Bacha Coffee Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur Finally Opens And Here Is The Menu

Bacha Coffee Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur Finally Opens And Here Is The Menu


Farah Fazanna •  Sep 29, 2023

The highly anticipated Bacha Coffee has finally opened its doors at Suria KLCC! Bacha Coffee doesn't just offer exceptional 100% Arabica coffee; they also provide a delightful multi-sensory experience.

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What is Bacha Coffee?

Bacha Coffee Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur Finally Opens And Here Is The Menu

Credit: Bacha Coffee

Having established their name in 1910, this Moroccan coffee purveyor has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. And now, the exciting news is that the long wait is nearly over! Bacha Coffee is all set to officially open its doors in Suria KLCC, located just across from the beloved international eatery, Burger & Lobster. The anticipation is palpable, and it's going to be an extraordinary addition to the vibrant Malaysian coffee scene!

What you can expect at Bacha Coffee KLCC?

Prepare to be amazed when you visit Bacha Coffee at KLCC, as it promises a world of extraordinary experiences. Not only will this be their largest location outside of Singapore, covering an impressive 7,000 square feet featuring a boutique, takeaway counter, and coffee room all within a single captivating space. Up to 92 guests can be accommodated, whether you can dine in the KLCC exclusive private dining rooms or on the Bacha Coffee outdoor terrace; every manner of taste and preference is catered to.

Moreover, this remarkable establishment will offer the iconic experiences that Bacha Coffee is renowned for. At Bacha Coffee KLCC, you will find an immersive retail space showcasing their comprehensive selection of 100% Arabica coffees, including Single Origin, Fine Blended, Fine Flavored, and CO2 Decaffeinated varieties. Their skilled Coffee Masters will expertly grind the coffee to your desired specifications, ensuring it is perfectly suited for your preferred brewing method.

Bacha Coffee Malaysia menu

Savour Malaysia's special menu such as Kaya Croissant (RM20), the classic Butter Croissant (RM20) and Bacha's signature 1910 Coffee & Chocolate Croissant (RM20).

Bacha KLCC also offers heartier meals such as Mediterranean chicken stew (RM49), Braised Australian barramundi (RM58) and Bacha Club sandwich chicken (RM48). They also have housemade pastries and desserts such as lemon tartlets (RM28), Pandan danish (RM28) and Tiramisu (RM28).

Bacha Coffee Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur Finally Opens And Here Is The Menu

Credit: Bacha Coffee

The coffee price ranges from RM35 to RM1,300.

If you're searching for the perfect gift, you'll be delighted by the wide range of coffee gift boxes and gourmet items available, making them ideal for friends, loved ones, and even clients. Additionally, you can enhance your coffee brewing experience with a selection of brewing accessories and coffee-making essentials, completing your visit to Bacha Coffee with a memorable shopping excursion. For those on the move, the unique Bacha Coffee takeaway experience awaits, featuring over 200 coffees prepared to order, served either hot or iced, alongside a delightful assortment of signature sweet and savoury croissants and freshly baked pastries.

Last but not least, in the coffee room, you can relish a delightful all-day menu, accompanied by freshly brewed 100% Arabica coffee and a generous serving of whipped Chantilly cream. Exclusive artisanal dishes will be specially crafted for Bacha Coffee at KLCC, providing a delectable culinary journey for your taste buds.

Halal status: No pork and no lard but they do serve alcoholic beverages. Ingredients are sourced from halal-certified suppliers. We recommend you dine at your own discretion.

Address: Suria KLCC, Lot G47, Ground Floor, Kuala Lumpur City Centre 50088 KL

Operating Hours: 8:00am – 12:00am

Phone: +60 3 4815 9799