5 Best Cinemas In JB For Your Movie Cravings


Noor Aishah Karim •  Aug 03, 2023

Looking to head to a cinema in JB soon? Combine luxury and movie-watching, and you get a good time at these cinemas!

1) TGV Cinemas

For those who relish efficiency, TGV Indulge offers the perfect opportunity to combine two pleasures at once. You can catch the latest internet sensation film while savouring gourmet food and beverages.

TGV Indulge boasts a splendid hall that epitomises the luxury cinematic experience, offering an array of decadent popcorn choices and satisfying platters that will leave you fully satiated. When it's time to get cosy, the seat recline and soft blankets ensure you stay warm and comfortable throughout the movie.

2) Aurum Theatre

Aurum Theatre epitomises luxury like no other. Whether you're a couple seeking indulgence or a family in the mood for a special treat, the Getha Lux Suites (RM150/ticket, ~S$50) offer an unparalleled experience. Not only do you get access to the exclusive suites, but also enjoy delectable dining from the cinema's renowned in-house restaurant, Jin Gastrobar. You can savour your gourmet meal at the elegant restaurant or bring it into the theatre, allowing you to relish every bite while enjoying the film. It perfectly blends luxury and entertainment, ensuring an unforgettable cinematic journey.

Upon entering the Getha Lux Suites, you'll be welcomed by opulent recliners that offer an abundance of amenities, such as a cosy fleece blanket, convenient wireless and USB charging ports, a stylish lamp, and even disposable slippers for your utmost comfort. However, if you prefer not to splurge on a 50-dollar movie experience, Aurum Theatres also provide regular 2D tickets starting from just RM15/ticket (~S$4.62). This way, they cater to a broader audience, ensuring everyone can enjoy their exceptional cinema offerings regardless of budget.

3) GSC Play Plus

This cinema in Johor Bahru comes with a unique twist – it has a built-in playground! The moment you step inside, you'll be greeted by plush, soft seats that ensure comfort throughout the movie. But that's not all! The highlight is the playground within the cinema premises, featuring a forest theme with a captivating mural of trees adorning one wall. The mini wooden garden adds to the excitement, creating a delightful treehouse vibe that kids will adore.

But wait, there's more fun in store! The playground leads up to a thrilling slide that takes the little ones straight into a spacious ball pit – and trust me, this ball pit is even bigger than the one at Shaw Theatres Dreamers. It's a haven of joy for children, making their cinema experience unforgettable.

4) Toppen Mall (Flexound Hall)

The Flexound Hall is an innovative cinema concept that offers an immersive and multisensory movie-watching experience. Here, you can enjoy the latest blockbuster films while reclining comfortably in plush seats. What sets this cinema apart is the integration of Flexound technology, which allows you to feel the movie's sound through your body, adding an extra dimension to the viewing experience.

5) MBO Aeon Mall Bandar Dato Onn

MBO Cinemas at AEON Mall Bandar Dato' Onn is a popular entertainment destination in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It is one of the branches of MBO Cinemas, known for providing top-notch movie experiences to its audience.

Located within AEON Mall Bandar Dato' Onn, this cinema offers a diverse selection of the latest blockbuster movies across various genres. With state-of-the-art facilities, comfortable seating, and high-quality audio-visual systems, MBO Cinemas ensures a delightful movie-watching experience for all enthusiasts.

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