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5 Best Rice Cookers In Malaysia For Perfectly Fluffy White Rice


Ili •  Feb 26, 2021


Rice cookers are a staple kitchen item, especially if you're someone who loves eating rice! And unless you're a pro at cooking it over the stove, this piece of device is essential to any home. If you're looking for an upgrade this year, check out this list of best rice cookers in Malaysia that'll serve perfectly fluffy white rice every single time ?
1. Panasonic 1.8L Microcomputer Jar Rice Cooker SR-CX188SSK
When it comes to Panasonic's 1.8L Microcomputer Jar Rice Cooker SR-CX188SSK, it's hard to go wrong where rice is concerned. Built with a 6-layer inner pan which includes the combination of heat-transmitting and heat-retaining materials, it offers even cooking, easy clean up and greater durability. Now who wouldn't want all that in a rice cooker? Features:
  • Detachable inner lid for easy cleaning
  • Flexible heat adjustment
  • Ultra non-stick coating
  • Easy viewing white LED display
Average price: Starts from RM359Buy here: Panasonic MY | Lazada MY | Shopee MY
2. Philips Avance Collection IH Rice Cooker HD4528
Say goodbye to any rice issues you've faced in the past and say hello to Philips' Avance Collection IH Rice Cooker HD4528. With this kitchen equipment, every grain of rice is cooked to perfection thanks to its innovative iSpiral IH technology and micro processor form ultra strong outside-in currents. Every bite will be nothing short of amazing, and isn't that the way we like our rice? Features:
  • 12 hours keep warm function
  • Large digital display for easy reading
  • Strong power distribution for well-cooked grains
  • 10 multifunction programs with separate menus for rice, multigrain and beans
Average price: Starts from RM419Buy here: Senheng MY | Lazada MY
3. Tefal Everforce Rice Cooker RK362​
Any rice lover will truly appreciate Tefal's Everforce Rice Cooker RK362. Deemed as one of the most durable rice cookers out there, you won't have to worry about breakdowns or making frequent repairs. ​Plus, it's 2L capacity can serve up to 14 guests making it ideal for any occasion - from everyday family meals to special celebrations! Features:
  • Lid-heating technology
  • Ultra-resistant pot for extreme durability
  • Ultra-durable lid connection
  • All-day keep warm function
Average price: Starts from RM179Buy here: Harvey Norman MY | Lazada MY | Shopee MY
4. Toshiba Honatsukama Rice Cooker RC-18DH1NMY
All good things are meant to be shared, which is why Toshiba's Honatsukama Rice Cooker RC-18DH1NMY is part of this list. There are plenty of things to love about it, from a detachable vent for easy cleaning, preset menu options and multiple functions to make various rice dishes: porridge, congee, sticky rice, crispy rice - you name it! Features:
  • 11 modes to suit different needs
  • 24h timer to manage when to finish cooking
  • Quick cook function
  • Non-stick coating
Average price: Starts from RM179Buy here: Senghuat MY | Lazada MY | Shopee MY
5. Russell Taylors Fuzzy Logic Smart Rice Cooker 1.8L ERC-30
Complete your kitchen with Russell Taylors’ ERC-30 - an impressive rice cooker that comes with 6 different programs, giving you the option to make various types of rice including soup. You also get to revel over its pre-set timer and digital display, which allows you to determine when you want your rice to be ready. No more running back and forth to the kitchen after this! Features:
  • Non-stick coating & removable pot
  • Automatic keep warm function once cooking is finished
  • Easy to use interface
  • Cool touch handle
Average price: Starts from RM99Buy here: Lazada MY | Shopee MY With these awesome rice cookers, it's only perfectly cooked rice from here on out! ? Looking to complete the rest of your kitchen with more amazing equipment? Check these out: