9 SG Attractions That Have Stepped Up On Precautionary Measures During The Coronavirus Outbreak


Faruq Senin •  Feb 18, 2020

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak sweeping the world, we understand that there might be some hesitation as to whether or not you should be travelling. While some of us are shelving our travel plans, there are others who might be taking advantage of the opportunity to travel as prices for flights and accommodation to certain destinations are cheaper right now.

For those of you who have already planned a trip to Singapore or are thinking of visiting in the next few months, do know that the government and many attractions have increased efforts to safeguard the well-being of visitors and ensure that they can travel without any worries. We've rounded up these 9 attractions in Singapore which have stepped up on hygiene and precautionary measures in hopes that you'll be more well-informed of the situation before you visit.

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Disclaimer: This article is not a benchmark as to whether you can or should travel to Singapore. It’s best to weigh all your options, discuss with your family or loved ones and even check the Ministry of Health’s official update page for the latest news. You should also check the latest health travel advisories from your respective countries before changing or continuing with your own travel plans. If you're travelling anywhere or even staying home, do remember to take personal health precautions such as washing your hands regularly, avoiding touching your face, and bringing hand sanitisers ?

1. Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

USS is one of Singapore' top attractions, and it promises a whole lot of fun, whether you're travelling with friends or your family! So, it's perfectly understandable that many of you are concerned as to whether it's safe for you to visit.

Credit: Resorts World Sentosa on Facebook

As part of their precautionary measures, Resorts World Sentosa (which manages USS, S.E.A. Aquarium and Adventure Cove) have installed thermal scanners for temperature screenings at key guest entry points. So, you can expect to see one at the main entrance of USS too.

Credit: Resorts World Sentosa on Facebook

There has also been a sharp increase in the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, with hospital-grade disinfectants being used. If you need to clean your hands, rest assured you can find around 270 hand sanitisers across their premises. Be sure to read up on the precautionary measures on Resort World Sentosa's website to keep yourself updated!

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2. Marina Bay Sands and ArtScience Museum

If you're thinking of going up the famous SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) or catching one of the exciting exhibits at ArtScience Museum, do check out their website to keep yourself updated on the precautionary measures that they have taken.

As of 13 Feb 2020, MBS has implemented temperature screenings at the main entrances to the hotel, The Shoppes at Marina Bay and ArtScience Museum. If you're coming from Bayfront MRT station, do note that you'll have to go through temperature scanners before going into MBS. Another thing to note is that they have also closed off several entrances to The Shoppes to facilitate temperature checks, so you might have to make some slight detours.

Credit: Marina Bay Sands on Facebook

Besides that, you can also find hand sanitisers and surgical masks at concierge desks across the premises, as well as a significant increase in the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of public areas, shares spaces and common touchpoints. Unfortunately, for those of you who are looking forward to Spectra, their nightly light and sound show, it has been suspended until further notice. This is to protect the well-being and safety of visitors and staff.

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3. Gardens by the Bay

With so much happening at Gardens by the Bay such as the IG-worthy #futuretogether exhibition, Dahlia Dreams and the upcoming Sakura Matsuri, it looks like things are not getting less exciting ? But rest assured, the attraction has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation and taking guidance from the Ministry of Health.

You can expect temperature screenings at all their key attractions - Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, Floral Fantasy, Supertree Observatory, Children's Garden and the ongoing #futuretogether exhibition. Plus, cleaning and disinfection schedules have been increased especially in high traffic and enclosed areas. All handheld devices such as audio-visual aids are also disinfected frequently.

4. Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport may be one of Singapore's newest top attractions but it has not backed down in its efforts to make visitors feel at ease. If you can't wait to marvel at the world's tallest indoor waterfall, you'd be glad to know that they have intensified their cleaning regimes and disinfection efforts during this period.

Credit: Jewel Changi Airport on Facebook

Not to mention that their staff are monitoring guests who might look unwell and will advise them to seek medical consultation at the nearest clinic at Changi Airport Terminal 3. Masks will also be provided to the guests who feel unwell.

Credit: Jewel Changi Airport on Facebook

If you're planning to enter the Canopy Park, Changi Experience Studio, Changi Lounge, Shaw Theatres and the YotelAIR Singapore Changi Airport, do note that there will be temperature screenings for guests. On top of that, you can also find hand sanitisers at all concierge counters across Jewel and Canopy Park attractions.

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5. Changi Airport

If you're travelling to Singapore via flight and you're concerned about your safety at the airport, we can totally understand! But ever since the outbreak, Changi Airport has stepped up on measures to safeguard and protect its workers and visitors alike. For one, all passengers arriving at the airport and airport staff will go through a temperature screening.

Credit: Changi Airport on Facebook

For areas that have high human contact like touchscreens, handrails on travellators and escalators, lift buttons, water coolers and play areas, they are cleaned and disinfected up to 4 times a day. Tables at eateries are also cleaned and disinfected every time they are cleared. There's also been an increase in the frequency of toilet cleaning. What's more, touchscreen panels and other frequently-touched surfaces like automated check-in kiosks, bag drop machines, immigration counters around the airport have been sprayed with an added protective disinfectant coating.

Not to mention that the airport has also found new ways to improve their cleaning methods such as using ozone-infused water which cleans much stronger and faster as compared to chlorine.

Need to wash your hands with soap the toilet is too far away? No worries! There are over 1000 hand sanitisers across Changi Airport (including Jewel) and a few hundreds of these use motion sensors, so you won't need to touch anything, thus reducing any contact with surfaces ? We recommend heading over to the Changi Airport website to get yourself updated on the precautionary measures before you visit Singapore.

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6. Singapore River Cruise

One of the best ways to experience downtown Singapore is by hopping on the Singapore River Cruise. The boat ride takes you to iconic sights like the Merlion, Esplanade, Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands.

Credit: Singapore River Cruise on Facebook

If this is on your to-do list while you're in Singapore, you'd be pleased to know that they have taken extra preventive measures to safeguard the health of customers and their staff. Some of these measures include disinfecting railings, onboard vessels, and the boarding areas. Sanitisers are also provided at ticketing counters so you can clean your hands before you board the cruise!

7. Masjid Sultan

It's no doubt that Masjid Sultan and the Bugis area is very popular with Muslim travellers, especially with the variety of halal eateries around and plenty of IG-worthy spots. If you're planning to do your prayers at Masjid Sultan during your trip, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) has rolled out several precautionary measures.

While Masjid Sultan is currently closed for tour visits until further notice, you're still welcome to pray at the mosque. All mosques in Singapore have stepped up on hygiene measures such as sanitising and disinfecting mosque facilities like doorknobs, staircase railings and faucets. Hand soaps and anti-bacterial hand sanitisers are also readily available for jemaah.

For those of you planning to join Friday prayers or other congregational prayers, ventilation has also been enhanced so that indoor air quality can be improved. All mosque staff and regular visitors also need to go through temperature screenings. For visitors who display symptoms of flu or are unwell, they will also be asked to leave the mosque and seek medical attention.

Regarding personal hygiene and social responsibility, MUIS has also advised Muslims through their Facebook post, to take their temperature before heading for Friday prayers, bring a small prayer mat or clean cloth for sujud and place their hands on their heart as a substitute to shaking hands.

8. Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari

With a wide species of animals and wildlife creatures, it's no wonder that the Singapore Zoo together with Night Safari and River Safari are some of Singapore's top attractions.

While there might be some hesitation and uncertainty with regards to going close to animals during this period, Wildlife Reserves Singapore (which manages Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari) has assured visitors through its Facebook post that it is safe to share the same space as their animals. That's because they screen their animals regularly to check their health status and the animals also enjoy "state-of-the-art veterinary care".

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Credit: Singapore Tourism Board on Facebook

In terms of hygiene, Wildlife Reserves Singapore has also stepped up preventive and precautionary measures across all 3 parks, such as disinfecting their premises every hour, especially in high traffic areas like ticketing points. Like many attractions on this list, the 3 parks also conduct temperature screenings at entrances for both staff and guests. Those who feel unwell are also advised to approach their staff immediately for assistance.

9. National Gallery Singapore

With the Singapore Biennale happening till 22 Mar 2020, the exhibitions that are held at National Gallery Singapore remains open but rest assured, they are monitoring the situation and have put in place precautionary measures. For one, cleaning and disinfection services have increased while hand sanitisers can also be found across the gallery. If you need a mask, you can also request for it from the staff.

If you've signed up for a tour, talk, workshop or any special events, do note that there will be temperature taking and a travel/contact history declaration. What's more, the gallery's staff have also been briefed to remain vigilant and to look out for the health of visitors so if you feel unwell during your visit, feel free to approach any of the staff and seek medical attention.

#HHWT Tip: Do check out their website to read more about their measures and the Singapore Biennale website for any changes or cancellations to exhibitions.


Public transport 

If you're travelling on buses and trains while you're in Singapore, it's worth noting that public transport operators SBS Transit and SMRT have ramped up their cleaning efforts.

Credit: SBS Transit Ltd on Facebook

Public areas are cleaned regularly with disinfectants and train and bus interiors are also cleaned and disinfected daily especially the grab poles, overhead handles, seats and windows.

Credit: SMRT on Facebook

As for MRT stations and bus interchanges, areas with high commuter touchpoints like hand railings, escalators, lift buttons, MRT gantries are also cleaned every few hours. On top of that, you'll be able to spot hand sanitisers at MRT stations and bus interchanges too.

Kudos to these attractions for ramping up their hygiene and precautionary measures and we hope you're now more well-informed of the situation in Singapore ? ! The HHWT team would also like to take this opportunity to thank the frontline staff for their efforts during this period.

However, do note that while these attractions have done their part in ensuring a safe environment for visitors, ultimately the best way to prevent the virus is by practising personal hygiene and having social responsibility. This means washing your hands thoroughly, avoid touching your face with your hands, cover your mouth when sneezing and coughing and seeing a doctor if you're unwell. Last but not least, remember to keep yourself updated on travel advisories and look out for our upcoming article on hygiene tips while travelling ?