5 Interesting Things You Should Know About Apple's New Store At Marina Bay Sands


Faruq Senin •  Aug 25, 2020

Apple fans, you're in for a treat! Just yesterday, Apple announced that it will be opening its store at Marina Bay Sands (MBS), Singapore soon. No official date has been released yet but we're super excited about it! This confirmation comes months after there were speculations about the store at MBS. Now, Apple fans have something they can look forward to ? Here are 5 interesting things you should know about the Apple store at MBS!

1. It's the world's first "floating" Apple store

The new Apple store sits on the Marina Bayfront, making it the world's first Apple store that sits on water! But that's not the only thing that makes it special. The fact that the store is set against the backdrop of Singapore's financial district, with the Apple logo shining brightly, makes it a super IG-worthy spot ?

2. It's Apple's third store in Singapore

The store at MBS will be Apple's third store in Singapore. The first store opened at Orchard Road in 2017 which made it Southeast Asia's first Apple store. Then in July last year, Apple made headlines yet again when it opened at the iconic Jewel Changi Airport! It seems that this store will be a hype once again when it officially opens ?

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3. It will be housed in a sphere

Other than being in the limelight for being the world's first floating Apple store, the MBS store will also be housed in a sphere. From afar, the futuristic sphere looks like a floating spaceship. It definitely reflects Apple's status as a tech giant.

According to these series of photos, the entrance to Apple's MBS store will be from Basement 1 of the shopping mall. It also seems like there will be another entrance from the MBS boardwalk. Right now, both entrances are being cordoned off by a giant Apple "box".

4. The location used to be a nightclub

The location of the current Apple store used to be the site of former nightclub, Avalon. The popular nightclub was operating from 2011 to 2016 and occupied a mega 17,000 sq ft! After the location has been empty for a few years, aren't we glad that the Apple store is opening there now?

5. It will be a space to "explore, connect and create something new"

According to Apple, the MBS store will be "at the heart of creativity" and a place to capture "ideas and passions". They also mentioned that it will be a space to "explore, connect and create something new". While not many details have been released about this store, we hope there will be plenty of hands-on and interactive activities. When Apple's Jewel store opened last year, customers could sign up for The Magic of Jewel Changi Airport Photo Walk where they could go around Jewel with an Apple expert and learn various photography techniques. We're hoping that Apple would do the same or perhaps something better at the MBS store ?

As Marina Bay is one of the favourite destinations for both locals and travellers, now, you have one more spot to look forward to while you're there. We're just waiting in anticipation for the opening day of the Apple store at MBS! Let us know in the comments if you are as excited as us too!

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