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5 Best Blenders In Malaysia To Make Awesome Smoothies, Juices & More


Ili •  Mar 01, 2021


For lovers of smoothies, juices and shakes, having a blender is definitely a must. This kitchen item is the gateway to making some of the yummiest homemade drinks ? Even if you aren't a smoothie enthusiast, there are plenty of other uses for a blender like making pastes, curries and purees. Equip your kitchen today with the best blenders in Malaysia using our handy list below!
1. Panasonic Blender MX-M300SSL
Introduce Panasonic Blender MX-M300SSL to your kitchen and experience an immediate upgrade as you put this awesome device to use. With serrated upper cutters, you'll achieve smoother textures for all your juices especially when it come to more fibrous ingredients like pineapple. Features:
  • Centralized off/on switch
  • Hygienic glass jug; resistant to stain and colour
  • Detachable blade for easy cleaning
  • Safety lock to prevent motor failure
Average price: Starts from RM115 Buy here: Panasonic MY | Lazada MY | Shopee MY
2. Toshiba Blender BL70PR2NMY
Whether you're purchasing your first blender or looking for a replacement, the Toshiba Blender BL70PR2NMY is a great choice. This multi-function blender will wow anyone as it also works as a food processor and grinder. Its various uses doesn't stop there! The blender also has 3 speed controls and 3 function buttons for ice crush, smooth, pulse and clean. Features:
  • Sharktooth blades for maximum precision
  • 6 button easy control
  • Includes juice strainer, grinder and mincer
  • 700W power motor
Average price: Starts from RM269 Buy here: senQ MY | Seng Huat MY | Shopee MY
Take your smoothie game (or any other drink) to the next level with Tefal HI SPEED VACUUM BL985. Impressing with two types of resistant jars that allow you to switch between hot and cold drinks, the blender also brings the x factor with the Nutrikeep™ technology that withdraws fluid from the jar and prevents any damaging food causes. Features:
  • 6 stainless steel blades
  • 10 automatic programs for various flavours
  • Smart digital display
  • 1300W power motor
Average price: Starts from RM1,310 Buy here: Harvey Norman MY | Lazada MY | Shopee MY
4. Panasonic Multifunctional Blender MX-V310KSL
Another Panasonic favourite to join the list is the Multifunctional Blender (Glass) MX-V310KSL. Offering blends with optimal speed according to the recipe of your choice, you won't have any problems getting a smooth finish on your drinks or blending harder ingredients like ice and nuts easily. Plus, it has a special mode that helps to clean the interior of the jug where ingredients are typically stuck! Features:
  • Power circulation by V&M technology for thorough blending
  • Ultimate PowerBlade for crushing and cutting
  • Glass multi-mill; supports both wet and dry ingredients
  • Scratch resistant glass cup
Average price: Starts from RM261 Buy here: Panasonic MY | Lazada MY | Shopee MY
5. Khind Blender With Dry Mill BL1515
Easy to use, reliable and affordable - that's what you get with the Khind Blender With Dry Mill BL1515. As simple as it looks, everything you need in a blender can be found in this device! With stainless steel blades, multipurpose blending (including nuts and coffee beans) and thermal fuse protection to prevent overheating, it's the perfect blender to kick off your smoothie journey in the kitchen. Features:
  • Jar safety locking mechanism
  • Rust-free stainless steel blades
  • Anti-slip footing
  • Resettable thermal fuse protection
Average price: Starts from RM70 Buy here: Home Pro MY | Lazada MY | Shopee MY With these blenders, the possibilities are endless! Smoothies, shakes, soups, purees - here we come ? Go ahead and complete your kitchen with these other tools: