This SG Home Cook's Halal Kimbap Are The Bite-Sized Snacks You'll Fall In Love With


Shasha Dania •  Aug 11, 2020

If you're a fan of K-drama and K-cuisine, you're going to love Bibimbop. ? Founded by a K-drama fan who's managed to transform her curiosity and passion into a business, this humble home-based business serves up freshly made bibimbap rolls that'll make you miss the sights and sounds of Seoul!

Bibimbop's rolls come in 3 flavours - Classic, Tuna, and Beef Bulgogi. The Classic Gimbap ($7.50) has everything gimbap should contain - crabstick, cucumber, fishcake, spinach, carrot, radish, and egg. ? They even come pre-sliced so they're great for kids, or for bringing out to a picnic or gathering. For something slightly different, the Tuna Gimbap ($8) has almost the same ingredients but the crabstick and fishcake are replaced with tuna mayo instead!

However you should definitely try the Beef Bulgogi Gimbap ($9) if you can! The savoury sweet beef bulgogi goes so well with the lettuce, transforming this simple bite-sized snack into something really delicious. ? Make sure to order their signature Gochujang Mayo ($1.50) to pair with your rolls! This salty, savory, and spicy dip is what will take your meal to the next level!

The gimbap are priced between $7.50-$9 which is really reasonable for Korean food in SG! Plus if you order all 3 together you can get a special Gimbap Trio price of just $23. ? Weekly pre-orders for self-collection and delivery open on Sundays, and slots are limited to just 30 rolls per day! The rolls are delivered on the following weekend so you have one whole week to look forward to your gimbap. ?

They're also having a limited-time National Day promo right now - from now till 14 Aug the special Triple Trio (3 x Gimbap Trio) is just $55 which is perfect for sharing with family and friends, or having a small gathering! Delivery slots are still limited to get your order in ASAP!

While we're waiting for when we can visit Korea again, yummy treats like this make the wait a whole lot better. ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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