This Hidden Gem Along Joo Chiat Road Sells Halal Banh Mi & Vietnamese Drip Coffee


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Feb 25, 2022

Travelling to Vietnam might not be on the cards at the moment, but transporting ourselves over through our tastebuds isn't impossible! Especially with hidden gems like Joo Chiat Caphe, an underrated and often overlooked Muslim-friendly eatery in Joo Chiat. Known for their mouth-watering Muslim-friendly halal Banh Mi and almost to die for Vietnamese Drip Coffee, you have to give this place a shot if you're craving for halal Vietnamese food.

Halal Banh Mi In Singapore

If you're not familiar with the dish, Vietnamese cuisine Banh Mi is a sandwich made of a airy and crunchy baguettes stuff with your choice of mayo, pickled vegetables, and juicy meats. What makes it especially interesting is the sensation of flavours and textures that just hit the Asian palate's sweet spot.

In many traditional renditions of the dish, pork is used instead of other meats, making it difficult for Muslims to try this famous sandwich. Fortunately, now Muslims can with Muslim-friendly Joo Chiat Caphe!

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Credit: joochiatcaphe on Instagram

There are 6 types of Banh Mi that you can choose from at Joo Chiat Caphe, each with its own little Vietnamese twist to keep it true and authentic to its origins.

The Classic Chicken Cold Cut With Homemade Chicken Pate ($5.80)stuffs a variety of fresh vegetables, chicken cold cut and chicken floss, homemade chicken pate, and a drizzles of scrumptious Vietnamese mayonnaise into a freshly baked Vietnamese baguette. This seemingly simple yet delicious dish will have your tastebuds bursting with flavours with every bite.

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Alternatively, opt for the Earthquake Banh Mi ($6.50). True to its name, this dish's flavours will leave you shocked. The sandwich is a combination of all the best ingredients the store has to offer, including the unique Lemongrass Beef Patty and special Vietnamese Mayonnaise, along with many other vegetables and spices like coriander and chilli! ?

Many customers also claim to love the Mackerel Otah Banh Mi ($6.50) and Battered Crispy Fish Fillet with Honey Mustard Sauce Banh Mi ($7) ?

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Complete your gastronomic trip to Vietnam with a sip of Joo Chiat Caphe's special Vietnamese Coffee JCC Blend! The Vietnamese Coffee comes is served in 4 different ways, to your tasting. You can opt to add to your blend condensed or evaporated milk sugar, or go kosong. Alternatively, pick the Vietnamese Drip Coffee to really enhance the Vietnamese meal experience. ?

Credit: Joo Chiat Caphe on Facebook

Extra hungry? No problem! Joo Chiat Caphe serves the never before seen Hainan Toast for breakfast, and it also has local options like Nasi Lemak and Otah. Pair it with cold Vietnamese Coffee for an extra refreshing and satisfying meal. ?

We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of why you should try the delightful Vietnamese and local cuisines at Joo Chiat Caphe, so you have to try it for yourself. Share this with your foodie buddy and head over for a dose fo halal Banh Mi!

Joo Chiat Caphe 

Halal Status: Muslim-Friendly. All ingredients used are halal-certified. No pork, lard or alcohol is served. Do dine with discretion.