Kebabs and Baklavas has in no way isolated its delicious food to its homeland. Fortunately for us, you can find authentic Turkish food right here in Singapore! Bosphorus Turkish Kebap hawker stall at 505 Beach Road has authentic Turkish dishes for those craving a taste of travel to Turkey.

A Hawker Centre's Authentic Turkish Food

Inspired by its homeland, this Turkish hawker stall has named itself after the Bosporus seaway, where Istanbul is located. And rightly so! With a menu reflective of Turkey, you're going to be transported back to Hagia Sophia with every bite.


Their best-seller, the Chicken Kebap & Butter Rice ($7), has been cooked to Singaporean taste, but with loads of influence from Turkish marination and spices! Have a mouthful - bite into the corn, then relish in the bursting of the corn and butter's juice wrapping around the rice and ultimately, your tastebuds.

If that wasn't enough, this delicious Butter Rice is accompanied by Chicken Kebab! Marinated overnight with special Turkish spices, the kebab is then grilled to perfection with a gyros grill. One bite filled with juices and you'll definitely be craving more ?

Credit:Bosphorus Turkish Kebap on Facebook

Fast-food burgers can't compare - this Turkish Burger ($7) by Bosphorus Turkish Kebap hawker stall will have you salivating! According to the owner of the store, his secret ingredient is cooking from the heart. Cheesy, but true ? His goal to sell delicious Turkish food at low prices has definitely worked!

Credit:Bosphorus Turkish Kebap on Facebook

And at the end of it all, finish your meal with the Baklava ($3/pc)! This traditional Turkish dessert is made up of phyllo dough layers and then topped with honey syrup. Filled with butter and sugar, this is probably one of the sweetest desserts you'll ever taste ? You can also buy 4 pieces of Baklava for $10 to share with your loved ones!

So while we wait for a vaccinated travel lane (VTL) to open to Turkey, we can always enjoy affordable, mouth-watering Turkish food right here at home! Share this with your loved ones to plan your next meal ?

Bosphorus Turkish Kebap

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned