6 Art Jamming Spots In Singapore That Are Perfect For Couples Or A Girls' Day Out


Faruq Senin •  Sep 22, 2020

One of the trends that has picked up in Singapore in recent years is art jamming. For the uninitiated, art jamming is where you and a group of others do some canvas painting together. Not only is it a fun way to unleash creativity, it's also very therapeutic for the mind. What's great is that for many studios in Singapore, you can just sign up for a one-off art jamming session which makes it super free and easy! If you're looking for ideas on where to art jam, we've rounded up these 6 art jamming studios in Singapore that are perfect for couples or a girls' day out!

1. Liberty Art Jam, Artify Studio

Run by Artify Studio which holds art lessons for kids, Liberty Art Jam's art classes are for adults and corporate workshops. With a belief that anyone can do art in a non-judgmental environment, rest assured you won't need any prior art experience to sign up for Liberty Art Jam! You'll also be given some tips before your start painting. Those of you who don't need any guidance might want to sign up for the Unguided Art Jam instead. Both sessions last around 2.5 hours and include a 40 x 50 canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, hair dryer, aprons, cloths and a plastic carrier.

Price: $35 (liberty art jam), $25 (unguided art jam)

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2. My Art Space

Why paint in a classroom when you can let your creativity flow freely at this beautiful glass studio in Istana Park? With plenty of natural light, you'll definitely be able to get inspiration to create your very own masterpiece ? Though their art-jamming sessions are not open yet, you can still sign up for other lessons like their Painting Introductory Workshop or Watercolour Intro. For those of you who are interested to pick up painting as a hobby, check out their packaged workshops for adults! My Art Space also has other studios in Khatib and Compassvale.

Price: From $65 (Painting Introductory Workshop/Watercolour Intro - second sign-up at $35)

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3. Artefakts

Whether you're just taking painting as a hobby or you're looking to hone your skills, Artefakts has got you covered! For their art jamming session, you can either bring your own picture to paint or choose from one of their art works to get you inspired. Besides just painting, you'll also be accompanied by soft music and cold or hot beverages. Their art jamming sessions are non-guided but you can still ask for help with regards the use of tools, materials or even basic painting techniques. You'll also be equipped with a stretched canvas frame, unlimited acrylic paint, brushes, disposable palette and apron.

Price: from $40

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4. ARThaus

With a goal for its participants to express themselves freely in a stress-free and cozy environment, ARThaus' art jamming sessions are closely guided by their professional artists. The environment is perfect if you have some interest in art but not sure if you should commit fully to the craft. Whether you're thinking of doing something unique with friends or celebrating a birthday or special occasion, this art jamming session is perfect for you!

Price: $70

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5. Splat Paint House

For an art jamming session with a twist, Splat Paint House's got you covered! This is Singapore's only dedicated splatter paint studio! Instead of the conventional way of using a paint brush and carefully brushing your strokes, Splat Paint House lets you go wild with paint and literally splash them on your canvas. Talk about releasing stress! Each of their Starter Package includes syringes and a squirt bottle or water gun for you to paint your masterpiece. Don't worry, coveralls, shoe covers, safety glasses and gloves will be provided too. If you need special paints like neon, metallic and glitters or a canvas upgrade, you can request for them at an additional cost too.

Price: From $34

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6. Arteastiq

Credit: Arteastiq Social Painting Studio on Facebook

If you're in Orchard and find yourself needing some creative, head over to Arteastiq! Combining both "art" and "tea" (hence, the name!), it's both a spot for tea and an art jam studio. Their concept is all about social interaction while expressing your creativity on a blank canvas. Their social painting studio is also overlooking the busy Orchard Rd, which makes your painting experience unique in its own way. They have various discounts and packages for groups like Purchase 4 and get 1 free or a party deal where you can get discounts for holding a bridal shower or birthdays. There's also a birthday special where you can enjoy a 1-for-1 deal! Each painting session comes with 1 free drink.

Disclaimer: Do note that Arteastiq is not halal-certified and sells alcoholic beverages. We recommend that you visit at your own discretion.

Price: $48

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With these 6 art jamming studios, now you know where to go if you're looking for an outlet for creative expression! Whether you're celebrating something special with your girlfriends or planning a fun date out with your other half, be sure to bookmark these studios ?