“There is only one right way to eat a steak- with greed in your heart and a smile on your face.”- Soumeet Lanka.

Yes, we are talking about our undying love for steak! Most steak lovers find it hard to get the best steak dinner in town. There are just too many places and too many steaks around!

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find halal steak places which do not serve alcohol. But fret not! We’ve rounded up not just the places which serve the best steak, but are also halal and alcohol-free! So if you are looking for the ultimate place to get your hands on a big plate of fat, juicy steak in Kuala Lumpur, check out these places! 😊

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1. Copper

Located in a prestigious office building in the middle of the Kuala Lumpur, Copper is a modern European restaurant. The food they serve are completely halal! Following its name, the interior of the restaurant are designed with steel colours. If you are looking for one of the best steak in KL, make sure you come and check out this place!

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Owned by a beautiful couple, they ensure that they serve what is best for their customers. The whole menu includes exciting dishes that you can choose from. Of course, their Roast Menu is what you can watch out for!

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One of the dishes offered is their Charchoal Grilled Steak, which is served with crispy crushed potatoes and dijon emulsion 😍

Contact: +6 03- 2856 9522 | Facebook | Instagram
Opening hours:
Lunch: Mon – Fri, 11:30am-4:30pm
Dinner: Tue – Sat, 6:30pm-10:00pm

Address: Level 5, Menara Shell, Jalan Tun Sambanthan

2. Meat Point, TTDI

Owned by a Malay restaurateur, the restaurant attracts customers from every peak of the city. They do not serve alcohol as well! One of the best features at this restaurant is that they offer a wide range of meat- Wagyu, Black Angus, Grain Fed, Lamb, you name it! It is not a wonder that Muslims and non- Muslims alike come around to enjoy a plate of pure beauty.

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So, how do things work around here? As you enter the restaurant, you can check out the chilled fridges there. Offering differing types of meat, you can then choose the one that you want! After that, you can choose the size of your meat, followed by how well done do you want your steak to be. It sure is pretty amazing to know how much freedom you hold in order to have the best steak!

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After going through the important process of getting your meat done, you can then choose your side dishes to accompany that tender, juicy meat. For its sauce especially, you can choose to lather your meat with black pepper, mushroom, mint sauce or even chimichurri!

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Contact: _+6 03 7733 3573 | Facebook | Instagram
Opening Hours:
12.00pm- 11.00pm (Saturday- Thursday); 6.00pm- 11.00pm (Friday)
Address: 62, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

3. Toowomba Deli & Meats

Named after Toowomba in Australia, the founders who fell in love with Australian steaks decided to open up the Toowomba Deli & Meats. It was opened in 2011 and up until today, it remains as one of the best places to eat steak. Serving halal- certified steaks all the way from Australia, their steaks are also known to be affordable to its customers.

Credit: Toowomba Deli & Meats on Facebook

The interior of the restaurant is designed and inspired by the cowboy feels. Hence, the furniture in the restaurant itself is mostly made of wood. Other than their famous steaks, they also serve other dishes such as chicken chop, beef spaghetti and so much more.

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One of their major dishes is of course, their Mixed Grill. The dish consists of lamb, tenderloin and chicken chop. Talking about heaven on earth! It is served together with mashed potatoes, green salad and their salsa sauce.

Credit: @toowombadeliandmeats on Instagram

Contact: +6 03 4131 9006 | Facebook | Tumblr | Instagram
Opening Hours: 12.00pm- 11.00pm (Daily)
Address: Setapak G3A, PV 128 Platinum Mondrian, Jalan Genting Klang

UPDATE: *A reader has alerted us that Coliseum serves alcohol 😞

4. Coliseum Café & Grill Room

Established in 1921, the restaurant is one of the must- go places for locals and tourists alike. Of course, they do not only come for the famous Hainanese Chicken Chop but also for their juicy steaks! Surrounded by antique features and colonial furniture, you will definitely be wowed by its nostalgic feeling as you enjoy your dinner.

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As of today, the Coliseum Café already has four outles- Jalan TAR, Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid and Plaza 33. However, the oldest and original outlet is the one located in Jalan TAR. Despite its location and classic- looking exterior, it does not stop customers from coming over to enjoy the restaurant’s sizzling steaks.

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Before you enjoy your steaks, the staff will provide you with white apron bibs to protect you from the unexpected splatter of sauce from the steaks.  Served together with a dish of vegetables and potato wedges at the side, it is truly an amazing companion to the steak dish.

Credit: @favemy on Instagram

Contact: +6 03 2692 6270 Website
Opening Hours: 10.00am- 10.00pm

Address: 98-100 & 102, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

5. Las Vacas

A mini butchery and also a casual dining place, Las Vacas is known to be a beef- inclined steakhouse. It has five outlets, but the latest and largest one is located in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. Here in Las Vacas, you can personally choose your desired cut from the deli and watch the chef work them off through the glass panel.

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If you ever feel overwhelmed by the wide choices of meat displayed at the deli, fret not as the staffs are around to help you make the best choice! With the help of its casual ambience, you can definitely have a great dinner with your family and friends (and your juicy steak too)!

Credit: @lasvacas on Instagram

According to the reviews given by the locals, it is mentioned that the meat that they are served are moist, tender and bursting with flavour. Just imagine the world that you are newly introduced to as you put in your first bite of meat into your mouth!

Credit: @anistaqwa88 on Instagram

Contact: +6 03 2181 5586 | Facebook | Instagram
Opening Hours: 11.30am- 10.30pm
Address: No. 33, Lot 5, Ground Floor, Wisma Winbond, Jln Yap Kwan Seng

6. Me’nate

Making it into the list of places is of course, the Me’nate Steak Hub! Known for its most famous dish, the Wagyu steak, this is one of those places that you must go for the best steak dinner. Me’nate now has three outlets in Kuala Lumpur itself!

Credit: @mulyadir on Instagram

The interior design of the restaurant may look simple, but it is the atmosphere that excites the hunger of a steak lover. At Me’nate, you can also choose the meat, the size and how you want it to be cooked. Fret not as these dishes do not burn a hole in your pocket, as you have a variety of choices to choose from.

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Credit: @menatesteakhub on Instagram

The most famous dish on the menu is the Wagyu steak. The dish is then seasoned lightly with the chef’s special recipe, accompanied by buttery mash potatoes and black pepper sauce.

Contact: +6 03 4131 1611 | Facebook | Instagram
Opening Hours: 3.00pm- 11.00pm
Address: D-02-01, Starpac Point, Jalan Genting Klang, Taman Ibu Kota, Setapak

7. Beard Brothers’ BBQ

A few years ago, the Beard Brothers’ BBQ started their operation at home in Kampung Datuk Keramat. However, they opened up an outlet in Tropicana Avenue as the number of customers increase. Serving you meat that is smoked for about 14 hours, this is another place for you to check out for the best steak dinner!

Credit: Beard Brothers’ BBQ on Facebook

Their goal was simple- to introduce Malaysians to quality Texas style barbecue. Based on the support that they have been receiving over the years, the Beard Brothers’ BBQ are reaching their goal.

Credit: @neshalim on Instagram

Credit: @beardbrothersbbq on Instagram

The guys at the Beard Brothers’ BBQ are determined to satisfy the love and devotion of meat lovers. Promise, you will not be disappointed once you are here!

Contact: +6 012 319 0962 | Facebook | Instagram
Opening Hours: 12.00pm- 2.00pm, 6.00pm- 10.00pm (Daily)
Address: P-G-01, Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana Avenue

8. Jibby & Co.

The Melbourne- inspired Jibby & Co. is located outside the Empire Shopping Gallery. Although it is well- known for its architectural design, the food that they serve is mind- blowing as well. A new addition at Jibby & Co. is the Argentinian style BBQ rib eye skewers!

Credit: Kuala Lumpur Magazine Website

As Jibby & Co. can easily be recognized due to its location, it is not a wonder that customers come around to enjoy their time here. Not to worry as Jibby & Co. is a halal establishment. With its calming ambience and never- ending choices of dishes, this is definitely one of the places you can check out for the best steak dinner.

Credit: Jibby Group on Facebook

Other than their wide choice of dishes, Jibby & Co. also serves drinks and desserts that look as if unicorns prepared them. Just imagine how dreamy they look! Finger- licking steak and lip- smacking desserts right after, what else are you waiting for?

Credit: @jibbygroup on Instagram

Contact: +6 03 5613 7070 | Instagram
Opening Hours: 9.30am- 10.30pm
Address: GK11, Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS 16/1, Subang Jaya

9. Sixty9 Islamic Steakhouse

Formerly known as the Wadihana Islamic Steakhouse, this steakhouse is owned by a gang of five who knew one another since they were in school. Their menu will make you confused as they have an abundance of choices to choose from- steaks, lamb shank and so much more!

Credit: @sixty9steakhouse on Instagram

Located in Taman Melawati, it is always a full- house at this steakhouse. They receive major attention from their Muslim customers not only for their extraordinary menu, but also for their home- made gravy sauce and what not.

Credit: @nanieshaziani on Instagram

The portion of their dishes is also enough for two!

Credit: @sixty9steakhouse on Instagram

So, if you’re looking for some fresh Western steak, the folks at the Sixty9 Islamic Steakhouse are ready to welcome you with open arms.

Contact: +603 4162 1312  Facebook | Instagram
Opening Hours: 11.30am- 11.30pm
Address: 341, Lorong Sarawak, Taman Melawati

10. Mazzo

Offering an exquisite fusion of Korean, Japanese and Italian cuisine to its customers, Mazzo will definitely take you off your seats. Located in Publika Shopping Centre, Mazzo is also a fine dining restaurant. The ambience of the restaurant screams classy, calm and relaxed as you enter Mazzo.

Credit: @mazzo_publika on Instagram

Here at Mazzo, you can be rest assured that the dishes are prepared without any artificial ingredients! Personally hand- picked by their chef, the dishes are made by using only fresh, natural and high- quality ingredients.

Credit: @quineeceq on Instagram

One of their recommended dishes is the marinated grilled bulgogi. Of course, its sauce is made of natural ingredients and even natural sugar from fresh fruits! Another one of their recommended dishes is the hamburger steak that is served together with rice and fried egg. The natural sauce is specially crafter by one of their chefs.

Credit: Mazzo on Facebook

Contact: +603 6411 9380 Website | Facebook | Instagram
Opening Hours: 10.00am- 10.00pm
Address: A3-G2-9, Solaris Dutamas 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas (Publika)


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Can you hear the steaks calling you? Did you feel your blood rushing through your veins as you go through this list? If yes, then it is time for you to check them out for the best steak dinner in Kuala Lumpur!


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