Beijing 101 Hair Growth Regen Treatment Experience

My Beijing 101 Hair Growth Regen Treatment Experience (With A Special Offer for You!)


Farah Fazanna •  Apr 30, 2024

Hey sisters! Have you noticed some hair loss lately, leaving you worried about your beautiful locks? Girl, I've been there!

Beijing 101

Hi, my name is Sonia Asyira Arman, I’m a content creator and I’ve been facing issues with oily scalp leading to hair loss.

That's why I wanted to share my amazing experience at Beijing 101 Hair Consultants!

They specialise in hair loss and scalp problems and let me tell you, they were a total lifesaver for my itchy scalp and thinning hair. And the best part? They completely understand the needs of hijabi women like us!

Understanding Your Hair Woes: A Comfortable Consultation

beijing 101

My journey started with a one-on-one consultation with a lovely hair consultant named Grace. She made me feel super comfortable talking about my scalp concerns, which were mainly itchiness because of an oily scalp, and some hair loss. We chatted openly, and she didn't judge a single strand!

Grace even did a hair and scalp analysis using fancy machines that showed exactly what was going on under my hijab. It was a little shocking to see the oil buildup, but hey, knowledge is power, right?

Privacy and Pampering: A Hijabi-Friendly Haven

beijing 101

After the consultation, they took me to this private room that was absolutely perfect. Sisters, you know how important privacy is for us when it comes to our hair, and Beijing 101 totally gets it!

The Magic Touch: Herbal Treatment and Scalp Bliss

beijing 101

Now, let's talk about the treatment itself! Grace used a combination of amazing things: formulated tonics, deep conditioners made with premium-grade Chinese herbs (think Ginseng, Dang Gui, and He Shou Wu – sounds fancy, right?), and even special machines to deliver all that goodness to my scalp.

Grace told me that due to the technology used to extract the active ingredients from these Chinese herbs, the formula is many times more effective than simply applying the herbs directly to my scalp. This also explains why there wasn't any herbal smell, instead it had a light spa-like fragrance to it.

But the real star of the show was the Signature Meridian Scalp Massage. This massage focused on acupressure points that will improve blood circulation to benefit hair growth and let me tell you, it was pure bliss! I swear, my scalp felt lighter and more invigorated than ever before.

Results You Can See (and Feel!)

beijing 101

The best part? It actually worked! After the treatment, Grace showed me "after scans" of my scalp, and it looked amazing! No more oil clogs, just a clean and healthy base for my hair to thrive. I could instantly feel the difference too – my scalp felt soothed and refreshed.

Hijabi Hair Happiness at an Amazing Price!

Sisters, I know how important taking care of ourselves is, but let's be honest, good hair treatments can be expensive. That's why I'm so excited to share this special offer with you! For a limited time, you can try the Hair Growth Regen Treatment for only $50 (originally $624 – that's a HUGE discount! AND get a FREE 100ml Nourishing Shampoo. What a deal!). Plus, you'll get a free Herbal Conditioner worth $25! Isn't that amazing?

Ready for Radiant Hair and a Happy Scalp?

So, if you're dealing with an itchy scalp, hair loss, or just want to give your hair some TLC, I highly recommend booking a session at Beijing 101. Their expertise in hair and scalp health, combined with their understanding of hijabi needs, makes them the perfect place for us to achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

Trust me, your scalp and your hair will thank you for it! Go forth and book your appointment – your mane will thank you for it!

Opening hours: Mon-Fri (11am – 9pm) | Sat-Sun, PH (10am – 7pm)


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