8 Best Hand Sanitisers For Every Traveller


Cheng Sim •  Jun 05, 2020

No matter where we are, practising good hand hygiene while travelling is important now more than ever. If travelling is a possibility next year, there's no doubt that we'll continue our hygiene practice at the airport, public transport, sightseeing spots, and more.

While we're waiting to relive our holidays once again, we can prep ahead by searching for the best hand sanitisers to buy online. If you're overwhelmed by the variety of brands out there, we hope you'll find this guide helpful!

Guide to buying hand sanitisers

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it's recommended to use an alcohol-based hand rub that's greater than 60% ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, or alcohol) or 70% isopropanol (also known as isopropyl alcohol) as an active ingredient.

While an alcohol-based hand sanitiser is the next best alternative to maintain good hand hygiene, washing your hands with soap and water is a better way to clean visibly-soiled hands, including before eating or after using the washroom.

Is it safe for Muslims to use hand sanitisers that contain alcohol?

According to Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS), it's permissible for Muslims to use a hand sanitiser that contains alcohol. In accordance with the 2008 fatwa issued by the Fatwa Committee, it states that the alcoholic substance used in medical treatments, including hand sanitisers, is not a prohibited item.

1. Dettol Instant Hand Sanitiser

A trusted healthcare brand, it's easy to carry this travel-sized Dettol Instant Hand Sanitiser for your future travel. Fitted in a small 50ml bottle that adheres to the airline restrictions on carry-on liquids, this dermatologically-tested product also has a non-sticky feel, so you can sanitise your hands easily while exploring the sightseeing spots in your favourite city!

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2. Aiken Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser

When travelling, there will be times when you can't find the nearest washroom to clean your hands. If your hands are not visibly soiled, you can use Aiken Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser. Giving instant protection to travellers on the go, the hand sanitiser also dries quickly, which is great if you want to clean your hands instantly when you're in a public transport, theme parks and other sightseeing spots.

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3. Walch Instant Hand Sanitiser

We've been waiting for Walch Instant Hand Sanitiser to make its way to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia and they finally did! One of the core brands by Whealthfields Group, which produces a range of disinfectant products, it's pretty easy to carry around this hand sanitiser and the 80ml fits nicely in your pocket too. Just rub your hands together with the liquid and off you go!

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4. Lifebuoy Immunity Boosting Hand Sanitiser

Whether you're travelling on public transport or visiting your favourite museum, it's always good to bring Lifebuoy Immunity Boosting Hand Sanitiser, especially when you're exposed to various high-contact surfaces. Comes in a travel-sized 50ml bottle, you can put it conveniently in your bag while you explore the city! It's also the perfect size to bring to the airport, so you can sanitise your hands during your flight.

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5. ICM PHARMA Hygin-X Antiseptic Handrub

Credit: ICM Pharma

Ideal for frequent use, you can get ICM PHARMA Hygin-X Antiseptic Handrub in the local pharmacy in Singapore. Made with 70% ethanol, which is CDC's recommended alcohol percentage, rest assured that your hands will stay clean without feeling dry thanks to added moisturiser.

If you're planning to bring this along for your future trips, you can pour it into an empty 100ml travel bottle using a clean funnel to keep it travel-friendly. Additionally, WebMD recommends that you wait 72 hours before using it, so it'll kill any germs that might have gotten into the hand sanitiser.

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6. MediMa Hand Sanitiser Spray

Credit: Watsons Malaysia

MediMa Hand Sanitiser Spray is pretty convenient if you're worried about liquid spillage in your travel bag. Besides having a non-sticky feel and quick-drying, this hand sanitiser is made with 70% alcohol to kill the germs and bacteria in your hands. Since it comes in a travel-friendly 100ml bottle, it's definitely flight-approved.

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7. Santix Hand Sanitiser

Credit: Santix Malaysia

Another hand sanitiser that contains the CDC's recommended active ingredient is Santix Hand Sanitiser. While this product is only available in Malaysia for the time being and in a large 500ml quantity, you can easily pour this alcohol-based hand sanitiser into a small 100ml bottle, so you can carry it with you.

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8. Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Gel

Don't you just love how the Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Gel looks? Compact and convenient, it also has a few fragrances such as fresh lavender, eucalyptus spearmint and coastal coconut. Do note that each hand sanitiser has different alcohol percentages, from 68% to 72%, so remember to check the label!

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While it's uncertain when we'll be able to travel again, stay prepared with these hand hygiene practices so you'll be ready before you fly to your next getaway. For more things to buy for your next holiday, you'll find these articles helpful!