Bangkok Insider’s Guide: 8 Essential (And Muslim-Friendly!) Tips You’d Need


Faruq Senin •  Sep 20, 2018

Bangkok is one of the most widely visited cities in the world, and it’s no secret that there’s so much to see, do and eat there. To help you make the best out of your trip to this bustling city, we’ve rounded up 8 of the best and most up-to-date insider tips you’d need when visiting Bangkok. Read on as we uncover the most tantalising eats to unique experiences you have to try ?

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1. Transportation

You don’t have to worry about getting around Bangkok as it’s easy with their extensive public transport system. As traffic jams are highly notorious in Bangkok, taking public transport is often a faster and cheaper option! For starters, there are 3 train lines that you need to be familiar with – the Airport Rail Link (ARL), BTS Skytrain and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). There’s also a network of buses and commuter boats in the city ?

Airport Rail Link

Bangkok has 2 international airports – Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang. If your flight arrives at Suvarnabhumi, skip the taxi queue (and higher fees!) and go for the Airport Rail Link instead. This hassle-free mode of transport gets you from the airport to the city in just 27 minutes ?

There are several stops along the way and trains can get really crowded at times but fret not, there’s a designated space for you to put your luggage. The standard ticket price is 45 THB (from end to end) but if you book your tickets online through Klook, you’ll get 10% off the normal fare. You can also choose to get a Smart Pass which has a stored value of 170 THB, so you can have the option of taking the ARL to get around the city too.

If you need to transfer to other lines in Bangkok, the ARL makes a stop at Phaya Thai station for the BTS and Makkasan station for the MRT.

P.S. Booked your tickets on Klook but not sure where to collect them at the airport? Head over to the B floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport where the ARL station is and walk past the station till you see a Klook counter!

#HHWT Tip: Taking the ARL during morning and evening rush hours? Set aside a buffer of 10-15 minutes as trains can get really crowded.

ALTERNATIVE: Getting from Don Mueang Airport to the city

If you’re arriving in Don Mueang Airport, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered as well! Book a private transfer through Klook for a seamless connection to the city. It’s fuss-free and you don’t have to queue or wait for a taxi once you arrive at the airport. Plus, this is also great for large group of travellers (up to 10!) as it’s hard to get large taxis.

BTS Rabbit Card

Once you’re in the city, we recommend travelling around using the BTS as it goes through many of the popular shopping spots like Pratunam, Siam, Silom, Sukhumvit and even the famous Chatuchak Market, located north of the city ☺️

Get the BTS Rabbit Card on Klook so you won’t need to join the snaking queues just to get a one-way ticket. Plus, there’s a stored value of 200 THB and you get a discount of 1 THB for every single trip. There are 2 lines – Silom and Sukhumvit – and you can transfer between both lines at Siam station.

P.S. If you need the internet to navigate your way around Bangkok, get the 4G WiFi pocket device from Klook. The device has a long battery life and can take up to 10 devices so it’s perfect for you and your travel buddies. Plus, it comes with a power bank too!

Travel like the locals

Here’s another side of Bangkok that many travellers don’t see. As Bangkok has many rivers and canals, a popular mode of transportation is boat, and fares are really cheap too (from 4.50 THB to 20 THB). One of the common services is the cross-ferry service at Chao Phraya River, which brings you from Bangkok city to the Thonburi district which houses famous landmarks like Wat Arun and Wat Pho.

Another popular service is the Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat which goes through Bangkok’s commercial districts. Other than being a much cheaper option and avoiding the heavy traffic on land, you also get to experience how locals go about their daily commute – definitely an experience not to be missed!?

2. Indulge in yummy local halal food

There’s plenty of halal food options in Bangkok and with so much good food, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are some of our top picks!

Samat Muslim Food

Located just opposite Pratunam Market in the shopping district of Pratunam, this halal eatery serves familiar and authentic Thai dishes in a homely setting. Unlike many halal restaurants in the area which is located in the back alleys of Pratunam, Samat is highly accessible as it’s located on the main road, with just a 3-minute walk from Ratchaprarop Airport Rail Link (ARL) Station. This unassuming eatery is only a year old but it’s been a hit with many Muslim travellers!

The food at Samat is comforting especially after a long day being out and about. Plus, it’s highly affordable as well. One of their specialties that you shouldn’t miss here is their refreshing Tom Yum (130 THB) which is sour, spicy and tangy all at once. Their Papaya Salad (60 THB) is also worth trying – it’s crunchy, spicy and full of flavour. If you’re travelling in a big group, indulge in their whole fish dishes like stir-fried and steamed seabass which are perfect for sharing ?

While you’re busy stuffing yourself in yummy Thai food, look out for this man right here – he’s Mr Samat, owner of the eatery. Mr Samat’s parents had moved to Bangkok from Southern Thailand but he now calls Bangkok home.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 419 Ratchaprarop Rd, Khwaeng Makkasan, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand

Opening hours: 7am – 12am daily

Contact No: +66 89 442 5114

Directions: 3 minutes walk from ARL Ratchaprarop Station

Busaba Halal Restaurant

Halal roast duck in Bangkok? We kid you not! With Bangkok having a wide mix of cultures from all around Asia, it’s no surprise that a Chinese dish like roast duck has become part of Thai cuisine. Busaba is one of the only few places selling halal roast duck in Bangkok and you should totally come here if you want a taste of Thai-styled roast duck ?

This eatery has been perfecting its recipe for the last 18 years and what makes its roast duck so delicious is their sauce which is both sweet yet savoury. The duck is perfectly roasted and while the skin isn’t crispy, the meat tastes heavenly when submerged in the sauce. Depending on the size of your group, you can either choose to get the quarter (150 THB), half (275 THB) or whole duck (550 THB). For such quality food, the price is really value for money ?

Don’t leave without trying out the palatable desserts and organic coffee too! Halal cafes are not quite easy to find in Bangkok so if you’re looking for your café fix, Busaba is the place to go. Get their Charcoal Waffles with Ice Cream (125 THB) to finish off your meal, or sip a cuppa or two. Did we mention that Busaba has a hipster café vibe too?

Busaba might seem far and out of the way as it’s located in Dusit, away from the main shopping areas in Bangkok, but trust us, its yummy roast duck is enough reason to visit! It’s just a short cab ride away from the nearest BTS station, Victory Monument, so you don’t have to worry. Plus, here’s your chance to explore another district of Bangkok, which many travellers haven’t been to.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 151, 4 Thanon Nakhon Chaisi Rd, Khwaeng Thanon Nakhon Chai Si, Khet Dusit, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10300, Thailand

Opening hours:

Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri: 9am – 5pm

Sat – Sun: 10am – 8pm

CLOSED on Wednesdays

Directions:Take the BTS to Victory Monument station. From there, take bus 14 or a short cab ride (around 180 THB).

Ramkhamhaeng Night Market

If you’re looking for a halal street food heaven, then head over to Ramkhamhaeng Night Market. There’s a whole row of street food stalls and more than 70% of them are owned by Muslim vendors. And many of them are really cheap, with prices ranging from 10 – 50 THB, so you won’t need to burn a hole in your pocket ?

Here’s your chance to stuff yourselves with barbecued meat skewers (15 THB),sausages (15 THB), Thai-style fried chicken (40 THB with rice) and so much more. There are also a couple of stalls specialising in Southern Thai delicacies like Kerabu Salad and Chicken Kerabu. For those of you who are unfamiliar with kerabu, it’s actually a spicy and sour salad.

You can also find the common Thai treats like Khanom Buang (Thai crepe), tapioca dessert and Thai milk tea. Just remember to come here with an empty stomach! Although Ramkhamhaeng Night Market is located far from the city centre, the area is accessible via the ARL Ramkhamhaeng station, where you’d just need to take a short cab ride. Plus, you won’t want to pass up the chance of mingling with the locals while trying out halal street snacks ?

Halal status: Many of the halal shops here are Muslim-owned and you can identify them by their halal sign. We’ve also personally checked with the owners of the stalls we visited and they’ve confirmed that they use halal ingredients. But as they are not officially halal-certified, we recommend that you dine at your own discretion.

Address: 2345/1 Ramkhamhaeng Rd, Khwaeng Hua Mak, Khet Bang Kapi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10240, Thailand

Opening hours: Thur – Tue, 4pm – 11pm, CLOSED on Wednesdays

Directions:Take the ARL to Ramkhamhaeng Station. From there, take bus 92 or 109 or you can grab a taxi to the market (around 180 THB).

BONUS: Sor Boonprakob

Specialising in Thai desserts, Sor Boonprakob in Bang Rak serves one of the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok. It has been around for 80 plus years and legend has it that locals have been queuing up for their sticky rice since the reign of King Chulalongkorn! That’s even before mango sticky rice became one of Thailand’s most iconic desserts. Here, you need to get the sticky rice separately and tell them you want it with mango. The vendors will then cut the mangoes fresh for you and hand you the sauce to pour over the rice.

This simple treat might not look like much but take one bite and you’ll know why it’s so highly raved. The sauce is creamy, salty and sweet while the sticky rice hits the spot ? Not to mention that the mangoes they use are really fresh and sweet too! Though it’s a little pricey (140 THB), the portion is generous and you’re given a whole mango.

#HHWT Tip: The vendors at this stall speak very little English, so if you’re ordering mango sticky rice, tell them that you want, “khao niao ma muang” and they’ll gladly prepare it for you. Do also note that though their sticky rice gets sold out by 12pm, so come early!

Address: 1474 Charoen Krung Rd, Khwaeng Bang Rak, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand

Opening hours: 5am - 6pm 

Directions:Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin station and walk down Charoenkrung Rd till you find Charoenkrung Soi 44. Sor Boonprakob is just at the junction of the main road and alley.

3. Beat the crowd at must-visit places

No trip to Bangkok is complete without checking these places off your list. Before you dismiss them due to the crowd, we’ve got some tips that’ll make your experience better ?

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak is the biggest weekend market in the world with over 9,000 stalls! This place is so popular that it’s become an icon of Bangkok. If you’re planning on visiting the market, we’ve got the perfect plan to keep you away from the crowds and heat.

Credit: @xxnickyang on Instagram

The key to beating the crowd is to arrive early. The market opens at 9am and although not all shops will be opened so early, this gives you time to familiarise with the place especially before it gets too crowded around 11. The weather in the morning is also more pleasant. By the time, you’re done doing your rounds, you can have your lunch indoors and escape the midday sun!

Credit: @ra5ca11 on Instagram

It’s not a stretch to say that you CAN find everything at Chatuchak. Look out for the latest and trendiest fashion accessories at sections 2-4 or find local designer brands at section 18. Section 22 is also the place to go for the best in men’s fashion and if you’re a fan of pre-loved shoes, head over to section 5. For those of you who are looking for home decorations, head over to section 17 and 24 for pretty table tops or tea sets.

#HHWT Tip: Feeling hungry? Head over to Kah Jak (Section 18, Soi 25/8), Saman Islam (Section 16, Soi 24) or Muslim Food (Section 12, Soi 2) for some authentic halal local food.

Credit: @netzoundx on Instagram

For a different (and less busy) experience at Chatuchak, head there on a Friday night instead. Shops are set up after 9pm and they open till the wee hours of the morning. Friday nights are also when clothes are sold at wholesale prices. That means you can get amazing discounts on clothes although you need to get three or more products – perfect for you and your travel buddies! Do note that only shops in sections 8 – 26 are open on Friday nights.

To help you plan your trip to Chatuchak better, it also helps to do your research in advance so you won’t need to walk around aimlessly when you visit. Refer to maps online and know where the different categories of stalls are before visiting!

#HHWT Tip: In case you’re carrying a large bag and don’t want to lug it around, you can deposit them at the lockers near the Chatuchak Plaza area.

Address: Kamphaeng Phet 3 Rd, Khwaeng Lat Yao, Khet Chatuchak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10900, Thailand

Directions:Take the BTS to Mo Chit station and take exit no. 1. Follow the crowd through rows of shops until you reach Gate 2 or 3.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak is one of Thailand’s most famous floating market and it takes 1.5-2 hours to get here from Bangkok. We recommend booking a tour through Klook as it comes with transport and an English-speaking guide. This way, you won’t need to go through the hassle of transferring between different modes of transportation by yourself. It’s also cheaper than local tours or renting a boat at the market itself.

#HHWT Tip: Spend even lesser when you use these promo codes for your first purchases on Klook: TRAVELHHWT (SGD5 off), TRAVELHHWTMY (MYR 15 off), TRAVELHHWTID (IDR 50,000 off).

As it’s a daily morning market, the real activity starts around 9.30am to lunch time where many boat vendors will be selling a range of items from fresh produce to cooked food and even souvenirs. There’s no better place to experience the sights and sounds of a morning market than here!

Being a tourist spot, prices for souvenirs are often marked higher so we won’t recommend getting them here as you can get them at other markets in Bangkok, unless you’re up for a real bargain. One thing you shouldn’t miss out on though are the Muslim-friendly snacks like coconut ice-cream, mango sticky rice and grilled seafood. Note: The stalls here aren’t halal-certified so do dine at your own discretion!

#HHWT Tip: Head over to the bridge at Damnoen Saduak to get a photo of boats floating through the market. Soak in the atmosphere and watch the boat vendors and tourists passing through.

Dream World

If you’re looking for something different to do in Bangkok other than shopping or eating, head over to Dream World. It’s Thailand’s version of Disneyland and is one of the most popular amusement parks in the country. Whether you’re a fan of thrilling rides or visiting with kids, you’re guaranteed a fun-filled day here. As the park opens at 10am, do come early to beat the heat (and crowds!).

We’d recommend spending a whole day at Dream World as there are over 20 attractions to cover. There’s something for everyone here from thrilling rides to 4D performances and even an animal show. If you’re here on a weekend, look out for Colors of the World Parade (at 3.45pm) where the park’s mascots will make an appearance in an exciting show ?

Credit: @ronson_pereira on Instagram

But if you’ve only set aside half a day for the park, you can cover most of the park’s highlights too. Head straight to thrilling rides like Tornado, Hurricane or the Sky Coaster for an adrenaline rush. And then wind down with family-friendly attractions like the Super Splash and 4D Adventure. Don’t worry if you’re carrying a bag with you – you can store your bags in the shelves provided before going on your rides!

#HHWT Tip: Queues can get pretty long so do get your tickets on Klook to save you some time. It’s also cheaper if you get it online when you use these promo codes: TRAVELHHWT (SGD 5 off), TRAVELHHWTMY (MYR 15 off), TRAVELHHWTID (IDR 50,000 off). Simply show the mobile tickets to the staff at Dream World and exchange it for a sticker.

Grab your lunch at the halal KFC in the park or get some Muslim-friendly treats like snow ice, toasted bread, grilled corn or fruits. The great thing about booking your tickets through Klook is that you have a halal buffet option at the Food Pavillion. Do note that this is not available for walk-in customers.

No need to worry about doing your prayers at Dream World as there’s a musollah here, which has a washing area for you to do your wudhu. To get here, walk past 4D Adventure and find Fantasy Hall – the musollah is located just behind the Fantasy Hall. Do remember to bring your own prayer garments!

Address: 62 หมู่ที่ 1 ถนน รังสิต - องครักษ์ Tambon Bang Yitho, Amphoe Thanyaburi, Chang Wat Pathum Thani 12130, Thailand

Opening hours: 10am - 5pm daily, opens till 7pm on holidays

Directions:Dream World is about a 45-minute drive away from the city. Take the BTS to Mo Chit station and then a taxi (about 300 THB).

4. Discover unique shopping spots

Looking beyond the usual spots for your shopping spree? It’s time to give Chatuchak Market or Pratunam a break and check out these these unique shopping spots ?

Chang Chui Plane Market

One of the latest additions to Bangkok’s night market scene, Chang Chui is where hipsters come out to play. Believe it or not, there’s a real airplane right smack in the middle of the market!

Credit: @kaichiehlee on Instagram

With items recycled and repurposed into artworks all around the market, the shopping experience here is different from your usual experience.

Credit: @changchuibkk on Instagram

Shop for quirky souvenirs, clothes or fashion accessories here or check out their vintage cinema which screens documentaries and has performances once in a while. With such a colourful environment, you’ll also have lots of fun snapping photos.

Credit: @ap_sirimon on Instagram

Address: 460/8 Sirindhorn Rd, Khwaeng Bang Phlat, Khet Bang Phlat, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10700, Thailand

Opening hours:

Mon - Sun, 4pm - 11pm

Green Zone: 11am - 9pm

Directions: Travelling around the city via BTS? Head to Victory Monument Station and take bus no. 28 or taxi (around 200 THB) to get to Chang Chui. Otherwise, you can also take the railway and alight at Bang Bamru Station and walk to the market.

Warehouse 30

One of the newer shopping spots in Bangkok but still largely undiscovered, Warehouse 30 is the place to go if you’re looking for independently designed clothes and accessories. The complex is a refurbishment of abandoned World War 2 era warehouses and it consists of shops, cafes, art spaces and even an open theatre ?

Warehouse 30 is also a paradise for fans of vintage and minimalist fashion as there are stalls dedicated to these. You can also shop for classic items like old vinyl records and unique souvenirs here too!

Address: 48-58 Thanon Charoen Krung Soi 30, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

Opening hours: 11am - 8.30pm

Directions: Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin station and walk down Charoenkrung Road till you reach Charoenkrung Soi 30, where Warehouse 30 is located.

Knack Market

Unlike other daily or weekly markets in Bangkok, Knack Market is only set up on the last weekend of every month. It might be on a smaller scale than your typical night markets, but you get to shop for original crafts by local designers here ?

Many of the stall owners here are really young so it’s great to support these young artists. Expect to find trendy clothes, leather bags and accessories and unique souvenirs. Rest assured, what you find here will be one of a kind!

That’s not all – you can also enjoy live music – definitely a place to go if you’re looking to chill out on your holiday ?‍♂️

Address: 41/1-5 The Jam Factory, Charoennakorn Road, Klongsan, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening hours: Last weekend of the month, 4pm - 9pm

Directions:Take the BTS to Krung Thon Buri station and take bus no. 105 from there or grab a short cab ride (around 109 THB). Alternatively, you can also take a cross-ferry service from Si Phraya Pier and alight at Klong San Pier and then walk to the market.

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5. Don’t miss out on must-try experiences

To complete your Bangkok vacation, there are a few experiences you can’t miss out on, and we’ve rounded them up for you ?

Go for a Thai massage

No trip to Bangkok is complete without getting a massage. After exploring the city for a couple of days, a massage is the best way to soothe those tired muscles! One of the places we’d recommend is Sook Sabai Spa because of their unparalleled service. The staff are very attentive and you’ll know you’re in good hands. As the spa is located in the alleys of Silom, they provide a pick-up service from Sala Daeng BTS Station.

Sook Sabai has a variety of massage packages from traditional Thai massage to aromatherapy and even Swedish massage. You can also choose to get back and neck or foot massages ☺️

Sook Sabai is more than just a massage place, it also takes care of your health. Before your massage, you’ll have to fill up a form indicating which areas of your body need more attention, and which areas are to be avoided. This service really makes you feel that they are dedicated to providing the best service for you. There’s also a welcome and post-massage tea to ensure that you’re totally relaxed ?

P.S. You can opt for a female or male masseur but just be sure to indicate your preference in advance.

#HHWT Tip:Book your massage appointment through Klook and you don’t have to waste time choosing your preferred package when arrive. Plus, you can pay for a cheaper massage with these promo codes: TRAVELHHWT (SGD 5 off), TRAVELHHWTMY (MYR 15 off), TRAVELHHWTID (IDR 50,000 off).

Address: 23/13-14, YJA Building, 3rd - 4th floor, Soi Saladaeng 1, Rama 4 Rd, Silom, Bangkok 10500

Opening hours: 10am - 10.30pm

Contact No: +66 02 637 5575

Email: [email protected]

Directions: Sook Sabai provides a pick-up service from BTS Sala Daeng Station.

Try a halal cooking class

If you’ve always wanted to try a hand at whipping up delectable Thai dishes, go for a cooking class in Bangkok. With so many of them in the city, our top pick is House of Taste Thai Cooking School as they provide halal ingredients. Not only will you get to learn how to cook, the tour will also bring you around Bangkok’s biggest morning market – Khlong Toei. Here's where you can learn about various local produce and spices, or even get to sample some fruits!

P.S. Do note that two sessions are held at House of Taste every day - morning and afternoon session. Only the morning session will bring you to Khlong Toei Market.

Then, it’s back to the cooking school to prepare a 4-course meal. The menu changes every day but you can expect to cook Thai favourites like Tom Kha Gai (chicken in spicy and sour coconut soup), Pad Thai and Mango Sticky Rice! And don’t worry if you’ve never stepped foot in the kitchen, the cooking instructor will give you a step-by-step guide to preparing your meal ?

Everyone will have a chance of cooking their own meal during the class. For every dish, you’ll prepare the ingredients at the long table, and then head to the kitchen to cook. Once that’s done, you’ll head to the dining table to savour your meal! This is so that you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labour instantly.

#HHWT Tip:Book this cooking class on Klook and get a discount off your first purchase with these promo codes: TRAVELHHWT (SGD 5 off), TRAVELHHWTMY (MYR 15 off), TRAVELHHWTID (IDR 50,000 off).

Note: Although we’ve personally checked with House of Taste that all their ingredients are halal, do leave a note when you book on Klook to let them know.

Address:318/​32, Soi Sukhumvit 22, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thai­land 10110

Contact No: +66 (0933923615

Email: [email protected]​gmail.​com


Morning session: Meet at MRT Queen Sirikit National Convention Center Station, exit 1

Afternoon session: Meet straight at the school - take the BTS to Phrom Phong Station, and alight at exit 4. From there, take a cab to House of Taste (around 110 THB).

6. Explore the city’s hidden gems

If Bangkok is a regular destination for you and you’ve been there for the umpteenth time, you should probably go off the beaten track and explore the city’s hidden gems instead!

Sunset Bike Tour

Explore another side of Bangkok on wheels and at night by going on a Sunset Bike Tour. During the tour, 2 friendly local guides will bring you around the Thonburi district of Bangkok where life is slower-paced and many historical buildings are well-preserved. The tour starts around 5.30pm with a visit to a busy local evening market and then Chinese temples and Catholic churches which are a rare sight in the city.

Then it takes you through iconic monuments like the Grand Palace, Wat Arun (temple of dawn) and Wat Pho (temple of reclining buddha) so you get to see what they're like at night minus the crowd! Although the monuments are closed at night (except Wat Pho), you can still fully immerse yourself in their gorgeous architecture – an absolute sight to behold ?

The tour then ends with a visit to a 24-hour flower market, Pak Klong Talad. As fresh flowers and vegetables only arrive from the countryside in the evening, workers have to work round the clock to prepare them for morning prayers. Truly an eye-opening experience!

P.S. Book this Sunset Bike Tour with Klook which is inclusive of dinner at Green Leaf Restaurant. Do remember to request for the vegetarian option when you check out. Note: We’ve personally checked with the eatery and they’ve confirmed that vegetarian dishes are prepared separately from non-vegetarian ones so do dine at your own discretion!

Directions: The tour is held every day at 5.30pm. Meet at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel Lobby, 2 Charoen Krung Road Soi 30 Siphya, Khwaeng Bang Rak, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand

Admire street art at Charoenkrung Road

If you’re a photo enthusiast and looking to add some colour to your Instagram feed, check out the street art at one of the alleys (soi) at Charoenkrung Road. You can find them at soi 28, 30 and 32. Strike a pose or just admire the beauty of the artworks while you’re here ?

We highly recommend heading to Charoenkrung Soi 30 to check out this particular carved wall art by Portuguese artist Vhils. Strategically placed right outside the Portuguese embassy, the art actually reflects the many different faces of people living in the area. Created to show the strong Portuguese-Thai relationship, this unique masterpiece takes street art to another level and will intrigue you!

Directions:Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin station and walk down Charoenkrung Road until you find the soi with the street art.

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Continue your hunt for interesting artworks at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in the Siam district. Surrounded by popular shopping malls like MBK and Siam Square, many travellers might just walk past this museum without noticing it. The 9-storey complex showcases artworks from both local and international artists.

Exhibitions here change every few weeks or months, giving you the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the local art scene. It’s also the best place to take a breather from shopping and eating plus an excuse to get away from the crowds or heat!

The museum’s wide curves and spiral walkways also makes for a good photography spot. There are also shops, an art library and cafes for you to unwind at. It’s no wonder that many local students and youngsters hang out here ?

Address: 939 Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Wang Mai, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand

Opening hours: 10am - 9pm, closed on Mondays

Directions: BACC is connected to BTS National Stadium station and located just opposite MBK

7. Mingle with local Muslim community

It’s always nice to bump into other Muslim travellers or even the local community when you’re travelling. As Islam is made up of different cultures and traditions, witnessing how the Thai Muslim community live their daily lives is an eye-opening experience. Here are 2 districts in Bangkok where you can expect to mingle with local Thai Muslims.

Bang Rak

One of the places that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Bangkok is a visit to Bang Rak. This district has one of the largest concentration of Muslims in Bangkok. To start off your exploration, head over to Haroon Mosque and you’ll find many Muslim vendors selling street food over here ?

This legendary mosque was built in 1837 by Haroon Bafadel whose father was an Indonesian-Arab trader from South Borneo. The mosque was initially made of wood and reflected Javanese architecture but was replaced by a brick building in 1934. You can still find remnants of the wooden structure in the mosque’s main prayer hall today ?

While you’re here, take this moment to talk to the locals and find out more about them! You might also notice that many of them look different from the average Thais. That’s because many Muslims here have a mix of ancestry – Thai, Malay, Middle Eastern, Indian and even Chinese - but all of them call Bangkok home. It’s really fascinating to see how Islam cuts across racial boundaries ❤️

Directions:Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin station and walk down Charoenkrung Road till you reach Charoenkrung Soi 36 where Haroon Mosque is at.

Petchaburi Soi 7

Perhaps the closest area to the main shopping districts, Petchaburi Soi 7 is another area with a small community of Thai Muslims. Head over to the main mosque here, Masjid Darul Aman and you’ll see many halal food stalls around the area. One of the most recommended stalls here is Farida Fatornee Muslim Food which serves unique delicacies like deep-fried ox tongue, oxtail soup and fried mutton ?

Credit: ‘Aini Himura on Facebook

And here’s the best part, the area turns into a bustling food paradise at 6pm every evening, as locals start setting up their stalls selling halal local street food. Rub shoulders with Thai Muslim locals and travellers while savouring yummy street fare, it’ll definitely be a fulfilling experience!

Directions:Take the BTS to Ratchathewi station and walk for about 5 minutes on Petchaburi Road until you find Petchaburi Soi 7.

8. Accommodation

As Bangkok is a huge city, deciding where to stay is really important. We recommend doing ample research on the shopping spots and landmarks you’re interested to visit before booking your accommodation. For starters, we’d recommend staying at these areas:


This is where to be if you’re looking for all the shopping you can do. With wholesale markets and even a 24-hour Pratunam market and Platinum Mall, you can find the best bargains on clothes here so it’s definitely perfect for budget travellers. Plus, halal food is easily available too.

Credit: Sim Chee Wei on Facebook

But the downside is, you have to walk about 10 minutes to the nearest BTS stations Chit Lom and Ploen Chit. There are a range of budget hotels here like Metro Pratunam Boutique Hotel.


Siam is undoubtedly the centre of shopping in Bangkok as it’s home to notable shopping centres like MBK, Siam Center and Siam Paragon, so you’ll never have to travel far for some quality shopping ?

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These malls have a wide range of halal food options too. You can also pick up a pre-paid card for the Food Republic at Siam Center! The area is also highly accessible as the Siam BTS station is the interchange for both BTS lines. For an affordable stay in the Siam area, check out Mercure Bangkok Siam Hotel.

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Home to swanky malls, posh hotels and a wide variety of halal food, Sukhumvit makes for a great place to stay if you’re looking to experience a bit of everything. And the best part is, the district is served by the BTS Skytrain, so getting around won’t be much of a problem.

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Whether you’re travelling budget or luxury, you’ll definitely find a suitable place to stay in Sukhumvit. For a value-for-money hotel in Sukhumvit, check out Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit.

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