5 Best Airplane Beds So Your Kids Can Travel Long Haul Comfortably


Farah Fazanna •  Sep 08, 2023

Every parent's ultimate dream: ensuring your little one gets a peaceful, cosy sleep during those looong flights! And guess what? There's a whole bunch of fantastic products out there, specifically designed to make in-flight snoozing a breeze. You've got options like airplane seat extenders that transform into comfy mattresses, inflatables that fill in those pesky footwell gaps, or even super-sized, ultra-comfortable portable pillows. These gems could work wonders for your kiddos or serve as the ultimate toddler airplane beds, depending on the airline's rules, of course. Check out this list of seat extenders for kids and find out which airlines are on board with them.

5 flight seat extenders for toddlers

1. Stokke JetKids BedBox

Credit: Stokke

This incredible suitcase/seat extender not only transforms your economy seat into a cosy in-flight bed but also serves as a ride-on suitcase with some extra room inside (including space for the mattress). Equipped with straps, you can effortlessly pull your 3-year-old around the airport or provide them with a clean spot to rest while waiting in line. Once onboard, simply remove the mattress, stand the suitcase upright, and voilà, the bed is ready!

Pro: It pulls double duty as a ride-on and is a breeze to set up.

Con: Limited storage space and can be cumbersome if your child isn't keen on riding it!

You can use this in most airlines as it acts as luggage stowed underneath the seat.

Price: From RM800. Get it here!

2. Bubba Board

Credit: Bubba Board

The Bubba Board was conceived by two parents who were on a mission to simplify travel for both their children and themselves. Essentially, it's a portable seat extender that provides young children with a comfortable sitting or lying position while on the go.


  • Sometimes, flight attendants may ask passengers to stow away plane beds and seat extenders during turbulence, particularly during takeoff and landing. However, the fantastic thing about the Bubba Board is that you can swiftly slide the inner board back into its original position without the need for disassembly or deflation.
  • Beyond air travel, the Bubba Board proves versatile, working just as well on trains, lengthy bus journeys, and more. It's a multi-purpose gem!
  • Additionally, it can double as a play mat or seating mat for little ones while you're waiting at the airport.
  • You'll find an attached strap on the Bubba Board, perfect for easy carrying over your shoulder or securing it to a stroller's handlebars.
  • Installation is a breeze, taking less than 30 seconds.
  • It provides extra space for your little ones to place their toys and books, keeping them off the floor.
  • For those restless legs that tend to kick the seat in front, it may offer some relief during the flight.


  • It doesn't fold down into a compact box-like size, but it remains completely flat, making it easy to pack either at the top or bottom of a suitcase when necessary.
  • Unfortunately, there's no official list of airlines on their website that have approved the use of the Bubba Board, making it challenging to determine which airlines will accept it. However, Bubba Board has been tried on these airlines: British Airways, Virgin, Emirates, Jet2, Singapore Air, and TUI.

Price: RM379. Get it here! They ship worldwide.

3. Inflatable Travel Footrest

Credit: Shopee

Here's a more affordable option if you don't want to blow your money: an inflatable travel footrest! You simply blow into it to inflate and it doesn't take up much space in your carry-on as well.

Pro: Easy to set up and doesn't take a lot of space

Con: May take a while to deflate

Most airlines approve of the usage of the inflatable footrest. But do note you can't use this during takeoff and landing.

Price: From RM20. Get it here!

4. Footrest hammock

Credit: Shopee

Using a footrest hammock on airplanes for kids is a game-changer in family travel. These innovative accessories provide young travellers with a comfortable place to rest their legs, reducing discomfort during long flights. Parents can enjoy a more relaxed journey knowing their children are comfortable and content, making air travel a breeze for the whole family!

Pro: Lightweight and easy to store.

Con: May not be comfortable for kids to sleep with it.

Do be sure to check with the airline if they allow the footrest to be used inflight.

Price: From RM10. Get it here!

5. Flyaway Kids Bed

Credit: Flyaway

Crafted with strict adherence to the guidelines set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), this product aligns perfectly with airlines that prescribe specific seat extender brands. In our view, it's highly likely that this particular product will earn a spot on their approved list. Inflation is a breeze, taking approximately 100 seconds, thanks to its two one-way inflation valves that prevent air leakage. Additionally, a third release valve is in place to alleviate excess air pressure if overinflated.

Pro: May be used in most airlines

Con: Takes some space in your carry-on!

Price: USD$159. Get it here! They ship worldwide.

Guidelines for using seat extenders

  • Seat extender devices are permitted exclusively at window seats or in the middle seat situated between the aisles.
  • The child's head should be positioned towards the rear of their designated seat.
  • Your child must also possess the capability to fasten the seatbelt securely beneath their arm when utilizing the inflight seat extender.
  • Children under the age of two must be removed from the convertible inflight device and secured with an infant seatbelt whenever the seatbelt sign is illuminated.
  • The use of this item should not disrupt the comfort of fellow passengers.
  • The use of the airplane beds is also under the purview of flight attendants.