11 Stores To Buy Adorable Kids Baju Raya In Malaysia


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Mar 23, 2023

Ramadan is just around the corner and as we prepare for the holy month, we're also preparing for what's to come after: Hari Raya! ? The most festive occasion for Muslims all over the world, many of us celebrate by donning our best clothes, including the baju kurung (traditional Malay costume). If you're looking for adorable baju for your kids, HHWT's rounded up the 11 perfect stores for you to order your little ones' baju kurung this 2022!

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Kids Baju Kurung In Malaysia

1. Pokoks.Kids

Credit:POKOKS.com on Facebook

Inspired by culture and nature, Pokoks.kids has a beautiful collection of thoughtfully designed baju kurungs for you little ones! Chic and soft, your kids will look good and feel comfortable this Hari Raya. They have options for girls, boys and even babies. Browse through their 4 elegant collections: The Tanah Collection, The Rasa Damai Collection, The Seniman Collection and Kita Menang Collection!

2. Mimpikita

Credit: Mimpikita on Facebook

Known for their hand-finished clothes, Mimpikita's timeless baju kurung are made with endearingly embellished fabrics. Chic and modest, Mimpikita's versatile and stylish pieces will leave your little ones looking fashionable and elegant!

3. Larney

Credit: Larneyofficial on Facebook

Colourful, comfortable and creative,Larney's girls' caftans are unique and adorable! With both bright, bold and muted designs for you and your little girl's preferences, look good and feel good this Hari Raya with Larney's Rebirth and Ella Kids Caftans. P.S. Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Get Yourself Ready For Ramadan

4. Irsa The Label

Credit: Irsa on Facebook

Baju Kurung Modern couldn't get any more lovely! Irsa's 2023 collection iis made with some of the softest materials, and premium cottons, Irsa's outfits are both comfortable and relaxing. The collectionias also inspired by Korean looks!

5. Inhanna

Credit: Inhanna on Facebook

Known as the Kebaya and Kurung expert, Inhanna specialises in Kebayas, Baju Kurung Modern, Kaftans, Songkets and more! These basic, high quality and affordable apparels make their collection accessible for everyone.

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6. Umbi Kids

Credit: Umbi Kids on Facebook

If you're looking for contemporary kids' wear for your little ones and your family, Umbi Kids is the place to shop! With matching sets for the whole family, check out Umbi Kids' coral collection is inspired by the ocean and deep seas. Emulating the calmness and serenity of the waters, the flow prints will leave your family looking unique and gorgeous!

7. Eloque.my

Credit: Eloque

Eloque Malaysia is perfect if you're looking for something stylish yet comfy for the little ones! Choose from the classic baju Melayu or the fun prints this Raya.

8. Padi Kids Wear

Credit: padikidswear on Instagram

Started off as a parent making baju kurung for their sons, Padi Kids has ventured into its own business! Their handmade versatile baju melayu teluk belanga are both comfortable, stylish and classic. With adjustable waists, highly material and a relaxed fit cutting, these outfits are perfect for any little one looking to look stylish in traditional wear.

9. Zoffya.co

Zoffya's exclusive collection is both modern, trendy and of quality! Their latest 2023 collection has enough pieces and variety for the whole family.? With the best quality of apparel, check out their kaftans, kebayas and more for your family's Raya 2023!

10. lelabu.co

Credit: lelabu.co on Facebook

This one's for the active kids! lelabu.co's 2023 collection has been crafted and curated specially for free-spirited little ones who love to ''roam, daydream and explore'' ? Their Baju Melayus and Kurungs are perfect for kids who just need to move and have fun this Raya!

11. JannahNoe

Credit: JannahNoe on Facebook

Malaysia's very own homegrown modest fashion brand, JannahNoe, is perfect for anyone who wants to look stylish and fashionable! Crafting their outfits based on the latest trends, you can trust that their baju kurung moden are definitely true to the name.

P.S. They also ship to regions outside of Malaysia in Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, China, Australia and more!

Who's ready for Hari Raya 2023? ? We definitely are, and so are our little ones with this list of baju kurung for kids!