These Parents Set Up a Cafe for Their Son with Autism (and They Serve Halal Foods!)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Sep 23, 2021

Ashraf Cafe has been around for a few years. Starting off in a corner of Changi Road, they've garnered  traction over the years from people who absolutely love their food to anyone who wishes to support their cause. As a cafe that aims to build individuals with special needs and help them achieve long term paid employment, they've worked with organisations like Majulah, WRAP (Work Readiness Adult Programme) and DAC (Daily Activity Centre). Giving back to the less fortunate community has always been the goal, and with so much growth under their wing, they now have a second outlet!

P.S. If you'd like to support more causes like this, check out Dignity Kitchen, Singapore's first hawker centre run by the differently-abled!

Ashraf's Cafe Now Has A Second Outlet!

As of 22nd September, Ashraf's Cafe opened their second outlet at the very colourful Old Hill Street Police Station! Just 5-7 minutes away from Funan Mall, they're definitely worth the walk. They've got new, halal food items for any foodie to enjoy.

Credit: Ashraf's Cafe on Facebook

From a few different types of pizza (like Hawaiian!) to Avocado Bowls or Battered Shrimp Bowl, you're going to regret missing out on such delicious food at their new outlet. You can choose between 5 different toppings and 4 different types of sauces to customise your bowl? And if you're nearer to their first Changi outlet, you'd get to enjoy more local menu dishes like Chicken Rice and Biryani!

The best part is that they deliver on Foodpanda, and you can order deliveries from their website as well

Credit: Ashraf's Cafe on Facebook

If you'd like to support the autism, special need or low-income communities, you can head to Ashraf's Cafe's website to donate. All donations go straight to the funding of their Takeout Campaign, which will help to support low-income communities for 30 families. And if you pledge $40 a month, you'd be giving a family of 5 a sumptuous quality meal every month while supporting those from the autistic or special need community. All food is prepared and cooked by Ashraf and his inclusive crew!

P.S. These cafes are so hidden you'll get to avoid the crowd!

Credit: Ashraf's Cafe on Facebook

This is definitely a cause worth supporting - and with delicious food served to you, it'll be a pretty delicious way to do so!

Ashraf's Cafe 

Halal-Certification: Muslim-Owned

Address: 140 Hill Street, or 170 Changi Rd

Contact: Facebook