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9 Ways That'll Turn Anyone Into A Great Travel Buddy


Mikelle Leow •  Nov 24, 2016


If you have a friend who wants their passport full of stamps, you already have something in common - and the likelihood of them jumping on a plane to the opposite end of the world, away from you, decreases. But that’s barely enough. Here are 9 ways that will encourage them to let you jump on that plane with them!
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1. Travel with a childlike sense of wonder
Credit: @kkatterr on Instagram There’s a reason why we’re so reminiscent about childhood - things were carefree, and our only responsibility was ensuring that clean white sheets of paper were made as colourful as possible. It seems like a teeny tiny factor - literally - but if you forget all your reservations of the world, you can make your trip a meaningful one without having to do anything big and bold!
Credit: giphy Head out for dinner excitedly, observe the people around you, and check out the fantastic items stocked in different vending machines! Appreciate the little things, and both you and your buddy will find much appreciation for the country you’re visiting. “There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” - Walt Streightiff
2. Read up on the destination
Credit: @___ran___ on Instagram A travel plan should have a good blend of places and activities for the varying tastes of your party. Research things your buddy may want to do, especially if these activities belong in a category you aren’t familiar with i.e. you’re venturing onto new grounds. With a plethora of travel guides out there, it can get overwhelming. Thank goodness for travel blogs now! *Ahem*
Credit: @susansolo on Instagram Impress your travel buddy by purchasing tickets in advance! As these online deals are catered to you, you’ll be able to save money aside for midnight snacks back in the hotel. Do also research on events that will take place during the time you’re there, so you won’t miss out on local festivals!
 3. Plan an itinerary and have fun while you’re at it
Credit: @helen.c.stark on Instagram Part of the fun of travel is in the planning as it makes you feel even closer to the trip! Back then, people had to plan elaborate itineraries because countries were still developing. Transportation was a problem. It was a tedious process, and usually left them feeling… two-tired.
Credit: @giltaminphotog on Instagram Today, we’ve got efficient buses, trains, taxis, even tuk tuks, and it’s easier to get around now! So don’t overdo it on the itinerary part - attempting to follow through with every detail only leads to stress. Nobody wants to travel with someone who enters the plane with a head full of hair, but comes home bald from continuous bouts of hair-pulling. #HHWT Tip: Download the all-in-one HHWT Travel Planner app and plan on the go with our carefully handcrafted guides featuring Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul! You can save your itinerary and search for the nearest yummy halal eateries!
4. Take your taste buds on a flavour trip
Credit: @lifeandthyme on Instagram Don’t find yourself in a pickle when it comes to unfamiliar foods! Hangry companions lose their appetite for travel, so it’s important to meat each other halfway and give things a try at least once. Knead-less to say, a country’s cuisine speaks a lot of its heritage and you’ll be served a history lesson right at the table. But more importantly, a friend with a happy belly is a belly happy friend!
Credit: giphy P.S. Feeling brave and thinking of going on a culinary adventure? You can dine like a true Bosnian at these 11 Muslim-friendly eateries!
5. Be adaptable
There will be times when your rhythm won't match up with your buddy, and that's okay. We’ve all heard that eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Find ways to balance your face/holiday out without trying to attain borderline creepy perfection!
Credit: @jasperwill on Instagram You could be a night owl, but waking up to visit a Japanese morning market with your early bird friend may present you with more perks than a can of worms. Travelling expands your horizons and gets you to think in different ways!
6. Have a good sense of humour, especially during setbacks
Credit: whinger on Flickr Let’s face it - travelling is hardly ever a smooth journey. Flights get delayed, there are miscommunications, and even the weather has its gloomy days. A good travel buddy makes light of the situation and doesn’t let these common kinks affect their trip.
Credit: @nessebbwander on Instagram The sun will shine eventually, so have your resting beach face on!
7. Get off the beaten path
While touristy areas were made to look sparkly to us, the fact that jaded locals avoid them show that these places don’t capture the essence of the country.
Credit: @jennapieterse on Instagram If you’re curious about the locals’ way of life and their usual haunts, here’s where transport is a plus again! Public transport lets you walk around in the people’s shoes and immerse yourself in routes you usually wouldn’t go through.
8. Remember you co-own this trip
It may seem counter-intuitive, but saying things like ‘anything you want’ and ‘it’s up to you’ to give your buddy a choice does not make it any easier for them. If they wanted compliance, they would have travelled alone!
Credit: @gypsea_lust on Instagram Not having an opinion shifts the blame to your buddy should the plan go south. You’re both the bosses of this trip, so listen to their inputs, provide yours, and reap the benefits from these experiences!
 9. Do what you’re good at
Credit: @home_camp on Instagram If you’re great with directions, be in charge of reading the map. Is your camera always ready in a flash? You’re the guy who sends photos to the Whatsapp group so that your friends can upload them on Instagram. Have trouble waking up? Let someone else set the alarm.
Credit: @louisesummers969 on Instagram Long story short – go on a getaway, but don’t let your buddy get away! Emit positive vibes throughout, and the memories you form of this trip together can never be plane.
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