Australia Is Launching A New Train Service That Takes You Directly To Perth From Airport


Syahirah •  Sep 15, 2022

You’ve just landed in Australia’s Perth Airport. You’re a little tired and hungry but very much excited. The long flight is finally over but the challenge now is getting to your accommodation in the city. ?Here’s some exciting news for those who love efficiency (and a good view). Australia will be adding the new Airport Line onto their train system that picks up passengers from Perth Airport. Find out how it can benefit you!

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This news is for you if you’re travelling to Perth on a budget or without transportation. Starting on 9 October 2022, a new train line called the Forrestfield-Airport Line will be added to the current map. For a small one-way fee of AUD5, passengers can take this train from the Perth Airport to the Perth CBD district. ?The best part is that it only takes 20 minutes to get there! You can easily avoid all that traffic.

The entire plan of this new train link project is meant to encourage people to explore more of Perth. This link gives increased accessibility for both locals and tourists to commute more quickly and efficiently across the city. ? With how the train line goes to more suburban areas, you’ll be able to find local businesses and communities to support.

As travellers, it’ll help us explore Perth in more ways than one. It allows for spontaneous visits to neighbourhoods and streets, which is perfect if you’re someone adventurous and love the thrill of finding hidden gems all on your own.

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