NEW: This Cafe In JB Serves A Popular Korean Street Snack With A Twist


Maryam Zainol •  Jul 26, 2018

If you love everything Korean then you would have heard of the Bungeoppang or fish-shaped waffle. This common street snack in South Korea is traditionally filled with azuki beans (red beans). What would make it even better, you ask? The answer - yogurt ice cream filling. ? And that's just what Aboong does!

Credit: Aboong Malaysia 아붕, Tmn Mount Austin JB on Facebook

Aboong just opened its first outlet in Johor (Johoreans rejoice! ?), adding to its first two outlets in Kuala Lumpur. Upping the bungeoppang game with multiple yummy twists, these treats are a definite crowd-pleaser ? I mean, just look at the queue!

Credit: Aboong Malaysia 아붕, Tmn Mount Austin JB on Facebook

If you're new to this, try Aboong's conventional version with fillings of azuki beans and yogurt ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and fresh fruits. ? The fish-shaped waffle also comes in chocolate and red velvet flavours! Not a fan of azuki beans? Swap it with your choice of custard, peanut butter, nutella or biscoff cookie spread filling ? Plus, you also get a variety of yogurt ice cream flavours and toppings - so personalise your bungeoppang to your heart's content! ??

Credit: @christalfoo on Instagram

For those who want to go all extra for their desserts (and their Instagram ?), order Aboong's Unicorn Series! Pastel-coloured yogurt ice cream with a dash of star sprinkles and topped with icing unicorn ears and horn ?

Credit: @eatwiths on Instagram

You can also order the unicorn series in a cup or as a cool smoothie ? This pastel purple is their popular yam taro ice cream!

Credit: @dyan.azhar on Instagram

Aboong is currently applying for their Halal certification. Let's hope that it comes through soon! ?? So, ready for a treat-up with your friends over these refreshing desserts? Head on over to Aboong and let us know which flavour is your favourite ?

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Opening Hours: 1 pm – 12 am Sunday to Thursday, 1 pm - 1 am Friday to Saturday

Address: 7, Jalan Austin Heights 8/4, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru

Contact: 012-722 8722

Halal Status: Pork and alcohol-free.

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