Have A Kid-Free Date Night In SG With Premium Steaks From ASAP & Co


Qistina Bumidin •  Feb 04, 2022

You love your kids, but the last time you ever sat down with your partner to enjoy a slow meal without interruptions was … well, can you remember when? ? If you can’t, reading this is a sign! You and your partner need a well-deserved break for being the supermums and super dads that you are! So clean up your baby food-stained clothes, and pamper yourselves with some tender, juicy, halal premium steaks at ASAP & Co! ?

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P.S. No kids under 8 are allowed anyway, so you’re free from all young children for some precious, romantic time! 

ASAP & Co. Serves Up Halal Premium Steaks, Hokkaido Scallops And More To Fancy Up Your Date Night

A perfectly good ribeye steak is the king of all steaks, and their 28 Days Dry-aged Ribeye ($98) is definitely worth such a comparison. The naturally bold and rich flavours are further enhanced by the dry-ageing process, atop their unique slow-smoking method, which is the 1st and only authentic halal smoked steakhouse to do so! The good amount of creamy marbling breaks the fat down into a sinfully juicy ribeye that oozes with rich flavours. One bite down and watch your parental stresses disappear into thin air. ?

P.S. This Ribeye is also included in the Meat Appreciation Experience ($228) if you want to taste the difference between various cattle breeds.

Credit: ASAP & Co

Go big on your affection for each other with their 28 Days Dry-aged Wagyu Tomahawk ($328). It’s recommended for 3 to 4 people, so go on a double date with another set of parents, or bring along that single friend of yours (no, it’s not third-wheeling). But if you just want some privacy, make use of the rare date night and slowly devour this massively delicious platter. After being dry-aged for 28 days, the tomahawk steak is as tender as it can be. The fantastic marbling adds a rich buttery flavour to the meat, while the addition of bone adds a wonderfully meaty flavour to the steak. Imagine how happy the two of you will be! ☺️

P.S. Their slots fill up fast, so book a reservation ahead of your romantic night out!

Since you still can’t remember your last date night, why not go all out this time and have a special 5-course meal instead? Steak is simply the food of love (for meat-lovers that is), and food is the best expression of love, so spoil your loved one with their Valentine’s 5-course Set Mealand Drinks Pairing. ? 

Credit: ASAP & Co

Spice up your date with the fiery Chilli Crab Mini Tartlet. Smoked crab meat and homemade chilli wrapped in a buttery pastry, just tastes simply amazing.  ? The Angus Beef Brisket Croquettes are so snackable, we just hope you and your partner don’t go about fighting for the last piece! 

Credit: ASAP & Co

Smoked Hokkaido Scallops are a luxury you deserve. Hokkaido scallops are the most coveted scallops by sushi chefs, and you’re having it at a smoked steakhouse. Honestly, your date is getting a whole lot cooler and we want to join too, pretty please? Not third-wheeling for real this time, we promise. ?

Credit: ASAP & Co

Keep your eyes peeled for the signature dish: the Smoked MS9 Wagyu Ribeye. Wagyu beef tastes sublime: buttery, subtly sweet, packed with umami flavours. One bite down and you’ll be wishing you both can stay in this meatilicious wonderland for the longest time. Responsibilities just feel too much for now, we get it! ? Add a little cherry on top and end it off with the last course: Signature Cempedak Crème Brûlée. Jackfruit, custard cream and caramelised sugar mixed together for a perfectly sweet dessert, but not too overpowering for you to stay awake throughout the night! 

It’s only valid for dine-in, and the promotion starts from Feb 11th to 28th, so make your babysitting plans for your children fast! To avoid disappointment, make a reservation first!

As parents, it might be a little hard to be away from your children, but it’s really important to know the first reason why those adorable (and super tiring) kids of yours were here: the relationship between the both of you! ? Carve out some time with each other and treat yourself to a romantic, luxurious experience at ASAP & Co now! 

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