BBQ Wholesale Singapore Is Your One-Stop For All Your Halal BBQ Needs


Noor Aishah Karim •  Jul 19, 2023

Located at 81 Frankel Avenue, Singapore, BBQ Wholesale Singapore is a shop located to get all of your halal needs! From Satays to Otahs, They have almost anything and everything required for your amazing BBQ experience.

It is widely recognised as the largest BBQ caterer in the country, offering an extensive selection of Halal BBQ food, packages, and accessories at wholesale prices. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they have gained popularity among individuals and businesses looking to host BBQ events.

Thinking of what are some items on their must-get list? Here at 3 of them!

1) Premium Cup Otah

Credit: BBQ Wholesale

Discover the must-have Award-winning Signature Premium Otah for your BBQ experience. This exceptional delicacy combines real fish slices with their homemade spicy rempah, made from a blend of more than 10 finely ground spices and chillies, fried for over 10 hours. Blending in coconut cream creates a smooth, custard-like texture. Packed individually in small aluminium cups, this otah retains its fragrant aroma and simplifies grilling over charcoal. Elevate your BBQ with the convenience and amazing flavours of our Award-winning Signature Premium Otah.

2) Chicken Satay

Credit: BBQ Wholesale

The BBQ expert knows no gathering is complete without the irresistible chicken satay. This amazing delight comprises diced skewered chicken thigh meat marinated in a harmonious fusion of more than 10 finely ground spices. Once expertly grilled, the result is tender, flavorful meat that can be savoured either on its own or accompanied by a delectable dip in a finely ground peanut sauce. Indulge in the ultimate BBQ experience with this must-have addition that will delight every palate.

3) Buffalo Chicken Wing

Credit: BBQ Wholesale

Indulge in the all-time favourite BBQ Buffalo wing, a scrumptious delight that will satisfy any craving. These finger-licking good mid-joint chicken wings are marinated overnight in our special in-house barbeque sauce and finished with a delightful coat of sesame oil. This not only enhances the aroma but also prevents the wings from sticking onto the wire mesh while grilling, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable BBQ experience. Treat yourself to these flavorful wings and savour the irresistible combination of tangy barbecue goodness.

Another noteworthy feature of BBQ Wholesale Singapore is their island-wide delivery service. This means that regardless of your location in Singapore, you can enjoy their delicious BBQ food delivered straight to your doorstep!

Regarding must-buys from BBQ Wholesale Singapore, some popular choices include their mouthwatering satay, juicy beef and chicken kebabs, and signature BBQ stingray. These items are highly recommended by customers and are sure to be crowd-pleasers at any BBQ event.