This Korean Influencer Converted To Islam & Shares Her Inspiring Journey In A Book


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Dec 14, 2021

A model, actress and influencer, Ayana Moon is stealing hearts among the Muslim community as a prominent Korean Muslim hijabi. She's a popular figure and is considered as one of the youngest Muslim influencers out there. With over 3.4 million followers on Instagram, she's written a book and a webtoon on her journey to Islam.

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Ayana Moon Creates An Engaging Book & Webtoon On Her Journey To Islam

Credit: @xolovelyayana on Instagram 

Born in 1995, Ayana Jihye Moon grew up in Seoul, South Korea with her family and had only heard of Islam through the Iraq War as a child. She found the word 'Islam' as cute and she started to educate herself more about the situation in Iraq.

When she was a young teenager, she joined a Muslim retreat camp to learn more about Islam in Korea and having met lovely people, she finally accept Islam at the age of 16. It was not an easy journey to become a hijabi in Korea since even her family had misconceptions about the religion but Ayana is a beacon of hope to all hijabis across the world!

Credit: @xolovelyayana on Instagram 

Since then, she started gained followers and fans particularly from Indonesia, Malaysia and of course, Korea. Currently, she is the beauty ambassador of one of the biggest cosmetics brands, Wardah in Indonesia and a Muslimah fashion model.

Credit: @xolovelyayana on Instagram 

To explain more about her journey in converting Islam, she's written an inspirational book called Ayana,Journey To Islam published by an Indonesian publishing house. If you're in Indonesia, you could find the book at bookstores but if you live in Malaysia or Singapore, you can get the book through Shopee! Do note the book is in Indonesian.

There's also a webtoon version of her book to those who love reading webtoons with adorable illustrations! Check out the webtoon through her official Instagram for her book. You can follow Ayana on Instagram or subscribe to her Youtube channel to watch her entertaining videos with her Muslim brother (also a convert!).