This Muslim Malaysian Man Rescued Stranded Flood Victims With Only RM50 & One Boat


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Dec 29, 2021

Though the continuous heavy rains have stopped in Malaysia, many victims are still facing the aftermaths of the terrible floods. From destroyed homes to losing belongings as well as loved ones, this is a sad history for Malaysians. However, these circumstances have showed how people in the country, regardless of race or religion are kind and willing to help each other to ease the victims' burdens. Many NGOs have organized campaigns to raise funds and people have been volunteering to clean the affected houses.

There are countless unsung heroes among these kind souls and one of them is Azwan Omar or known as "Abang Viva" for netizens. Read the article until the end to know about his story and how he saved stranded flood victims ☺️

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Malaysian Man Rescued Stranded Flood Victims With Only RM50 & One Boat

Credit: @nanonadio on Twitter 

When the flood had started to devour houses in Selangor and there were too many stranded victims despite relief efforts trying to save as many people as they could, Azwan Omar drove all the way from Melaka with only RM50 and a Perodua Viva with a boat strapped to his car to help the victims evacuate from their flooded areas. When his story broke out the internet, his determination and kindness shook everyone.

In his exclusive interview with Gempak, he said that after reading about the flood victims in Selangor, he felt the need to help them. For him, even though the calamity has struck others, it is a test for everyone. With that, he took a boat, his car, a small amount of cash and drove off to Puchong as his first destination, then Sri Muda.

Credit: @KulupKudin on Twitter 

The 29-year-old machine operator mentioned that, based on information given by volunteers, he went to areas that haven't received any help. He helped as many victims as he could with his boat. He added that after evacuating the victims, he returned back to Melaka to ask for his parents' blessings to go to Pahang to help the victims there. When he found out his story went viral, he told Gempak that he didn't even want to be this popular and if he could turn back time, he would as the responsibility feels huge for him. Truly, this humble man only had the clear intention to help the people in need.

Additionally, Azwan also shared that he has been receiving donation from the public and while he would decline in person, some have transferred directly to his bank account. He explained that he would use the money to give to the communities and ask for the things they needed. He'd buy the essentials for them with the donated money.

Currently, he is still in Pahang, helping the flood victims as much as he could. He also made a TikTok account (@abangvivaofficial) where he's garnered almost 200k followers in two days and people have been donating coins and he used that money to help the communities in need.

Azwan's story is a touching one and he is a living proof that kindness has no bounds. He is a true unsung hero and deserves all the praise he's been getting.