12 Best Backpack Brands That Are Perfect For Everyday And Travelling


Syahirah Mazlan •  Sep 14, 2022

Finding the perfect backpack isn't easy. The number of backpack brands out there can make it hard to decide which one to choose! ?Whether you’re someone looking for a backpack for daily use, or to carry onboard your next flight, there are a variety of popular backpacks to choose from. We’ve gathered 12 best backpack brands that are perfect for both everyday use and travelling so you can make a better decision!

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1. JanSport

Probably one of the most popular bags for school, JanSport has made a name for itself among students for being lightweight, durable and fashionable. But just because it’s popular among the younger generation, it doesn’t mean you can’t use this backpack for purposes outside of school. ?If you’re commuting or travelling, you can fit lots of items into the JanSport bag like laptops, water bottles, and even a change of clothes!

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2. Herschel

Hershel bags aren’t only known for being a popular option for the cool kids, it’s also known for being one of the trendy bags for travellers to date. ?Most Herschel bags are made out of tough super durable material. The more common designs come with a zipper and magnetic clasps on the outside to provide the bag with extra security, making it the ideal travel/backpacker bag option!

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3. The North Face

On top of it’s outerwear that are popular with travellers, The North Face has backpacks that are perfect for rigorous outdoor activities too! If you ever wondered why The North Face is such a well known brand all over the world, it’s because they’re so determined to be the best that their products are being tested by athletes. ? You’ll find many variations of backpacks for all kinds of activities here - simply choose your pick!

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4. Timbuk2

Timbuk2 is all about the environment. There have been no Timbuk2 bags sent to landfills since 2014. Impressive right? ? The approach to this is twofold. First, they create high-quality and durable bags that last. Second, they have a lifetime warranty! Meaning you’ll be a Timbuk2 bag owner forever! If you’re an eco-conscious person and want to purchase from a backpack brand with values that align with yours, then Timbuk2 is the one for you (not to mention, its durability is a plus!).

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5. Bellroy

Bellroy creates trendy eco-friendly bags that are perfect for the office. In fact, most of Bellroy bags have a distinct shape to them that’ll help you recognise them from far away! When possible, they also use recycled materials during the production of their bags. Their eco-tanned leather harnesses a unique tanning process that locks in moisture, saving water and reducing the need for harsh chemicals. 

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6. Loctote

If Loctote has a very unique name, that’s because it came from a very interesting story! The story begins with a vacation gone wrong and the loss of possessions. In order to prevent this from happening again, Loctote was created. These lockable backpacks push the boundaries of durable bags, protecting your stuff when you can’t keep an eye on it! ?If you’re someone who likes to be secured, you have to check out Loctote.

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7. Time Resistance

Bringing "old-school cool" into the modern era is what Time Resistance is all about. ? Using modern materials and processes, Time Resistance has made vintage bags that are inspired by the past. You won't find a backpack like this anywhere else! Best of all, they’re designed by Lithuanian designers for the best commute and exploring experience.


8. Patagonia

You can find a Patagonia product to suit nearly every type of traveller or adventurer, from fanny packs to duffels to technical mountaineering packs. ?Patagonia is a brand that aims to protect the environment and its workers as best as possible. You’ll find bags of all kinds that you can easily pack your essentials into.

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9. Everest

Everest has manufactured everyday bags that are affordable for all budgets since 1982. It offers a wide variety of simple yet reliable backpacks (all of which follow the same classic outline). Among them are the Basic Backpack, a mid-sized option with a spacious main compartment and a zippered front pocket, and those with mesh water bottle pockets and durable suede bottoms. ?


10. Terra Thread

Sustainable practices are the defining characteristic of Terra Thread, one of the ethical bag and backpack manufacturers on this list. ? In order to offset carbon emissions, the company supports reforestation and renewable energy initiatives. All products are created using Fairtrade organic cotton in a Fair Trade Certified factory that guarantees premium pay and safe conditions for its workers. 

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11. Rains

It may be necessary for you to invest in a backpack that is not only water resistant but also waterproof if you’re visiting a place with lots of rain. An array of packs from Rains are made from specially developed PU fabrics free of PFCs and PVCs. In line with the brand's clothing line, these bags combine exceptional functionality with an urban, unisex look! There are plenty of designs to choose from, like the roll-top rucksack and much more.

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12. Incase

Incase was started in 1997, and its initial focus was on design. The idea has continued to the present day, as you can see from some of their amazing backpacks. They are also deeply connected to those who work on platforms like Apple, and you’ll find that many of their backpacks and bags are created to protect and transport laptops and electronics - best for students or people who are always on the go.

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Which bags did you like the most? Whether you’re travelling overseas or going about your daily commute, these bag options are great to help you travel comfortably. ?Share this article with your friends and loved ones who are looking for a new bag!