[Update] HHWT’s Stance – We‘re honoured to be invited for the launch to cover the establishments at Jewel Changi Airport. We prepared the article in accordance with the information we received on-ground. After some feedback from our readers, we’ve done further clarifications. According to the A&W PR team, they have gone through the necessary consultations to ensure their team understands what is required to qualify for halal application. They’ve mentioned to our team, that all ingredients are halal-compliant and there is currently no pork, no lard served in the eatery. They are in the midst of applying for halal-certification, but according to MUIS they have not officially received the application. HHWT is excited about the re-launch of A&W in Singapore but we advise caution for readers who may not be comfortable dining there at this moment of time.

A&W fans, it’s time to rejoice! 😄 We’ve been waiting for this classic restaurant to finally return to Singapore’s sunny shores and with its brand-new outlet opening at Jewel Changi Airport, we’re so excited to finally get the nostalgic goodness we’ve been craving for! 🤩

Their menu is chock-full of classic American favourites, with everything from burgers and hot dogs, to fried chicken and waffles. And of course, who can forget about their iconic draft root beer floats? 😍

We couldn’t help but try a little bit of everything to celebrate the momentous occasion 😉 Check out the onions on that Coney Dog (Chicken/Beef Ala Carte S$5.20), and the specks of pepper in the Curly Fries (S$3.60, add cheese for S$0.60)!

Who can ignore how thick and juicy that beef patty in the Mozza Burger (S$10.90 with combo set including curly fries and root beer) is! 🤤 The rich and savoury flavour was definitely worth the wait, and worth a trip down to Jewel Changi Airport too!

The Waffle Ice Cream With Topping (S$7.90) was the perfect dessert to end our meal, and the classic Root Beer (S$2.90) topped it all of with its refreshing goodness!

The outlet is still pretty packed with people clamouring for their first taste of genuine A&W goodness in a long time, but we think it’s definitely worth the wait. If anything, we can’t wait to go back soon to try everything else on the menu! 😋

Halal status: All halal ingredients, pending certification from MUIS

Opening hours: 24/7 daily
 #B2-209 Jewel Changi Airport

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