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4 Online Shops In Malaysia To Buy Adorable Baju Raya For Your Cats


Cheng Sim •  Apr 29, 2021


Anyone else is counting down the days until Hari Raya? While we're busy shopping for family's baju raya, let's not forget our furry friends too! If you're aiming to find the perfect baju raya kucing, here are some online shops in Malaysia you can start with!
1. Meowku Shop
Your cat is going to look their best this Raya when they put on a baju melayu cekak musang, baju raya kebaya batik, or baju raya peplum from Meowku Shop. This online shop in Malaysia also sells songkok and samping pelekat. Average price: Starts at RM37.80 Shopee | Facebook | Instagram
2. Baju Kucing Comel Malaysia
True to its name, everything from Baju Kucing Comel Malaysia are adorable! This festive season, this online shop is bringing kebaya, dress peplum, teluk belanga kain songket, and more for your furry friends. Average price: Starts at RM30.80 Shopee | Facebook | Instagram
3. Bella Felidae
Shine the spotlight on your cat when you shop for adorable baju raya kucing from Bella Felidae. Whether you're looking for baju melayu or kurung lace, make sure to measure your cat's size accordingly to get the perfect fit. Average price: Starts at RM65 Instagram
4. Paola & Peeps
It'll be hard to put your cameras down when you see your cat in a cute baju raya from Paola & Peeps. Besides selling Songkok Abah complete with elastic band, you can also shop for Raya Appurrels in various fabrics including premium satin, floral silk, or songket sampin. Average price: Starts at RM45 Shopee | Facebook | Instagram If you're looking for adorable baju raya kucing for your cats this festive season, we hope you'll find the perfect look from these online shops in Malaysia!