This Studio In Singapore Teaches You How To Tuft Carpets, Bags And Much More From Only $38


Syahirah Mazlan •  Aug 19, 2022

Gone were the days where only talented seamstresses and knitters could make beautiful handmade crafts. These days, there’s an art studio in every corner of the country if you look hard enough. ?If the idea of arts and crafts excites you, then there’s somewhere that you must visit on your next day off! Anna Craft Creative is hosting a workshop that teaches you how to sew, craft and even turf carpets and bags from only $38!

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Credit: Anna's Craft Creative on FB

Everyone loves a little something that’s handmade. ?There’s personality to the craft which makes it a memorable item to have. Anna Craft Creative offers workshops for sewing, tufting and much more hands on art activities that anyone can do! The exciting part is that you can even learn how to tuft a usable bag!

Credit: Anna's Craft Creative on FB

What is ‘tufting’, you may ask? ? Tufting is a type of textile weaving where a thread is inserted on a base. It’s actually an ancient technique for making warm garments, especially mittens! After the knitting is done, short U-shaped loops of extra yarn are introduced through the fabric from the outside so that their ends point inwards. In Singapore, you can find tufting most commonly in the form of carpets. But Anna Craft Creative has made it so you can experiment with the tufting gun and create your own designs!

Credit: Anna's Craft Creative on FB

For a fun activity with your gal pals or loved ones, you can visit Anna Craft Creative and learn how to make your very own bags that can actually carry substantial weight. An 18 cm by 18 cm piece starts from $38 but can go up to $138 depending on the size of your work. All tufting materials and machine usage will be provided and you’ll be guided throughout the workshop so you don’t need to worry! 

Credit: Anna's Craft Creative on FB

If you’re looking for something fun and interesting to do with your friends, this is the place for you! ?Expand your skill and tell people you’ve learnt how to tuft bags and carpets. It’ll make for a very exciting conversation and you get a special handmade item to take home with you as proof!

P.S. Work shops at Anna Craft Creative are only by reservations via WhatsApp so do get in touch with them before you visit their studio! 

Anna Craft Creative

Address: 7 Soon Lee Street #5-11, Ispace, Singapore 627608

Opening hours: Tue-Sun; 12AM-8PM | Mon; Closed

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Bookings: WhatsApp 9771 4217

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