Comfy Hostels The Next Time You're in Busan

Book A Room At One Of These 12 Comfy Hostels The Next Time You're in Busan


Ainul Shakirah Shafie •  Oct 10, 2016

So you’ve packed your bags, bought your flight tickets, planned your itineraries for your trip in Busan…what else did you miss? Oh wait, of course. Where will you stay? Worry not, because below we have compiled a list of the 12 best hostels in Busan that is affordable, comfortable and accessible. All you have to do is pick one that best suits you and your traveling buddies! Are we excited yet?

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1. The Wendy House

The Wendy House is a hostel run by a multi-linguistic hotelier, located just 3 minutes away from Gwangalli Beach. You know what this means right? Early morning beach walks and lazing around during the day, of course! And best part is the famous lightshow at Diamond Beach is right at your doorstep.

Credit: The Wendy House
Credit: The Wendy House The rooms at the hostel are equipped with its own personal lockers and there are shower facilities on every floor. Here, your stay also includes a hearty breakfast provided on the house, which is a definite plus.
Credit: The Wendy HouseAddress: 158 Gwangnam-ro, Suyeong-gu, BusanSouth Korea Price: 6 bed dorm [23~28,000 KRW (*USD20~USD25)] Contact: +82 (0)10 9044 7882

2. Love In Busan Guesthouse

Credit: @loveinbusan_guesthouse on Instagram Love In Busan Guesthouse is a popular choice among travelers because of its location near Busan National University – lots of delicious restaurants, shopping stores, and the fashion street to satisfy your inner shopaholic. The hostel also offers bicycles for rent to wander around the area, which is an awesome option if you prefer not to walk for miles. #HHWT Tip: This hostel is just one stop away from Masjid Al-Fatah and the Cappadocia Turkey Kebab House, so that’s one stop off your itinerary!
Credit: Guesthouse in Busan Due to its centralized location, other places of interests are easily reachable as you can travel on the same train line to get to most attractions. This means less worry about fitting a lot of places into a tight schedule because you can definitely visit them all!
Credit: @loveinbusan_guesthouse on Instagram#HHWT Tip: It’s also 5 minutes away from Shabana, an Indian restaurant serving Halal cuisine. Address: 4F 71 GeumJeongRo, GuemJeongGu, BusanSouth Korea Price:  Ÿ

  • 6 bed dormitory [20,000 KRW (*USD18)]
  • 4 bed dormitory [22,000 KRW (*USD20)]
  • 3 bed ensuite [70,000 KRW (*USD64) per room]
  • Double bed ensuite [50,000 KRW (*USD45)]

Contact: +82 (0)10-9053 6674

3. INSIDE Busan

Credit: hostelworld INSIDE Busan offers a unique experience in its design and the interesting facilities surrounding its premises. If you’re not attracted to the architectural design of the building at first glance, well, you should be. From the outside, the hostel is a number of brick house buildings strategically placed together, and right in the middle of this unique island is a nice little garden that you can relax in.
Credit: insidebusanhostel INSIDE Busan has a range of accommodation options, from dorm rooms to private family rooms with their own private access to the terrace, and the fact that it’s only 10 minute walking distance from Busan station makes it such a hotspot for solo backpackers and family alike. So make sure you book a place before they run out of space!
Credit: @insidebusan  on InstagramAddress: 13-6 Choryangjung-ro Dong-gu, Busan, South Korea Price:    Ÿ

  • 4 bed dorm [23,000 KRW (*USD20)]
  • double private ensuite [60,000 KRW (*USD54) per room]Ÿ
  • 3 bed ensuite with terrace [75,000 KRW (*USD68) per room]
  • 4 bed ensuite with terrace [100,000 KRW (*USD91)]

Contact Number: (+82) 051-442-1057 

4. Indy House

Credit: indyhouse Another extremely famous hostel among travelers is the Indy House, which is located only 3 minutes away from Haeundae Beach. It guarantees that you will have a very comfortable stay with all the amenities provided including a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious common area, laundry and free internet-equipped computers for the guests.
Credit: indyhouse All the rooms have its own private bathrooms, which is a definite plus for a lot of fussy travelers and there’s also a reading room and roof terrace at the hostel for those who wants peace and quiet after a busy day out and about. It’s definitely going to be worthwhile staying there.
Credit: @rosie_ruth on Instagram#HHWT Tip: If you want to try your hands on Korea’s street food and other delicacies, you should head down to Haeundae Market which is conveniently located across the hotel. Address: 1394-337, Jung 1-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan Price:  Ÿ

  • 6-bed dorm [16~18,000KRW (*USD15~16)]
  • Ÿ4-bed dorm [18~20,000 KRW (*USD16~USD18)]
  • 6-bed private [90~108,000 KRW (*USD82~USD98) per room]
  • 4-bed private [68~70,000 KRW (*USD62~USD64) per room]
  • 3-bed private [57~60,000 KRW (*USD52~USD54) per room]
  • Double/twin bed private [46~55,000 KRW (*USD42~USD50) per room]

Contact: +82-(0)70 -8615 -6442

5. Apple Guesthouse

Credit: hostelworld  Apple Guesthouse is located in Nampo-dong where you can easily access the many sightseeing destinations in Busan by foot or public transport. Across the street is the BIFF Square where literally all your shopping dreams will come true. If you find yourself to travel-weary (read: plain lazy) to cook, you can hit the hundreds of restaurants and food stalls along the street. And if you find that you’ve been spending too much time sightseeing (which is a lie by the way, there’s no such thing a too much sightseeing!) the Apple Guesthouse provides you with a comfortable lounge area where you can swap travel stories with other guests or just use one of the laptops provided to surf the net.
Credit: hostelworld 
Credit: hostelworld #HHWT Tip: Two things in your itineraries you can cross out quickly – BIFF Square and Jagalchi – as both are within walking distance of the hostel. Quite convenient, don’t you think? Address: 5th Floor, 6-1, Nampo dong, Jung gu, BusanSouth Korea Price:  Ÿ

  • 6-bed dorm [20~25,000KRW (*USD18~USD23)]
  • Ÿ4-bed dorm [22~27,000 KRW (*USD20~USD25)]
  • Ÿ3-bed private [78~84,000 KRW (*USD71~USD76) per room]
  • ŸDouble/twin bed private [54~64,000 KRW (*USD49~USDS58) per room]

Contact: +82- (0)70-7379-5333 

6. Funstay Inn Guesthouse

Funstay Inn Guesthouse is an accommodation targeted towards backpackers but is run with the quality of a hotel. The exterior of the building that is lit with stars at night is eye-catching and the interior of the hostel is something to be amazed at with all the detailed furnishings and artistic décor. Walking into the building gives you a sense that you’re in a boutique hotel.

Credit: Funstay Inn Guesthouse All the facilities and amenities provided will assure you that you have a very satisfactory stay and it’s location only a few minutes away from the Nampo station means that you can conveniently access the attractions around Busan.
Credit: checkinly 
Credit: Funstay Inn GuesthouseAddress: 28-3 Nampodong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea Price:

  • Ÿ 6-bed dorm [23~27,000KRW (*USD21~USD25)]
  • Ÿ 4-bed dorm [25~30,000 KRW (*USD23~USD27)]
  • Ÿ 3-bed private [75~95,000 KRW (*USD68~USD86) per room]
  • Ÿ Double/twin bed private [55~75,000 KRW (*USD50~USD68) per room]

Contact: +82 – (0)51-254-2203/ +82 – (0)10 – 5893-0912 

7. Hi Korea Guesthouse

Credit: @abcdefghlxy on Instagram Hi Korea Guesthouse is another hostel located walking distance from Haeundae Beach. It is also only 10 minutes away from Dongbaeksum Island, which means that you can head over to the island to watch the sunset and still make it back for dinner. The guesthouse offers a range of room options from an 8-bed dorm with curtains at each bed to secure your privacy to double private room if you want more.
Credit: @hikoreahostel on Instagram
Credit: hikoreahostel As with other hostels, it provides you with complimentary breakfast every morning, and you can even cook in the kitchen provided if you feel like having cooked meal. A unique set up at the hostel is the Travel Café at the lobby where you get to exchange travel stories and tips with other backpackers as well as board games to socialize. It is a hostel worth staying in if you want to make new connections around the world.
Credit: @hikoreahostel on Instagram#HHWT Tip: You’ll be sharing your accommodation space with a number of adorable cat residents. But don’t worry, they are totally cuddle-friendly! Address: U1-dong, 877-1 Daesung building 6th floor, Haeundae-gu, BusanSouth Korea Price: Ÿ

  • 8-bed dorm [26~31,000 KRW (*USD24~USD28)]
  • 6-bed dorm [27~32,000KRW (*USD25~USD29)]
  • 4-bed dorm [28~38,000 KRW (*USD26~USD35)]
  • Double bed private [54~83,000 KRW (*USD49~USD75) per room]


8. Story Guesthouse

Credit: @storyguesthouse on Instagram Story Guesthouse is yet another hostel located conveniently at a walking distance from Haeundae Beach. As you enter the building, you are greeted with blue led lights that adorn the ceilings, and black marble tops in the kitchen, which gives the hostel a very sophisticated feel than the usual fanfare. Even the facilities and amenities provided makes you feel like you’re in a grand hotel instead of a hostel.
Credit: bwbgwithoutbourder The hostel also boasts a sky garden, which makes it unique compared to other hostels, and this means you’ll get to enjoy the sunrise and nightscape every day of your stay. It’s definitely a view you wouldn’t want to miss.
Credit: storyenghttp
Credit: storyengAddress: Marine Tower 7th Floor, 1398-7, Jung Dong, Haeundae Gu, BusanSouth Korea Price:

  • 8-bed dorm [12,900 KRW (*USD12)]
  • 6 bed dorm [14,900 KRW (*USD14)]

Contact: +82 – (0)51 -744 -5900

9. The New Day

Credit: hostelthenewday The New Day is a hostel that is located in an apartment building just outside Haeundae Station that guarantees you wouldn’t miss a train if you can help it. The interior of the hostel is simple but looks very chic and modern and the bright lighting definitely cheer the whole place up. The dorm rooms are fitted with bunk beds and the family room offered also has its own TV set and mini fridge for your convenience.
Credit:  hostelthenewday
Credit: hostelthenewday Although the hostel provides basic amenities such as toiletries and towels for free, you do have to rent some of the electrical equipment, including hairdryer, iron and ironing board. The hostel also has its own book café and outdoor garden on the 7th floor of the building, which is a very nice place to relax and unwind as well as enjoy the magnificent view from the garden overlooking the city.
Credit: hostelthenewday#HHWT Tip: If you’ve ran out of ideas on where to go next, fret not, because The New Day operates tour services that can be customized to suit your time and taste preferences. Address: 632, Haeundae-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan Price: Ÿ

  • 10/8-bed dorm [19~28,000 KRW (*USD17~USD25)]
  • 6-bed dorm [21~30,000KRW (*USD19~USD27)]
  • Family room for 6 [140~200,000 KRW (*USD127~USD181) per room]
  • Family room for 4 [100~170,000 KRW (*USD91~USD154) per room]
  • 4-bed private [80~140,000 KRW (*USD73~127) per room]
  • Double/twin bed private [56~100,000 KRW (*USD51~USD91) per room]

Contact: +82-(0)51-741 8200 Email Website

10. Welcome Busan Guesthouse

Credit:Welcome Busan Guesthome on Facebook Another favorite for travelers is the Welcome Busan Guesthouse, a simple and cozy hostel located only minutes away from Choryang station, which is one stop away from Busan station. Each room is fitted with its own private bathroom (another plus, yeay!) and sufficient amenities including toiletries, towels and hairdryer are provided.
Credit: @welcomebusan on Instagram  The kitchen and laundry are located on another floor and complimentary breakfast is given every morning. It’s definitely the place to stay for travelers who are not fussy and just need a comfortable place to stay in.
Credit: hostelworld
Credit: @welcomebusan on Instagram  Address: 172-2, Choryang-3-dong, Dong-Gu, BusanSouth Korea Price:  Ÿ

  • 4-bed dorm [22~27,000 KRW (*USD20~USD25)]
  • 6-bed ensuite [100~120,000 KRW (*USD91~USD108) per room]
  • 3-bed private [60~70,000 KRW (*USD54~USD63) per room]
  • Double bed private [50~60,000 KRW (*USD45~USD54) per room]

Contact: +82-51-442-2244 (010-5919-2244) EmailWebsite

11. BnB Guesthouse Hostel

Something a bit different is the BnB Guesthouse Hostel, which is essentially a 3-bedroom apartment converted into dormitories and private rooms. It’s conveniently located near the metro station (Beomnaegol station) as well as walking distance to the downtown area of Seomyeon, where there is a variety of restaurant and eateries to choose from.

Credit: hostelworld
Credit: hostelworld It’s definitely a place worth looking at if you’d like a bit of privacy from the usual noise and traffic that comes with staying at a big hostel.
Credit: hostelworldAddress: Room 801, 966-8 Beomcheon 2(i)-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea Price: 5/4-bed dorm (20~23,000 KRW [(*USD18~USD21)] Note: The owner does not have their own website but you can book through Hostelworld or Airbnb.

12. The Planet Guesthouse for Women

Credit: guesthouseinbusan And finally, an accommodation that caters only for those independent women traveling together. If you’re looking for a private accommodation to let your hair down, so to speak, or to spend time gossiping like, well girls, The Planet Guesthouse is definitely the place for you.
Credit:saykimchirecruiting Located conveniently a block away from Haeundae station, the guesthouse is fitted with sufficient amenities such as free breakfast, internet and laundry to provide you with a comfortable stay in Busan.
Credit: saykimchirecruitingAddress: Crystal Beach Officetel Room 311, Joong-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan Price: 20~25,000 KRW (*USD18~USD23) per night Contact: +81-(0)10-7474 5083 /+82-(0)10-8201 6350 Website So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, a list of the 12 best hostels to stay in Busan. If you can’t find an accommodation to your liking in the list, worry not because the list is certainly not exhaustive and there are more hostels in Busan that might catch your eye. Hopefully this list gives you an idea of the choices of hostels in Busan to make the best out of your trip to Busan. Safe trip, my wanderlust companions and please enjoy Busan to the fullest! * Approximate price conversion in USD is subject to currency exchange rate at the time.