As you are well aware you can’t go to London and not visit the great retail department store, Selfridges. It is a shopaholic’s haven, where Chanel, Prada and Louis Vuitton are all under one luxurious roof that’s sure to bring out your inner shopaholic.

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So, step away from that Burberry trench coat for a moment. There’s more to Selfridges than just housing high end retail labels. If it’s your first time in London, you need to visit Selfridges in Bond Street.

The luxury departmental store recently provided more Halal options to the rising number of Muslim customers.

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You might get a little hungry from all that shopping or browsing (I know I do that often) through the second largest retail store in United Kingdom, so we’ve got just the guide for you!

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There’s two food areas in Selfridges that you need to know about – Food Hall that lets you do your grocery shopping and enjoy market style food displays or Selfridges Kitchen that serves as a food court with counters that offers cuisine from all around the world.

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Selfridges Food Hall

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Location: Ground Floor
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat : 0930 – 2100 Sun 1130 – 1800


selfridges food hall london arabicaApart from their freshly made wraps, from lamb kofta to haloumi, Arabica also lets you choose your own dips and salads market style. The prices of your meal or dishes are according to their weight, which makes it easier to take away.

lamb kofta arabica selfridges food hall halal food londonIf you prefer to try and make your own wraps, you can take away your lamb kofta dish  (£2.75 per 100gm) and don’t forget the flavourful dips to complete the dish with such as the broad bean dip (£1.95 per 100gm).

wrap arabica selfridges food hall halal food londonIf you’re not a fan of wraps, you can try their spiced rice with lamb and nuts (£2.55 per 100gm) with baby okra stew (£2.50 per 100gm) or Leventine Moussaka (£2.50 per 100gm) as side dishes.

spiced rice kamb baby okra stew selfridges london food hall halal foodOther than savoury selections, Arabica offers something for those who prefer a sweeter palate. Their sinful buttery Baklavas are simply a must try and are made fresh daily and are priced from £3 per 100gm.

arabica baklava halal muslim friendly selfridges food hall

Baker and Spice

baker and spice selfridges food hall london halal food muslim friendlyBaker and Spice makes trying healthy food pretty easy, plus their colourful salads made with ingredients from all over the world will make you want to photograph and upload them on social media obsessively 😉. The food counter offers salads from vegetarian to seafood varieties. You can find the mega cute mini organic bagels at £1.50 each.

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seafood baker and spice selfridges food hall london halal food muslim friendlyHave a go at their many selections of seafood from the baby squid salad, seafood salad or salmon courgette (price ranges from £4.50 – £5 per 100gram).

vegetarian baker and spice selfridges food hall london halal food muslim friendlyTake the plunge and go full on vegetarian with options such as red rice salad or the couscous salad (£2.95 per 100gm) with the cucumber, feta cheese and radish salad (£2.50 per 100gm).

vegetarian food wrap baker and spice selfridges food hall london halal food muslim friendly


bakery desserts selfridges food hall london halal food muslim friendlyBakery at Food Hall offers baked goods from around the world, but of course you need to try the Selfridges tweeners before anything. Tweeners are mini cakes and are available in Black Forest, Lemon Curd and Caramel Latte flavours priced at £2.79 each. crosstown doughtnuts selfridges food hall london halal food muslim friendlyIf you are a big fan of doughnuts then you’re going to love the ones from Crosstown Doughnuts. These heaven-sent fried doughs are often sold out by the end of the day, especially the chocolate ring doughnuts (£3.50 each).

crosstown doughnuts selfridges food hall london halal food muslim friendly dessertsIf you are late to the bakery for one of the Crosstown doughnuts, fear not, as you can try the ‘crodough’ instead. It is a hybrid of doughnuts and croissant and it is very sweet and filling just like doughnuts but is baked instead. You can try them at £2.20 for a mini crodough.

crodough selfridges food hall london halal food muslim friendlyThere are also gluten free selections at the bakery. These mini yet delicious sweet offerings are baked with love by a local baker, Borough 22, are priced from £2 each.

borough 22 gluten free selfridges food hall london halal food muslim friendly

Selfridges Kitchen

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Location: Fourth floor
Opening hours : Mon – Sat : 0930 to 2100 Sun : 1130-1800

At the Selfridges Kitchen, you’ll find that the options are as wide as their shopping departments. From Mexican food to crafting your own made-to-order artisanal sandwiches, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Benito’s Hat

benitos hat halal food london selfridges kitchen food hall muslim friendlyA recent addition at Selfridges Kitchen, this modern Mexican cuisine offers Halal chicken for their Muslim customers for their nachos, tacos and burritos. Benito’s Hat’s special chipotle chicken are highly recommended with extra guacamole.

The chipotle chicken burrito is served with nachos priced at £6.50 and you will be charged extra for guacamole but it’s worth it if you are a fan.

benitos hat halal food london selfridges kitchen food hall muslim friendly optionsMuslim customers now can easily identify which food counters provides halal options for them.


Delicatessen selfridges food hall london halal food muslim friendly dessertsMake sure that your sandwich is made to order with Selfridges’ special smoked salmon. You can make your own platter with prices start from £5.95 served with quiches or pies. Delicatessen smoked salmon sandwich selfridges food hall london halal food muslim friendly dessertsHalal sign and allergies information at the counter. Delicatessen offers halal chicken if you prefer that and try their made to order jacket potatoes (from £5.50) if you’re feeling famished from carrying your shopping load or from walking all four floors.

Dessert counter

You can’t leave Selfridges without at least having coffee or tea at Selfridges Kitchen with their phenomenal desserts. Plus, would you miss an opportunity to take your photo at Selfridges London and be the envy of your friends with beautifully crafted pastries?

Dessert counter selfridges food hall london halal food muslim friendly dessertsYou definitely need to try Flavourtown cupcakes (£3.50 each) and a slice of red velvet cake (£4.50 each). The main reason you need to try the desserts here is because it’s the most British way to have tea!

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flavour town cupcakes selfridges food hall london halal food muslim friendlyAlso, don’t hesitate on inquiring about the alcohol content in the desserts, the staff would gladly help you choose ones that do not contain alcohol. However, those are very rare and are usually clearly signed.

#HHWT Tip: A word of advice, although it is very tempting to have lunch there, I would personally not recommend it. Brunch or tea is the best time to check out both Food Hall and Selfridges Kitchen because Oxford Street is one of the busiest shopping streets. Don’t forget to get your personalised Nutella jars when you’re there!

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