Staycay By The Beach With This Tiny House In Terengganu, Malaysia!


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Feb 23, 2022

Ever wanted to experience what it's like living by the beach? Now you can with SEA KECIL Tiny House! A holiday home for those who love all things sea view, this tiny house may surprisingly be all you need for your staycation.

Beach House By The Jetty With SEA KECIL Tiny House

Credit: SEA KECIL Tiny House on Facebook 

One of the cutest holidays you might ever experience, this quaint, tiny house might just surprise you. Located near the jetty of Kuala Besut, Terrenganu, the unique vacation house is only a short walking distance to a tiny and quiet beach and overlooks the sea.

Credit: SEA KECIL Tiny House on Facebook

It is also equipped with enough beds for 4 pax and a dreamy bathtub, which means that it's family-friendly! You'll find a single bed on the first floor, and a large bed fit for three on the loft. It's super cozy, and with the Seabreeze, it'll be really cooling! (And even if it's isn't, not to worry, the place comes with air-conditioning! ?)

Credit: SEA KECIL Tiny House on Facebook

The first floor also homes a little kitchen, inclusive of a mini fridge, cups and plates, a kettle, and even a coffee machine! The little seating area for 2 also provides you with a convenient spot to have your meals. ?

Credit: SEA KECIL Tiny House on Facebook

This breathtaking Seaview loft has everything you need for a vacation. Families with kids vacationing here can also enjoy the large loft space, enough for kids to play with their toys safely. Just be sure to watch out for the stairs!

Credit: SEA KECIL Tiny House on Facebook

Look at that view! You'll definitely have a memorable trip with SEA KECIL Tiny House. What's not to love? A bathtub, a loft, the sand, sun and sea, everything you need to unwind and relax on your next staycation.

SEA KECIL Tiny House 


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