8 Halal Eateries In Beijing You Can’t Miss While You’re There


Shasha Dania •  Feb 22, 2019

It may surprise you to know that there are a good number of Halal establishments in Beijing serving authentic local fare - it may surprise you, even more, to learn that some of these places have been around for over 200 years! The history of Beijing’s Hui and Uighur Muslim populations is intertwined with the history of the city itself and in places like the famed Cow Street (Niu Jie) area, the multiple Halal eateries scattered around are a testament to the continued vibrancy of the local Hui Muslim population even today.

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To help you get started on your food tour of Beijing, we’ve rounded up 8 of the most mouth-watering eateries serving up everything from Peking roast duck to Beijing-style hotpot to keep you well-fed on your trip to this magnificent city ?

Disclaimer: While many of these eateries have not been certified by a governing body, they have been run and operated by Muslims for many years. Many halal restaurants in China may also serve alcohol on the menu as it's part of the local culture, including most of the eateries on this list, so we advise that you dine at your own discretion.

#HHWT Tip: The words "清真" (qing zhen) mean halal, do inquire with the shopowners if you have further clarifications.

Beijing & Hui Muslim Cuisine

1. Hong Bin Lou (鸿宾楼)

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Hong Bin Lou is one of the most famous halal lamb restaurants in the city, and the original chain was founded over 100 years ago in 1853! The restaurant originated in the northern Tianjin region, but the local Beijing branch was reportedly set up in 1955 after a suggestion by then Premier Zhou Enlai ? The dishes you’ll find at Hong Bin Lou include a variety from scalded lamb soup (shuan yang rou) to braised oxtail ?

Reservations: +86 10 6899 2569

Opening Hours: 11am-2pm daily, 5pm-9pm daily

Price: Est. RMB158/pax

Address: 11 Zhan Lan Guan Lu (Intersection of Bai Wan Zhuang), Xi Cheng District 西城区 展览馆11号(百万庄路口)

2. Xi Lai Shun (西来顺饭庄)

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Xi Lai Shun is another old restaurant in Beijing, founded in the 1930s! What’s special about Xi Lai Shun is that its staff are able to speak both English and Arabic as well, allowing Muslim travellers greater ease of communication! The dishes here are a mix of Chinese and Western cuisines, but the must-try dish has got to be their “Malianliang” roast duck where the duck is braised before being roasted in order to create a non-greasy texture ?

P.S. The restaurant’s also just a 20-minute walk from the Xi Cheng mosque, so you can enjoy a hearty meal after completing your prayers!

Reservations: +86 10 6601 5996

Opening Hours: 6am-9am daily, 10.30am-10pm daily

Price: Est. RMB79/pax

Address: 116 North Xin Hua Street, Xin Cheng District 西城区 北新华街116号

3. Yi Tiao Long Restaurant (壹条龙饭庄)

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Yi Tiao Long is regarded as one of the oldest Mongolian hotpot places in Beijing, having been founded in 1785! Its regal name (meaning One Dragon) even has a royal story behind it - apparently, an emperor of the Qing Dynasty loved the food so much that he would sneak out of the palace just to eat there! The restaurant serves both classic Chinese food and Hui specialities - its most famous dishes have got to be its zha jiang mian (noodles with soybean paste), braised oxtail, and crispy chicken ? Its Beijing-style hotpot cooking method was even inducted into the Beijing Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2007!

Reservations: +86 10 6303 7895

Opening Hours: 11am-9pm daily

Price: Est. RMB93/pax

Address: 27 Qian Men Street, Dong Cheng District 东城区 前门大街27号

4. Chai Shi Feng Wei Zhai (柴氏风味斋)

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After you’ve tried some bean paste noodles, why not move on and try some braised beef noodles instead? Chai Shi Feng Wei Zhai serves up halal beef noodles along with tasty side dishes, and is recommended by Beijing foodies as one of the best beef noodle places in the city ? The beef and noodles are ordered separately, and you can even order a side of rice to replace the noodles if you want something a little different!

Reservations: +86 10 8838 5108

Opening Hours: 10.30am-9.30pm daily

Price: Est. RMB54/pax

Address: 21 Gan Jia Kou North Street, Hai Dian District 海淀区 阜成路北一街 甘家口小区21号

Beijing-style Hotpot & BBQ

5. Ju Bao Yuan Hot Pot Restaurant (聚宝源火锅城)

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There are lots of halal Beijing-style hotpot places around the city, but Ju Bao Yuan is easily the most famous one. Both Muslims and non-Muslims rate it as the best hotpot place in the city, so you know you’ve definitely got to pay a visit before you leave! The restaurant is especially known for its fresh mutton and beef cuts, and you can even order zha shao bing (fried sesame seed buns) filled with layers of flavourful goodness to go along with your warm broth ?

Reservations: +86 10 8354 5602

Opening Hours: 11am-10pm (Mon-Fri), 10.30am-10pm (Sat-Sun)

Price: Est. RMB111/pax

Address: 5-2 Niu Jie Street, Xi Cheng District 西城区 牛街5-2号

6. Kao Rou Wan  (烤肉宛)

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Kao Rou Wan is another ancient restaurant that has withstood the tests of time in Beijing - it was supposedly founded in 1686! ? Though there are 2 other outlets across the city, their Nan Li Shi Road one is the closest to the Cow Street area. Kao Rou Wan is best known for their lamb barbeque, and the heaping piles of meat look so delicious that we’re just waiting to take a bite ?

Reservations: +86 10 6802 8180

Opening Hours: 6.30am-10pm daily

Price: Est. RMB115/pax

Address: 58 Nan Li Shi Road, Xi Cheng District 西城区 南礼士路58号

Xinjiang Cuisine

7. Xinjiang Islam Restaurant (新疆伊斯兰饭庄)

Credit: @hypnotizeguy on Instagram

Of course, Hui dishes aren’t the only local Muslim cuisine on offer in this large and wondrous city. There’s a decent population of Uighur migrants who’ve set up their own restaurants serving the Muslim community - and the Xinjiang Islam Restaurant is one such establishment run by the staff of Xinjiang’s Beijing Representative Office themselves! There’s definitely nothing more authentic than this. They have an extensive menu including kebabs, tofu and tomato, and fried fish, so make sure to pace yourself once you’re there ?

Reservations: +86 10 6830 1820

Opening Hours: 11am-10.30pm daily

Price: Est. RMB50-80/pax

Address: 7 San Li He Road, Xi Cheng District 西城区 三里河路7号

8. Crescent Moon Muslim Restaurant (弯弯月亮)

Credit: @willcookwilleat on Instagram

Crescent Moon is a little bit harder to find than the other eateries on this list, but the word on the street is that your search will be worth it ? This tiny Xinjiang eatery serves up generous portions of everything from skewers to meat dishes to vegetarian alternatives as well! The reviews of this place have all raved about the authenticity of the dishes there, including the Uighur kao bao zi (a samosa-like dish)! Crescent Moon is definitely the stop for both a hearty meal and a satisfying snack to keep you going throughout the day ?

Reservations: +86 10 6400 5281

Opening Hours: 11am-11pm daily

Price: Est. RMB86/pax

Address: 16 Dong Si Liu Street, Alley No. 6, Dong Cheng District 东城区 东四六条16号

The Muslim community in Beijing has definitely been around for a long time, and we're thankful to see the diversity of cuisines and dishes available in this area that have come out of this esteemed history. If you're in Beijing, make sure to drop by these eateries and check them out for yourself! ?