10 Most Beautiful Mosques In SG For Your Last 10 Nights Of Ramadan

10 Most Beautiful Mosques In SG To Do Your Terawih Prayers In


Faruq Senin •  Feb 15, 2024

Ramadan is a time when Muslims all over the world spend countless hours at the mosque. With lots of community and religious activities at the mosque to celebrate the holy month, it is probably the most wonderful time of the year.

But most of the time, when we visit a mosque, we're so caught up with our own activities that we don't take a step back to realise its beauty. Well, we're here to introduce you to the beauty of 10 stunning mosques in Singapore, and we hope this will be helpful, especially during the last 10 nights of Ramadan. To make it easier for you to plan your ibadah, we've also provided a list of Ramadan activities which the mosques have so that you can visit them with ease.

1. Masjid Sultan

One of Singapore's most iconic mosques, Masjid Sultan needs no introduction. The mosque was built in 1824 and has played an important role in Singapore's Muslim community for almost 200 years! Did you know that the mosque was initially built for Sultan Hussein Shah, the first sultan of Singapore?

Credit: Masjid Sultan Singapore on Facebook

Masjid Sultan's decor reflects a mix of traditional Indian, Islamic and European architecture. It's also known for its distinct golden domes which you can probably spot from afar ? One fun fact - if you take a closer look below the domes, you'll see hundreds of glass bottles underneath them. This was actually collected and donated by the poor as contribution, which shows that not only the rich can contribute.

Credit: @niiindyaaa on Instagram

Address: 3 Muscat St, Singapore 198833

Contact No: 6293 4405

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2. Masjid Abdul Gafoor

With its charming architecture, it's hard to miss Masjid Abdul Gafoor if you're in the Little India area. The mosque has a distinct architecture setting it apart from other mosques in Singapore, with Roman, Moorish and Western influences.

Credit: National Heritage Board on Facebook

Named after its founder Shaik Abdul Gafoor bin Shaik Hyder, this mosque was completed in 1910 and served the Tamil Muslims and Baweanese migrants of the Kampong Kapor area. With such a stunning facade, it's no wonder that Masjid Abdul Gafoor was gazetted as a national monument in 1979!

Credit: @iam_anas_ahmed on Instagram

Address: 41 Dunlop St, Singapore 209369


3. Masjid Al-Islah

Located in Punggol, Masjid Al-Islah is one of the "21st century" mosques in Singapore - it has a very modern feel but has managed to retain Islamic influences as well. Stepping into the prayer hall might surprise you as it has a more minimalist mihrab as compared to other mosques, but that perhaps, is the beauty of it.

Credit: @tummyzzy on Instagram

The mosque is also adorned with arched doorways and latticed screens which allows natural light to come through and gives a sense of openness. Some parts of the mosque are also open 24 hours so you're always welcome to come in and pray.

Credit: @aldialfa on Instagram

Address: 30 Punggol Field, Singapore 828812

Contact No: 6312 5174

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4. Masjid Assyafaah

Here's another mosque with modern architecture - Masjid Assyafaah in Sembawang. Most mosques in Singapore have strong Middle Eastern influences, but Assyafaah was built as an alternative to that traditional model. The decor of the mosque also gives a very welcoming feel and is intended to invite non-Muslims to visit and understand more about Islam.

Credit: @7ul_ea7e1 on Instagram

With a mihrab wall that stands 4 storeys tall, coupled with natural light from the transparent roof, you can't help but to marvel in awe. What's more, the mihrab wall has calligraphic carvings of the 99 names of Allah.

Credit: @kyesum on Instagram

You can also see Islamic geometric patterns all around the mosque from its aluminium panels to its floor tiles and carpets. These patterns are also a tribute to Allah and remind us of His greatness.

Address: 1 Admiralty Lane, Singapore 757620

Contact No: 6756 3008

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5. Masjid Hajjah Fatimah

Named after a wealthy businesswoman Hajjah Fatimah, this is one of the few mosques in Singapore that's named after a woman. It was built in 1846 and has a mix of European, Malay and Chinese influences. If you observe its architecture, you'll find that the mosque's minaret actually resembles a church spire which reflects a European influence. Did you know that the minaret has a slight tilt and has been called the "leaning tower" of Singapore? 

Credit: Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) on Facebook

Another fun fact of the mosque - it was initially the site where Hajjah Fatimah's house was located but after her house was broken into twice and set on fire, she decided to build a mosque as a sign of gratitude.

Credit: @hammudeh.sg on Instagram

Steeped in so much history, this breathtaking mosque should definitely be on your to-go list this Ramadan. It's also located right beside Golden Mile Food Centre so you can always pop by after having a meal there!

Address: 4001 Beach Rd, Singapore 199584

Contact No: 6297 2774


6. Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka

You might not know this but Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka is actually the first mosque and place of worship for Muslims in Singapore. Opened in 1820 in the Clarke Quay area, it has withstood the test of time even with many skyscrapers towering over it.

Credit: Aar Bee on Facebook

The humble mosque has gone through many changes through the years - it was originally built with wooden planks and an attap roof and later replaced by a brick building. A minaret was only added 100 years later in 1981.

Credit: Hady Jay on Facebook

With so many developments in Singapore, it's comforting to see that such mosques are still being preserved.

Address: 10 Keng Chow Street, Singapore 059607

Contact No: Call 65326764 or Whatsapp 8484 4293


7. Masjid Maarof

Relatively new to the Jurong West area, Masjid Maarof is actually named after a mosque in Beach Road which was torn down to make way for development in 1960. You can probably spot the mosque from afar as it has a very distinctive round dome.

Credit: @muddyknee on Instagram

With various Islamic patterns adorning the exterior of the mosque and its prayer hall, stepping into this mosque makes you feel like you're in an Islamic art museum. There's also a transparent roof which makes the mosque even more stunning.

Credit: @afikhart on Instagram

Address: 20 Jurong West Street 26, Singapore 648125

Contact No: 6515 5033

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8. Masjid Ar-Raudhah

Located in Bukit Batok, Masjid Ar-Raudhah has been opened since 1993. What's striking about this mosque is its zig-zag design which is prominent at the front of the prayer hall.

Credit: @masjidarraudhah on Instagram

Its minimalist decor of white walls and blue carpets may be simple but the interior is gorgeous nonetheless. Masjid Ar-Raudhah also has an extensive library of Islamic literature so it's perfect for those of you who are interested to read more about Islam.

Credit: @masjidarraudhah on Instagram

Address: 30 Bukit Batok East Ave 2, Singapore 659919

Contact No: 6899 5840

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9. Masjid Al-Ansar

First opened in 1981 and then refurbished in 2015, Masjid Al-Ansar has served the residents of Bedok for more than 3 decades. The mosque now has a blend of old and new architectures which complement perfectly to create a magnificent interior.

Credit: @attaubah119 on Instagram

You'll definitely be amazed by its overlapping mesh screens and metal structures which has highly intricate Islamic geometric patterns. The newly renovated mosque can also accommodate a whopping 4500 congregants.

Credit: @therizistance on Instagram

Address: 155 Bedok North Ave 1, Singapore 469751

Contact No: 6449 7280

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10. Masjid Pertempatan Melayu Sembawang

One of Singapore's few surviving kampung mosques, Masjid Pertempatan Melayu Sembawang is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you want to experience what it's like to visit a kampung mosque in Singapore, this is the place to be as you probably can't find a more authentic kampung mosque than here.

Credit: @jeronimoloco on Instagram

The area used to be a Malay kampung and rubber plantations filled the area too. In fact, rumour has it that the tree beside the mosque is the last rubber tree standing and attempts to cut it down has been unsuccessful. That's an intriguing story if you ask us!

Credit: @finnyonastick on Instagram

So, if you want a different experience for Ramadan this year, why not make a trip to this rustic mosque? After all, with developments happening all the time, we won't know if the mosque will still stand 5 or 10 years down the road.

Address: 27B, Jalan Mempurong Singapore 759055

Contact No: 6257 7614

That concludes our list of the 10 gorgeous mosques in Singapore! Time for you to visit them all - one for every night perhaps? This also proves that we don't have to go too far to find beautiful mosques; they are right in our own backyard. So, the next time you go to the mosque, don't forget to look at the architecture around you and immerse yourself in the beauty of Allah's home.