8 Best Comfort Foods To Enjoy On Rainy Days In KL & Selangor


Ili •  Sep 20, 2020

Ah, comfort food. There's just something about them that warms you right up from the inside out, especially when enjoyed on a rainy day. So if you're anything like us and simply love savouring these dishes during gloomy weather, check out this list of comfort foods that'll satisfy your stomachs the next time it's pouring outside.

1. Ramly burger

Any Malaysian who grew up with the legendary Ramly burger will confess to having a soft spot for this delicious street food. With soft buns pillowing all kinds of mouthwatering fillings like juicy patties, fried egg, fresh salad and more, this is one comfort food that hits the spot perfectly.

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2. Grilled cheese sandwich + soup

Once you sink your teeth into a grilled cheese sandwich, there's nothing but instant love for it. And when you dip it into a side serving of roasted pepper and tomato soup? You'll be craving for more of this combo, even on days when it isn't raining!

Where to find: Dough and Dolce, Soul Sacrifice and Provisions.

3. Cheese naan

It's impossible not to talk about comfort food without having cheese involved in the conversation. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a cheesy dish and one of them is cheese naan! Stuffed in a deliciously soft flat bread, it's hard not to resist this sinful treat after you take that first bite.

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4. Korean fried chicken

No one can ever get enough of fried chicken, especially not Korean-style fried chicken! Known for its super crunchy exterior and addictive sweet-and-spicy sauce, we’re already drooling at the thought of biting into some crispy chicken skin and savouring the tender, juicy meat inside.

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5. Steamboat

If you're looking to enjoy a meal of comfort food with your family or large group of friends, then having a steamboat feast together is just what you need! From hotpot to shabu-shabu, the variety of meats, seafood, veggies and more, you won't have to worry about the people in your party not finding something they like.

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6. Pasta

Nothing says both comforting and luxurious quite like a bowl of pasta. Whether it's the classic spaghetti bolognese, chicken fettuccine alfredo or carbonara, these rich and creamy dishes are all it takes to satisfy your stomach and leave you in a food coma on a rainy day.

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7. Pizza

You can never go wrong with pizzas. They're as versatile as they come and are practically made for cold, rainy days.

Where to find: Take your pick from any of these 7 delicious halal pizza spots in KL and Selangor and enjoy all the slices you want!

8. Instant noodles

If you prefer staying in on a rainy day but still crave for some type of comfort food, make sure your pantry is well-stocked with instant noodles - more specifically Korean instant noodles! You can enjoy them as is or bulk it up with fun ingredients like egg, sausages, kimchi and any other side dishes.

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