Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With These 13 Amazing Halal Desserts in SG


Irna •  Mar 08, 2019

[Updated 21 December 2021]

Dessert is always a good idea. Whether you're ending a meal, or just looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, dessert always seems to be the ideal fix. ? And while a simple soft-serve cone or a slice of chocolate cake is delicious, sometimes it's nice to take things up a notch and savour something extra special. Lucky for us, there are plenty of amazing halal desserts in Singapore that will be sure to get you drooling! So we've rounded up 13 awesome halal desserts you can find in Singapore, perfect for any sweet cravings.

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Halal Desserts in SG

1. Fluffy waffles at Geláre

Credit: Geláre

Fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, the waffles at Geláre is perfect for your sweet cravings and for this festive season, they are having a special promotion! Fans of coffee and cheese will absolutely love the CocoCheese ($12.90) which is a stacked waffle tower with a burst of decadent flavours of cream cheese and espresso. Take it a step further and add on a scoop of ice cream ($3.90) for a cold, sweet treat!

Plus, you try their new refreshing Iced Passion Flower Tea (N.P. $4.90) for $3.90 if you're purchasing the CocoCheese! The promotion is happening until 9 Janaury 2022 and available at all Geláre outlets, except Geláre Bugis+ and is valid for dine-in only. Other classics you could try is the Classic Waffle ($8.90) or the Banana Split ($16.30). For more information about Geláre, check out this article!

Halal Status: Halal-certified

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2. Locally-inspired cupcakes at Fluff Bakery

With a rotating menu of desserts weekly, you almost never know what to expect when you visit this bakery. The list of flavours at Fluff Bakery are endless but a really unique feature is the fact they have many cupcakes inspired by local flavours, including bandung, ondeh ondeh, apam balik sweetcorn and triple milo.

Feel like sticking to familiar flavours? Fluff’s best-selling Nutella Red Velvet and Salted Caramel cupcakes are always in store, waiting for you. Their sliced cakes and doughnuts are also a big hit with regulars!

P.S. Couldn't get your hands on their doughnuts? Here are 9 more bakeries that sell halal doughnuts in Singapore!

Fluff Bakery is open forpre-orders for pick up and delivery via their website.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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3. Gula Melaka scones by All Things Delicious

When it comes to desserts baked from the heart, All Things Delicious is where it's at. The most raved about desserts here are the scones, and the Gula Melaka ones are not for the faint of heart. But scones aren't the only unique desserts here! You'll want to dig into the other mouthwatering and irresistible delights such as their Earl Grey Bundt Cake, Cempedak Loaf or Orange-Infused Sugee Cake. ATD is definitely one of the most loved local halal bakeries - here are 16 more halal bakeries in Singapore if you can't get enough baked goods!

All Things Delicious is open for pick up and delivery options too.

Halal status: Halal-certified

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4. Gloriously-decorated cakes by Butter Studio

Butter Studio is not one to shy away from being challenged in making customised cakes. Their cakes are so intricately designed, they seem too beautiful to be eaten. One of their cakes that is easy on the eyes and even more on the palate is the Salted Caramel Red Velvet cake – a wonderful union of two crowd favourites! If you’re a fan of Nutella and cookie dough, Butter Studio has a flavour that combines both too. They also have loaf cakes, cupcakes, tarts, and brookies (brownie-cookies)!

Butter Studio is open for pick up and delivery, but if you’re picking up a pre-order do stick to the collection timing selected. Adhoc purchases are based on availability so we recommend arriving early if you’re craving something specific!

Halal status: Halal-certified

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5. Traditional-inspired cupcakes by Julie Bakes

At Julie Bakes, you can look forward to kueh-inspired cupcakes every day, like badak berendam inventions. If you are a hardcore fan of traditional Malay bakes, look no further for the cupcakes here will not disappoint. What’s even more impressive is that there are also cupcakes which are based on kueh we might not have seen in local Muslim stalls nowadays. Perhaps, parents or grandparents might be able to identify this particular dessert (Talam Dang Anum) based on the taste. For the uninitiated (i.e. myself), it is a jackfruit-based kueh, and the folks at Julie Bakes have succeeded in adapting it into a sumptuous creation.

Julie Bakes is open for pickup and delivery.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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6. Modern dessert arrangements by The Halia

Up for some exquisite dessert in the midst of the Botanic Gardens? Have a go at The Halia’s quaint creations which will leave you spellbound just by the presentation of the food itself. One of the signature favourites on the Brunch menu (currently not available with their reduced menu), the Pain Perdu is not to be missed. It is a hazelnut brioche with caramelised banana and hazelnut, fresh berries, ice cream and praline sauce. Another popular choice at The Halia is the aptly named Die Die Must Have Chocolate. A combination of chocolate mousse, raspberry sorbet, and popping candy, it's one you won't want to miss!

The Halia has pickup and delivery options too.

Halal status: Halal-certified

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7. Chendol soft-serve by Overrun

It’s always a good time for soft-serve ice-cream right? Here at Overrun, you’ll be overwhelmed with the flavours they have to offer.  One of the most popular flavours is the Chendol which comes with coconut shavings, gula Melaka and green jelly. Want to bring home some instead? You can opt for delivery to eat 16 oz pints in the comfort of your home.

If you're tucking into the sweet treat on the go you could probably share a cup of the ice cream with a friend as the portions are generous for prices from $6 onwards. Other interesting flavours to look out for every week are Ovaltine, Bandung, Mint Choc and Cotton Candy.

Overrun is open for walk-in orders, and they have delivery options too.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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8. Chendol bingsu by Oriental Ice Bistro

Credit: Oriental Ice Bistro on Facebook

Another one to add to the list for those days that you really need to beat the heat. Oriental Ice Bistro is one of the only few places which sell halal bingsu (Korean shaved ice). What’s more, they've got interesting flavours like Mango Pop, Matcha Green Tea, Coffee and Oreo Cookies.

Well, if you find the desserts familiar, that’s because Oriental Ice Bistro used to be IceBox Café but it has since reopened under new management. Well, aren’t we glad that we can still enjoy halal bingsu now? Don’t forget to check out the other items on Oriental Ice Bistro’s menu too – such as pizzas and baked rice.

Oriental Ice Bistro is open for takeaway.

Halal Status: Halal-certified

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9. Ondeh-ondeh soft-serve ice cream by Moosh Softserve

Recently a hit among visitors at Haji Lane is this quaint Muslim-owned soft-serve cafe! Moosh boasts a variety of unique soft serve flavours in their menu (such as Nutella Brownies and S'mores), they're hard to resist in scorching sunny Singapore. The most unique flavour we found was their Ondeh-Ondeh Softserve Ice Cream! If you've always been a fan of this traditional Malay kueh (or want to try it), this ice cream version comes close. Their current delivery promotion is available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday where you get to enjoy 2 soft serve pints and 2 Moosh tarts bundle at $40 (including delivery!)

Moosh is open for takeaway and delivery. 

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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10. Choux from Shubby Sweets

Tucked all the way in Chai Chee, Shubby Sweets is a hidden gem that serves brownies and delicious choux (french pastry) desserts! They have different choux flavours every week but some of the more popular ones are their Blueberry Cheesecake Choux, Red Velvet Nutella Oreo Choux and Susu Manis and Keju Choux. If you’re lucky, you might even get to taste the more exclusive flavours like Smores, Gula Melaka Choux and Chai Tea Latte Choux.

Shubby Sweets is open for pickup and delivery.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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11. Almond croissants by Mother Dough Bakery

This bakery along North Bridge may be small in size, but Mother's Dough fresh sourdough bread and bakes make up for it in flavour! The sourdough croissants are a customer favourite, especially with a topping of almond slices to add a nutty taste to the treat. Cookie lovers will also be thrilled to know that they have both dark and milk chocolate cookies - and not forgetting their slices of lemon cake or fudge brownies that will leave you feeling stuffed!

Mother Dough is open for walk-in orders, pick up and delivery.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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12. Souffle Pancakes by SweeT.Rex @ Alexandra Village Food Center

Now you can join in on the souffle pancake trend too! SweeT.Rex's soft and fluffy pancakes are dusted with powdered sugar and your choice of sauce for a perfect sweet treat. If you're not a pancake fan, you can get a cheesecake or milk pudding too!

SweeT.Rex is open for delivery.

Halal status: Halal-certified


13. Churros by Chulop!

Note: Chulop! is currently undergoing renovations throughout the month of June and will resume operations after June. Keep a lookout on their social media pages for updates! 

At Chulop! by The Syarifs, the churros are coated with just the right amount of sugar and spice (cinnamon) which makes everything nice! Though this Spanish treat is traditionally eaten at breakfast, you can definitely indulge in this sweet snack at any time of the day. When choosing your dip, why go for the usual chocolate when you can have premium dips like Thai Milk Tea, Oreo Cheesecake or Kinder Bueno!

You'll be asking for more after having a taste of the S'mores Churros, which consists of the classic churros sitting on a bed of graham biscuit crumbs, crowned by ribbons of delicious chocolate drizzle, topped off with a row of marshmallows torched to toasty perfection! And hey, if you've got a dangerously sweet tooth, we definitely recommend getting the Churros with Toppings.

Chulop! has pick-up and delivery options. Orders have to be made at least one day in advance, between 11AM-6PM.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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Wow, aren’t you spoiled for choice right now? So many cool desserts to choose from, so little time… Plan out your dessert trail and go on a gastronomic adventure around Singapore to hunt down these sweet treasures soon!