I Went To Beijing 101 For A Hair & Scalp Treatment Session After Years Of Dealing With Hair Loss


Syahirah Mazlan •  Jul 03, 2023

Life can get really hectic, especially for someone like me who has his hands full as a busy father and professional. Hello! I’m Mikhail, the co-founder of HHWT. As a man in my 30s battling the challenges of hair loss, I longed for a relief from the constant worries about my receding hairline. With only a precious lunch break to spare (due to my busy schedule), I had sought out Beijing 101 for a much-needed hair and scalp treatment, hoping to find solace in their renowned expertise with more than 40 years of experiences and indulge in a pampering experience that would melt away the stresses of my work life. 😄 Let me take you through my experience with Beijing 101’s herbal treatment and share how I felt at the end of the session!

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A little more about Mikhail

To help you understand why and how I came to learn about Beijing 101’s hair and scalp treatment, let me explain the state of my hair and scalp! I’ve been experiencing rapid hair loss in the last few years. It’s genetic and has only continued to worsen as I’ve gotten older and the stress that comes with my line of work also doesn’t help my hairline. 😓I’m a really busy person and so I don’t even have the time to take care of myself!

I often read up about all sorts of research journals including ones about hair treatment technology. So I definitely believe in the science and technology behind hair and scalp treatments! 😃In fact, I was really looking forward to visiting Beijing 101 to get some pampering.

The Award-Winning Treatment

When I entered the outlet, I was ushered to a consultation room where I was greeted by one of their specialists. He handed me a consultation booklet for me to answer a few hair and lifestyle-related questions. That’s when I realised how little sleep I’m getting every night (about 3 to 5 hours) and that what I could really use right now is some serious relaxation! ✨

P.S. The staff primarily speak English and Mandarin but you can request for a specialist who can speak Malay to assist you during your treatment.

The specialist studied the answers I wrote on the consultation booklet and proceeded to do a detailed hair and scalp analysis of my scalp, explaining to me that my hair follicles on the back of my head are healthier than the ones on my crown (the part of my scalp that is losing hair). I also learned that I have an oily scalp which is interesting considering the fact that I wash my hair twice a day - it’s too hot in Singapore not to!

After the scanning was done, I was ushered into the VIP room which is a private room available upon request at no additional charge! 😃The room has everything you’ll need for your pampering treatment including the hair wash basin, so you never have to set foot outside! There is another private space available at the outlet which can host two people so make your request for it early as they are popular with return customers.

Whether you’re a Muslimah looking for some privacy or an everyday guy like me, you can be sure that Beijing 101 will have a facility that caters to you. I was served hot chrysanthemum tea and crackers almost as soon as I took a seat - talk about hospitality!

The specialist returned with a special scalp mask for my customised hair and scalp treatment that he lathered onto my scalp. It was so cooling and refreshing! I was told that it was a Puriscalp Mask which helps to deep cleanse the scalp and follicles. The specialist said that it would help unclog my pores and remove accumulated sebum which is needed to ensure my scalp to allow healthy hair to grow in the long run.

As I waited for the mask to dry, I took in the peaceful ambiance and relaxing music. There were even essential oils in the room to help calm my nerves. I was even able to chat with the specialist to learn about the kinds of customers who frequent this treatment. He told me that a lot of men often visit for various hair and scalp issues or even to simply pamper themselves after a long day at work and that’s it's much more common than you think! Afterall, Beijing 101 offers treatments for both men and women.

After the mask did its work, I was brought over to the wash basin where I got to enjoy a head massage along with my hair wash (it was super shiok!). The specialist used a shampoo that suits my condition. This helped to nourish my scalp and it smelt really good. The whole room was suddenly a garden. 😂

He then dried my hair gently and proceeded to give the most relaxing head massage ever which is called Signature Acupuncture Scalp Massage! I even fell asleep a few times because of how relaxed I was. The massage lasted for quite some time. I was told that it was one of the highlights (and most anticipated parts) of the treatment. Another reason for massaging the scalp is to encourage blood flow to the roots of the hair to promote hair growth. Plus, it aids in absorbing the nutrients that applied to my scalp earlier on.

I was a little sad that the treatment was coming to an end but also incredibly excited for what’s next. As I shared before, I had read up a lot on these hair and scalp treatments and I knew it ends with a laser treatment which I was really looking forward to. I was given a laser helmet also known as Alpha LED light to put on my head for about 20 minutes. It's a low level laser therapy which helps to improve blood circulation and boost hair growth!

When all was done, I was ushered back into the consultation room to see the results of the entire process with another round of scalp scan. My scalp definitely looked less oily and cleaner than it did when I first arrived. Overall, I’m satisfied and happy with the treatment. I think with more frequent visits, I’ll be able to see even better results!

If you’re highly considering going for a hair and scalp treatment, I suggest you give it a go! Beijing 101 has hair and scalp treatments suitable for both men and women. Plus, it is customised based on each individual’s condition. Even if you don’t have hair problems, you’re more than welcome to come and try the treatment as a way to pamper yourself! They’re having a special promotion just for you to enjoy the Award Winning Hair & Scalp Purity Treatment at $40 (U.P $532) and get $10 shopping credits after the treatment!

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