In the dining scene of Kuala Lumpur, there really is no dessert more universal than a piece of cake. There’s plenty of cake variations playing in every corner of the city, both premium and affordable but nothing beats the classic sponge cake because why not, right? 😉

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Credit: Kek Span Oree on Facebook

Well, hold on to your seats now because your Iftar gathering just got better – there is a bakery that specialises solely in the popular Taiwanese Castella (or better known as sponge) cake in KL!

Credit: Kek Span Oree on Facebook

Fresh off the oven, just look at that fluffy cake! 😍 And of course, we all can agree that no sponge cake comes without a crack (that just shows how soft it is!) 😆

Credit: Kek Span Oree on Facebook

This humble bakery is not new, but it’s definitely a hidden gem! Kek Span Oree offers up to 3 flavours: Original, Cheesy Cheese and Sticky Chocolate. But if you’d like all of the flavours in one box, you can get the Mixed set that’s priced at RM18.90.

Credit: Kek Span Oree on Facebook

For something a little extra (and adventurous!), add chicken floss to your cake. It’s a little unusual, but wouldn’t hurt to try, no? 😉

So if you ever feel like having desserts for iftar, you know where to go 😏

Address: Outlets available at Sogo, Ampang Point, Aeon Bukit Raja, KIP Mall Bangi, Sunway Putra Mall.

Opening Hours: 11.00am – 10.00pm

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