7 Halal Bihun Goreng Spots In Singapore


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Aug 04, 2023

Bihun Goreng in Singapore can be a tough find when you're not sure where to look for it. In reality, though, there are so many spots to enjoy this tasty dish! For the uninitiated, bihun goreng is a dish made with fried rice vermicelli. While there is no single recipe for this dish since it's cooked in many different countries, in Singapore, it's often made with shallots, sweet soy sauce, sambal, and toppings of prawn, chicken or beef! Aromatic, filling and tasty, this underrated dish is a gastronomic experience every foodie has to try at least once. It's simple on the palate yet keeps you craving for more! So if you're looking to try bihun goreng in Singapore, here are 7 spots you can find it. Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates:https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F

1. 89.7 Supper Club

There's nowhere else like the 89.7 Supper Club for the best hearty meals and ambience. This fully halal hawker centre serves Chinese, Indian, Western, and Malay cuisines with dishes ranging from dim sum to thosai and, yes, bihun goreng! The bihun goreng comes with a seafood option too, so you can enjoy an assemblage of prawns, fried rice vermicelli and spice all in one dish. 89.7 Supper Club also has an extensive menu that includes drinks and desserts, so you'll be able to find the perfect meal for every craving. ?

P.S. This spot also runs 24/7 so you can head over any time!

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2. Al Azhar

Craving bihun goreng, garlic naan, butter chicken and more? Then you've got to get to Al-Azhar to satisfy your cravings! This popular 24-hour joint has an extensive menu including Indian, Thai, Western dishes and even local favourites. Their portions are pretty generous which makes them perfect for sharing with friends. Try their Lamb Shank Dum Briyani, Roti John Chicken Cheese, and Chicken Chop and who knows - this might be your next late-night supper haunt ? P.S. This is also one of the few spots in Singapore which serves Bee Hoon Briyani!

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3. Tang Tea House

What’s a trip to Singapore without trying local favourites? Tang Tea House is the place for zi char, halal dim sum and other Chinese local dishes! Of course, while you're here, have a taste of their bihun goreng, but don't discount other local delights like hor fun and chicken rice! If you're here simply to delight on bihun though, you might want to try the Pan Fried Crispy Bee Hoon for an interesting twist on the classic bihun goreng. If you’re ever in doubt, look out for the chef’s recommendations in the menu!

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4. New Hawa

If you're familiar with the east of Singapore, you might probably have heard of New Hawa Restaurant! Many easties enjoy New Hawa's chicken rice, which is known to be tender, with amazing chilli. But of course, New Hawa also sells bihun goreng! Opt for seafood, beef or chicken for your bihun goreng session in Singapore, and maybe complete your feast with a plate of chicken rice along with other dishes like Hokkien Mee and hot plate beancurd!

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5. Rasa Istimewa

Tucked all the way in Pasir Ris Park and Woodlands Waterfront, Rasa Istimewa ticks both boxes for a lovely ambience and yummy food! Whether you're craving sambal stingray, fried fish or chilli crab to share with your loved ones, they've got you covered! Some of their best-sellers include satay, bihun goreng, tom yum with coconut milk and a variety of fried rice dishes. At Rasa Istimewa, you can even customise your own bihun goreng. Pick your method of preparation (so it doesn't have to necessarily be fried!), toppings and even noodles (if you decide to go for something different).

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6. Saffrons

Home to some of the best nasi briyani in Singapore, Saffrons is the best place to be for Indian food - and this include their very own versions of bihun goreng in Singapore! Head over to enjoy bihun goreng with a sunny side up egg, or bihun mixed with kway teow and egg. P.S. You can also find Bee Hoon Briyani at Saffrons!

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7. Richton

Fancy some old school, halal local delights? This underrated hidden gem will have you in heaven. Just across Pasir Ris' Downtown East is a little cafe called Richton. It's halal-certified and sells pretty delicious homemade-tasting dishes. From Nasi Lemak to Fish & Chips, there's a little something for everyone. And they're all affordable! Their bihun goreng goes for only $4+!

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