Spend Your Weekdays Inside The IG-Worthy Videogame Installation At The ArtScience Museum (50% Off!)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Oct 28, 2021

Have you ever been so absorbed in a video game you wish you could live it? The immersive, virtual world that video games create can make us feel like we are the main character in our very own digital world. Well if you've ever wished to experience just that, ArtScience Museum has the exhibition for you! With 6 interactive exhibits, aesthetic backdrops and beautiful worlds this place might just be perfect for families with curious kids or anyone looking to spend some time in their very own virtual world!

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Virtual Realms: Video Games Transformed

The lovechild of media artists and game developers, Virtual Realms is a project that presents 21st-century game designs into art! Step into the realm of videogames and enjoy playful, immersive installations that will take you on your very own videogame journey. You can do this by exploring the 6 worlds (exhibitions) that they've set up! Check it out here!

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Credit: ArtScience Museum on Facebook

From transporting yourself to unfamiliar environments only to be able to communicate with other universes to solving puzzles with your friends in narrative exhibits, Virtual Realms' exhibitions will leave you both spellbound and refreshed from the fun!

50% Off Weekdays

If you're looking to explore this digital wonderland sometime soon, here's a #HHWTTip: go on a weekday! The ArtScience Museum is offering 50% off tickets from now till 18th November on weekdays. At just $8.55 per adult (U.P. $12), you can explore video games as the character themselves! Say goodbye to controllers - transport yourself into the virtual world instead!

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Credit: ArtScience Museum on Facebook

For those holding concession, the offer goes at $6.30 for you! This offer is available to both Virtual Realms and Orchestral Manoeuvres, another exhibition being held by the ArtScience Museum. Buy tickets to all 3 exhibitions at ArtScience Museum and get them at a special price of $35/adult (U.P.$40) or $26/concession (U.P. $30)!

Credit: ArtScience Museum on Facebook

Share this with your date or a loved one to immerse yourselves in a video game on a weekday! P.S. If weekdays are usually busy, don't forget Fridays! The ArtScience Museum closes at 7pm ?