This Gourmet Food Hall In KL Serves Mouth-Watering Peking Duck, Truffle Pizza, Beef Eye Fillet And More


Farah Fazanna •  Nov 08, 2022

I’m not really a fan of ducks (cooked or otherwise), but after trying the Peking duck at Artisan’s Playground by COOKHOUSE recently, I’ve changed my mind. Peking duck is a traditional Chinese food that has been around since the Imperial era. It’s a delicacy and can be quite expensive as the cooking and preparation method is tedious. Wanna know more about this mouth-watering Peking duck that I’ve had? Read on!

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Before we move on, yes the duck is halal-certified! There is no alcohol or pork in the dishes here. There is an alcohol bar, which is separated from the preparation of the food so there is no risk of cross-contamination. We recommend you dine at your own discretion.

What’s important in a Peking duck is the crispy skin that has been sliced thinly — that only experts can do! Cooked to order, this Peking duck is steamed, oven-roasted, and basted with honey and soy sauce until golden brown and crisp, then served with homemade plum sauce. The duck juice is saved and served with rice. Duck meat can be quite dry if not cooked properly and I’m happy to report that the Peking duck here was juicy and tender! 

The duck is served with thinly sliced onions, cucumber and lettuce which you place on a paper roll. Then, add the crispy duck skin (omg yum!) and smother it with some plum sauce (or the chilli and garlic sauce for some spiciness) before rolling it. I’m still dreaming about the duck ever since I’ve had it.

P/S: The Peking duck is only available on Monday, 14th November 2022 so do reserve your seats here before it's sold out!

Beef Eye Fillet from Mabel

There are other restaurants that you can try here as well. I had the crowd’s favourite Beef Eye Fillet (RM38). The beef is juicy and tender and literally melts in your mouth! Complemented with cashew cream, chimichurri and gula Melaka soy sauce with burnt butter, it’s definitely a must-try when you’re here!

Beef Bacon and Cheese from Burnt & Co 

Utilising a Josper grill, the open-flame kitchen has a myriad of mouthwatering selections on the menu. I had the beef bacon and cheese open sandwich (RM28) and I was spoilt! The beef is tender, the bread is soft and the tangy cheese is the perfect complement! We also had the chargrilled kailan, which is perfect to eat with the duck rice. The kailan is crunchy and I loved that you can still taste the bitterness of the vegetable — that’s what makes kailan delicious!

Aussie Breakfast Fry-Up from Tucker

Ah, a classic. This is the kind of breakfast that’s perfect for any time of the day! Perfectly scrambled eggs, sausages, baked beans and hash browns are amazingly delicious! For RM38, I’d say the price is worth it as the portion is huge. It can probably serve up to two people!

Why you should visit Artisan’s Playground by COOKHOUSE

I loved that there are a number of restaurants here — you’re really spoilt by choice! It’s perfect if you’re with a large group of people as the options are endless and no one will be left out. The space is also spacious and there are also private dining rooms. The restaurants are constantly changing so you’ll get to try different things each time you visit! If you call yourself a foodie, the Artisan’s Playground is for you.

Opening hours: 8.30am to 10pm daily

Address: 1, Jalan Selvadurai 1st Floor, Block H, Plaza Riverwalk, Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Parking on-site available

Reservations can be made online. For more information, you can visit Artisan’s Playground website.