5 Halal Tau Huey Spots In Singapore To Sweeten Up Your Day


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Mar 01, 2022

Finished a meal with your loved ones but need something sweet and tasty to end it off? Why not sweeten you outing up with some tasty Tau Huey! For the uninitiated, Tau Huey, or soya beancurd, is a sweet, tofu pudding drenched in syrup. The silky and wobbly texture of the dessert makes this local delicacy both addictive and delicious ?

While many beancurd chefs often use gelatine to give the dish its wobbly texture, many have replaced them with substitutes so the Muslim community can enjoy this delectable dessert as well. HHWT has found 5 halal and Muslim-friendly Tau Huey / beancurd spots in Singapore that'll sweeten up your next dessert date.

Note: As many of these spots are not officially halal-certified but do their best to ensure they are Muslim-friendly, do dine with discretion.

Halal Tau Huey Spots In Singapore

1. Tauhuay SG

Credit: aziemuddy on Instagram

Eat with ease at Singapore's very owned Muslim-Owned Tau Huey stall! Tau Huay SG can be found along Joo Chiat Road and serves up some of the most tastiest Tau Huey known to Singapore. Specialising in all things soy and beancurd, Tauhuay SG has at least 6 delightful Tau Huey flavours for you to choose from, like Original, Sea Coconut, Longan, Red Bean, Peanut, Sweet Corn and Gula Melaka!

The stall also sells soybean drinks, including the interesting Soy Milk with Taro Boba amongst other local desserts. ?

Tauhuay SG

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


2. Lao Ban Soya Beancurd

Credit: Lao Ban Soya Beancurd on Facebook

Starting off as a humble dessert stall in 2000, Lao Ban Soya Beancurd is now one of Singapore's famous household names. Their Original Soya Beancurd is freshly made daily and only goes for $1.90. Plus, you can opt for no sugar for a healthier dessert!

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Credit: Lao Ban Soya Beancurd on Facebook

We've contacted the stall and they have informed us that although they are not halal-certified yet, their products are not made with gelatine, pork or lard and is both vegetarian and Muslim-friendly! The stall also notes that they have a small number of regular Muslim customers who already love their Tau Huey and beancurd products.

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Lao Ban Soya Beancurd

Halal Status: Vegetarian & Muslim-Friendly. Do dine with discretion.


3. Rochor Beancurd House

Credit: Rochor Beancurd House on Facebook

Started in the 1950s as a beancurd pushcart, Rochor Beancurd house will transport you back in time. Taste the same desserts our grandparents used to enjoy with this delicious Tau Huey stall! Named after the shophouse they had to upgrade to after a few years, this beancurd stall is now being handled by the 3rd generation soya chefs.

If you're planning to enjoy Tau Huey at this store, you're in luck! We've contacted the place and they do not use pork or lard in any of their desserts. The best part? All vegetarian snacks are made with only halal-certified vegetable oil.

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Rochor Beancurd House

Halal Status: Vegetarian & Muslim-Friendly. Do dine with discretion.


4. Selegie Soyabean

Credit: Selegie Soyabean on Facebook

Healthy desserts are no issue with Selegie Soyabean! Ensuring that all their desserts are natural, low in fat, sugar and salt, you won't need to feel guilty after enjoy sweet beancurd at this stall! Made with non-GMO soybeans from Canada, you can trust Selegie Soyabean for quality and tasty desserts.

The place also has more than 8 Tau Huey options for you to try, and you can choose from either hot or cold Tau Huey! Plus, their products also do not contain any alcohol, pork or lard.

Selegie Soyabean 

Halal Status: Vegetarian & Muslim-friendly. Do dine with discretion.


5. Rochor Original Beancurd

Credit: davefoodtrail on Instagram

Another exciting taste from the past, Rochor Original Beancurd started off as a makeshift stall run by a couple, Mr & Mrs Xu, on Rochor Road. In a time of social unrest, they served their delectable bowls of beancurd that have now become comfort food for up to 3 generations of loyal customers.

Head down to one of their stalls to enjoy a bowl of delicious Tau Huey with Youtiao or Salted Buns before washing it down with a Cold Grass Jelly Drink!

Do note that their products do not contain alcohol or pork, and all fried items are fried with canola oil.

Rochor Original Beancurd

Halal Status: Muslim-Friendly


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