When everything (or everyone) else fails, there’s always that one person you can count on to take a nice photo of you during your vacation – yourself! Which is why you need THE perfect camera for all your selfie needs😄

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When it comes to taking selfies on camera, the lighter (or smaller) the better! Choosing a camera with a screen that tilts or is flippable so you can view the image while snapping also helps in creating that perfect shot! To find a camera that matches with your travelling style, we’ve rounded up the best 5 cameras for you😉

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Let's Go!

1. Fujifilm X70 Digital Camera

We know that most people have a thing for a camera that is not just simply capable of taking photos, but also looks like a piece of art itself. Seemingly, Fujifilm is aware of that too!

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 X70 is the first model of the X-series that offers a tilting touchscreen display, and is currently the smallest and lightest model from the series. With just a tap on the screen, you can focus and take a shot! How cool is that? The camera also comes with a focal-length lens and an APS-C-sized, making it great for not just selfies, but also capturing street moments and fine art😉

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Megapixels: 16.3MP
Sensor size: APS-C (15.6 x 23.6 mm)
Sensor type: X-Trans CMOS II
Image stabilisation: No
Flash type: Built-in
Processor: EXR Processor II
ISO: Auto, 200-6400
Price: USD699 on Amazon. You can buy it here!


2. Canon PowerShot N2 Digital Camera

Do you know what’s a better camera for travelling than a compact digital camera? A small compact digital camera! If that’s what you’ve been looking for, then the answer is Canon PowerShot N2😄

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Not only is it light but it also has a unique square design which fits in your palm, and more importantly, your pocket!

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Besides a number of creative modes, the camera also offers Creative Shoot where it creates five extra creative images in addition to your shot, using different artistic effects randomly picked out of over 30 varieties😄

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Megapixels: 16.1 MP
Sensor size: 1/2.3
Sensor type: BSI CMOS
Image stabilisation: Lens shift
Processor: DIGIC 6
ISO: 100 – 3200
Price: USD283 on Harvey Norman. You can buy it here!


3. Pentax K-S2 DSLR Camera

 If you’d like to take a DSLR camera for your travels, here’s one cool option!

Credit: Hideya HAMANO on Flickr

The world’s smallest SLR and more stylish as well, is weather resistant and equipped with WiFi, so you can immediately transfer your selfies to your phone to upload on Instagram🤗 Pentax K-S2 comes with a tilting screen and offers a battery of lenses so you can also snap stunning panoramic photos as well!

Credit: @masachika_0724 on Instagram

Megapixels: 20.1MP
Sensor size: APS-C (15.6 x 23.5 mm)
Sensor type: CMOS
Image stabilisation: Sensor shift
Flash type: Built in
Processor: PRIME M II
ISO: 100-51200
Price: USD536.26 on Amazon. You can buy it here!

4. Nikon 1J5 Mirrorless Digital Camera

 Lightweight AND absolutely versatile, Nikon 1J5 is perfect for anyone who wants a very compact digital camera with interchangeable lens😄


Credit: @murykuswari on Instagram

J5 has an old school design vibe, simple and clean overall with well-placed and clearly labelled buttons and keys. Of course, for your selfie needs, you can easily flip up the 3-inch LCD to face you! If you’re a fan of DLSRs but looking for something a little smaller, much lighter and with similar specs, you can give J5 a serious consideration🤗

Credit: @foodgram99 on Instagram

Megapixels: 20.8 MP
Sensor size: Nikon CX format (13.2 x 8.8 mm)
Sensor type: Backside Illuminated CMOS
Image stabilisation: In kit and other lenses
Flash type: Built in
Processor: EXPEED 5A
ISO: 160-12,800
Price: USD499.95 on Nikon USA. You can buy it here!

5. Olympus Stylus Tough TG-870 Digital Camera

 Ever heard of a tough camera that comes with a flip screen? With Olympus TG-870, you can now do cool activities and take pictures of yourself while doing it😄

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The camera is waterproof (up to 50 feet underwater), freeze-proof (can operate in temperatures as cold as -10 degrees Celcius), dust-proof, shockproof and crush-proof. You’re doing adventurous activities with friends? Don’t worry, because the 21mm lens equivalent lens will make sure you can capture these precious moments together!

Credit: @travelkiwis on Instagram

Megapixels: 16 MP
Sensor size: 1/2.3″ (6.17 x 4.55 mm)
Sensor type: BSI-CMOS
Image stabilisation: Optical
Flash type: Built-in
Processor: TruePic VII
ISO: Auto, 125-6400 (expands to 12800)
Price: USD282 on Harvey Norman. You can buy it here!


As the saying goes, after a trip ends, only photos remain. That’s why it’s important to invest in a great camera so you can always look back and remember the good memories you made! If you own any of these cameras or have other cameras to recommend, do let us know in the comments section below☺️

P.S. Remember not to go too far just for the sake of a nice selfie, though😄

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