10 Lesser Known Aunty Tips For Cooking, Cleaning And Organisation You'll Need For Your Raya Prep


Syahirah •  Apr 19, 2023

As Muslims, we are taught the importance of cleanliness and organisation in our daily lives. But let's be honest, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to keep up with everything especially during Ramadan and Raya. ? That's why I want to share with you some "aunty" lifestyle tips for cleaning that I've learned over the years that have helped me keep my home and life in order. These tips may seem simple, but trust me, they work wonders!

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1. Place dried chilli and garlic cloves in the rice to prevent weevils


Credit: Unsplash

Did you know that putting several dried chilli and garlic cloves (with the shell) into your rice tub helps prevent weevils from infesting your container? Weevils are sensitive to smell so doing so will definitely keep them away!

2. Use leftover rice water to water your plants

In an interview with eHow, houseplant expert revealed that leftover rice water is plant food because it acts like a fertiliser! So next time you cook some rice, be sure to save the water and it'll save you some money too.

3. Apply petrolium jelly onto burns


Credit: Unsplash

Raya and Ramadan are when family members are often busy cooking in the kitchen. Amidst all the rushing and chaos, there might be an instance of an accident at the stove. If you or someone at home is suffering from a burn, make sure to rinse the affected area with cold water and apply petrolium jelly (like Vaseline) onto it!

4. Use salt to clean a broken egg

If you've accidentally dropped an egg, use salt get it off the floor completely (you'll need a lot of it)! The salt absorbs the liquid and solidifies the egg, which you can then scoop right up — so there's no need for excessive mopping or paper towels.

5. Fill your salt shaker with rice to help it come out better

Due to the humid conditions, salt in salt shakers tend to clump together when not in use. That's why you have to add a teaspoon of rice grain into your shaker to help even out the sprinkling!

6. Use bread for picking up broken glass


Credit: Unsplash

Raya is a time for broken plates, glasses and much more, after all, there's a chance you'll be hosting multiple families at once in your home. If there happens to be a broken object, dispose the larger shards before simply using a slice of bread to pick up the smaller pieces off the ground.

7. Use a soap bar to unstuck a zipper


Credit: Unsplash

Ever tried to zip up your bag, pillow case or even baju Raya but the zipper keeps getting stuck? Rub a bar of soap agains the zipper to set it loose!

8. Use a shaver to get rid of lint

Accidentally left a piece of tissue in the washer with your clothes? Gently rake the pieces off with a shaver - no need for a second wash or screaming and blaming the whole household.

9. Use a rubber band for hard to open jars and bottles

Having a hard time opening that jar? Tie a couple of rubber bands onto the lid to give it some friction as your pry it open.

10. Use stainless steel surface to remove odour


Credit: Unsplash

If you're the cook of the household, you'll probably already know this one. Chopping garlic and onions can leave a distinct and rather clingy scent on your finger tips (they just won't go away!). In those cases, rub your fingers against the flat side of a stainless steel knife under running water to get rid of that pungent smell.

There you have it! Some lesser known hacks for cooking, cleaning and organising. Life is definitely easier once you know what to do in certain situations! How many tips did you already know of?