3 Beautiful Places For A Romantic Walk In Singapore With Your Loved One


Atyqah Benshahab •  Jun 23, 2021

This article was submitted by our Tribes by HHWT contributor, Atyqah Benshahab.

No one can deny that the pandemic has hit hard on us. Since last year, it has made some of us change our lifestyle; more people are going out to exercise and some parks can really get crowded with busy joggers and fast cyclists. For those of us who want to enjoy intimacy with your spouse or significant other, you may have to change your time and place and follow your own pace. So take your time and enjoy the view! Here are some of the places to get some fresh air with your loved one ?

Gardens by the Bay (Cloud Forest/Flower Dome)   

Credit: Atyqa Benshahab

First up on the list is Gardens by the Bay. If you get to book the closing slot on a weekday, there's a pretty high chance you might have the place to yourself. Enjoy the city lights during a night walk here!

Credit: Atyqa Benshahab

For lesser heights, the Flower Dome has the perfect spot. Sitting on a bench where the spice and grape plants are with dim lights is just the best location for a little intimate moment.

Credit: Atyqa Benshahab

The best view is always from the top, in this case, the top-level inside the cloud forest, right next to the cold waterfall. It is definitely an Instagram-worthy spot to lock arms and take a selfie to capture that precious moment between you two ?

East Coast Beach and Changi Beach

Credit: Atyqa Benshahab

Head down to the beach at night for a moonlit walk! It's the perfect place to take a stroll while holding hands and you can stop and rest on a bench to look at the sea and relax while listening to the waves. The best nights are during night with a full moon. Just admire it's amazing beauty as it reflects on the water.

The best view is from the jetty as you can see the moon, the sea and the beach. When it gets a little windy, it's the perfect excuse to snuggle up with your spouse! ?

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