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There’s A New Halal Rooftop Dining Spot You Probably Didn’t Know About


Nabillah Roslee •  Jan 16, 2018


The Singapore skyline is so well-praised among tourists and locals alike that it makes just the perfect backdrop for a chill night. Be it for a romantic date, some quality time with your family members or a fun night out catching up with friends, an open-rooftop dining area will definitely provide the calming atmosphere you'd need after a long day. Well... you no longer need to dream of something so ideal! You can now bask in such a soothing environment at Atap Bar - a halal rooftop bar in Singapore's hub of all things artsy and trendy, Arab Street. ? UPDATE (25 June 2018): Atap Bar has temporarily moved but fret not, you can still enjoy its wonderful concoctions at The Great Mischief  at Madras Street. Now you can sip on their bespoke mocktails AND savour Catalan-inspired halal tapas at the same time, so there's even more reason for you to head down! Check out Atap Bar or The Great Mischief's Facebook and Instagram pages for more updates ? P.S. Not sure what other great eats are served at The Great Mischief? Check them out here.
Credit: Atap Bar on Facebook Atap Bar was opened on New Year's eve with a countdown party, hosting families who were impressed by their service and serenaded by live music.
Credit: Atap Bar on Facebook The family-friendly establishment also houses an indoor area lit by warm colours and decorated with colourful cushioned seats, garlands of flowers intertwining around swing chairs, and tropical-looking plants.The cozy space is reminiscent of a living room in the kampung days, where you can catch up with family and friends over a refreshing glass of non-alcoholic mocktail. ?
Credit: @atapbar on Instagram With non-alcoholic mocktails being the main attractive value, you definitely cannot give them a miss! Atap Bar's mocktails are lovingly named after nostalgic Malay folktales, songs and musical instruments. Try out their Rasa Sayang (the taste of love - $14), a blend of rose-infused water, coconut juice, strawberries and more, and you might just find yourself transported to the nostalgic childhood days of learning this classic traditional Malay song. Or what about Majapahit, a glass of chai tea and lemon juice infused with smoke from burning rosemary? This interesting concoction was aptly named after a major empire in the Malay archipelago along a spice trade route. ?
Credit: @ttteriii on Instagram You also have the option of creating your own drink if you'd like to try your very own blend - who knows, they might just name it after you! ? For about $13, this option allows you to pick a base drink, your choice of fruits, and lastly, the 'kick' of your drink, which ranges from mint and spice to herb and sour. If you would prefer to have something to munch on to accompany your drink, they also have a menu of snacks! Try out some keropok lekor ($8), which are traditional fish fritters originating from Terengganu, or their spicy roasted drumlets ($10) for that extra kick to spice up your night. ?
Credit: Atap Bar on Facebook Worried about keeping your kids entertained? Fret not - Atap Bar provides a range of games such as Old Maid and Happy Family for some bonding activities - the traditional way! For some of you, these games are so reminiscent of your childhood days that they will throw you way back to the yesteryears of challenging your friends to Five Stones. Why not relive them and give your children these very same experiences you think so fondly of? ?
Credit: Atap Bar on Facebook With so much thought put into the nostalgic concept, the family-friendly quality, and of course, their enticing picturesque open-rooftop area, Atap Bar certainly has much to offer for those seeking respite after a long day of work. A relaxing view, a cozy space and a refreshing drink in hand - it's indeed the perfect recipe for a long night of chilling and enjoying the company of your loved ones. ? Address (temporary): 30 Madras St, The Great Madras Hotel, Singapore 208423Opening hours: Sun - Thur, 6pm - 11pm, Fri - Sat, 6pm - 12am Contact number: +65 9027 9357 Facebook | Instagram