This Rapper In MY Keep It Real By Giving Back To The Community


Qistina Bumidin •  Feb 24, 2022

Like many across Malaysia during one of the worst floods experienced by the country, Madam Sarah Binti Mat Saman’s life is upended in an instant. The walls of her home in Bentong, Pahang were badly damaged by water, her furniture was beyond repair, and the home she lovingly built with her late husband was unrecognizable in her eyes. At this point, she was already unemployed, which leaves her livelihood at the mercy of her son, the breadwinner of the household, who could not hold a steady job. 

Credit: @kitakeluargamalaysia on Instagram

Altimet Helps Those Affected By Floods And Pandemic

Credit: @kitakeluargamalaysia on Instagram

Kita Keluarga Malaysia (KKM), a non-governmental organisation (NGO), which provides aid to poor families in Bentong, one of the worst flood-affected areas in Malaysia, heard about her struggles and provided her with mattresses, pillows, a cupboard and other daily necessities.

This piqued the attention of Altimet, the Malaysian rapper known for hits such as ‘Amboi’, who saw the story being shared on Twitter on Feb 16 by KKM. On the very same day itself, he expressed his interest in helping out, and now he has been supporting the NGO wholeheartedly. 

Credit: @kitakeluargamalaysia on Instagram

The next day, he met Madam Pusapavally, a widow also living in Bentong. She suffers from diabetes, causing her to lose her left leg, and leaving her wheelchair-bound. She’s also left blind in the right eye. An accident in her kitchen a year ago resulted in the loss of a few fingers. Because of her situation, she is unable to find a job and has been receiving a small allowance of RM500, which is not enough to sustain her livelihood. Both Altimet and KKM provided her with adult diapers, a new wheelchair, a washing machine and a refrigerator to ease her mobility and food insecurity issues. 

Credit: @kuahjenhan on Instagram

This isn’t Altimet’s first foray into charity. He has always been passionate about helping the underprivileged, especially more so during the pandemic. From holding fund-raising programmes for local and international causes close to his heart, to physically meeting families in Malaysia plagued by economic hardships, he truly is the Altimet do-gooder of the rap game. 

Credit: @KitaKeluargaMY on Twitter

He also started his very own NGO in October last year, Pertubuhan Gerakan Orang Biasa, which also provides aid to those affected by the floods in the rural areas of Pahang. Currently, his NGO is working together with KKM to further extend help to these families. We’re not sure what’s next for him, but we truly know that his desire to help those in need is a lifelong commitment he will never quit, just like his long reign of being the king of Malaysian hip-hop ?

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